What Qualities You Need To Become a Great Teacher

To become a great teacher, you must harness several vital teaching qualities. Teaching well results from adapting to changes as they occur. Understanding how students learn and what sustains their attention will require flexibility and the willingness to switch teaching styles to connect. 

While adaptability certainly plays a role, there are some other qualities that good teachers possess that can be applied to any teaching scenario. Knowing when to implement each quality is another skill that great teachers master. Indeed, being a great teacher is just as much an intuitive process as it is an educational one. 

Whether you’re studying to become a teacher or want to improve your skills in your career, this article is for you. By advancing your teaching skills, you help yourself and do your part to produce more substantial outcomes for student learning. Continue reading to discover what the Best Teaching College in New York considers to be the qualities you need to become a stellar teacher. 

Best Teaching College in New York

Where you study will have a dramatic role in your ability to become a great teacher. As a school with a reputation for having one of the best teacher preparation programs, studying at the Best Teaching College in New York will give you the advantage of learning all you need to know to become a great teacher. Educator preparation courses introduce theories of teaching. Candidates will work within the classroom setting in their first year to gain as much student teaching experience as possible. 

Here are the key consistent qualities for successful teaching according to the Best Teaching College in New York: 

Patience And Empathy 

The main qualities all great teachers need to advance student learning outcomes include patience, empathy, and the ability to listen to students. Patience and empathy allow teachers to practice stepping into the students’ shoes and understanding core concepts from their perspectives. No matter the classroom learning styles, great teachers must choose empathy and practice patience in order to meet students where they are. Engaging with students means meeting them where they are and staying flexible with teaching methods to improve student understanding and learning outcomes.

Possessing Good Listening Skills 

At the Best Teaching College in New York, you’ll uncover how to tap into the way students think about problem-solving and manage confusion; this will give you insight into how students learn and where they need more guidance. By thinking from the perspective of the student, teachers can more efficiently understand student needs and meet them faster. When teachers apply good listening skills, patience, and empathy, they can understand their students on a deeper level and yield better outcomes for learning. 

Effective Communication Styles

  • Communication is another consistent quality that the Best Teaching College in New York will emphasize. The ability to communicate well with students means relaying information in a way that students understand; in other words, the teacher must speak in a way that students will receive and process as clearly as possible. 
  • Knowing when to advance and dial down on vocabulary is another element of good communication, as is the speed of talking and how quickly one topic moves on to the next in a lecture or lesson.
  • Communication may look different depending on learning styles, but what is consistent throughout is the awareness of what is and isn’t working in the teacher’s communication style. 

Adaptability While Teaching

Gauging the classroom’s energy is intertwined with the ability to adapt while teaching. To become a great teacher, the ability to adjust to the classroom you’re in is a must. Students will have more difficulty learning and retaining information without this ability to shift gears. 


At the Best Teaching College in New York, you’ll learn that every learning environment is different. Likewise, learning styles are as unique as personalities. The best teachers know that they must adapt their teaching approaches to the needs of the students whenever necessary. 

Improved Student Understanding 

To become a great teacher, practice mastering the traits the Best Teaching College in New York considers the most important. Patience, empathy, good listening, effective communication, and adaptability are the quality-driven tools that enhance teaching and improve student understanding.


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