What Is Athleisure (And Why Should You Care)?

Athleisure seems like one of those common buzzwords you see making the rounds every few years. But lately, it seems as if athleisure is more than just a trend. It’s definitely here to stay and has become ingrained as a part of our daily lives. Athleisure is more than a mere fashion statement, although it can work perfectly for that purpose, it’s more popular than ever as a substitute for casual clothing. Antimicrobial athleisure clothes offer a new trend in which clothes are made from a particular material that makes them more breathable, durable, and odor free than other types of clothing. Making a statement in the fashion world is easy with athleisure clothing. In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s a great choice for any fashion-conscious individual.

What Does Athleisure Mean?

Athleisure is just a portmanteau of the words athletic and leisure. That’s a fancy way of saying it combines athletic and leisure wear together to create something new. Athleisure has been around for decades, but recently its popularity has increased, especially among millennials. Athleisure can range from wearing activewear as loungewear, or wearing streetwear as activewear. Some people wear their gym clothes outside of the gym, so it makes sense (to a degree) that athleisure became a popular style. Athleisure isn’t merely limited to clothing. It’s also possible to find athleisure accessories like shoes, bags, hats, sunglasses, belts, weight-lifting gloves, shoes, socks, and more

Why Is It Popular?

Athleisure is trendy and beloved by influencers and average people alike. One of the main reasons for this is that it’s comfortable. It’s also practical and easy to wear. You don’t need to have fancy suspenders, buttons, belts, or other accessories to make it look good or be functional. People wear athleisure clothing while exercising and blanching around. That’s because it’s suitable for both purposes. The term “athleisure” came about in the early 2000s, inspired by brands marketing their new clothing to the then-trendy active people who began embracing this new type of clothing for every activity from hanging out to exercising and beyond.

Odor-free Solutions

If you’ve been around a gym, or public area, or simply sweat a lot, then you know the embarrassment of sporting a foul body odor or smell while out in public. Fortunately, antimicrobial athleisure apparel (try saying that five times fast) is ideally suited to prevent and mitigate odors before they can become a problem. When bacteria from your skin interact with your sweat, it generates a foul odor. This is what becomes body odor or causes clothing to smell. Antimicrobial athleisure garments actually help prevent this because of the unique coating used to make the clothes. This coding, a zinc oxide compound that’s infused with zinc ions, is a safe and reliable ingredient that helps prevent odor from building up on the clothes. While it might not eliminate all odors, it will significantly reduce any smell associated with your sweat and ultimately make your athleisure clothing more attractive, appealing, and functional by performing this one simple task.


When it comes to athleisure style, there are many different types of clothing from which to choose. Athleisure isn’t merely limited to exercise clothing. It can encompass everything from yoga pants to moisture-wicking shirts. Yoga pants, basketball shorts, muscle shirts, hoodies, jerseys, exercise pants, and many other types of apparel are all considered part of the athleisure style. Of course, the best part about athleisure is how versatile it is. You can style your look any way you see fit. You can do head-to-toe athletic gear for one particular style or simply pair some leggings with a hoodie. You might want to wear yoga pants with a shirt or wear a moisture-wicking shirt with your jeans. There are so many different combinations and permutations you can use to get the most out of your athleisure wear, you can make yourself look good while also living and working in strict comfort.


What Is Athleisure (And Why Should You Care)

Athleisure may have started as a trendy new way to incorporate lighter, exercise style, form-fitting clothing into daily activities. But it’s transcended that to become much more of a fashion statement and way of wearing clothes every day instead. Whether you exercise regularly, simply like comfortable clothes, or want to make a fashion statement, there’s bound to be an athleisure style suitable for your tastes. It’s just a matter of finding what you like, what works best for your aesthetic, and choosing the highest quality, antimicrobial athleisure materials for you.

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