Software product development services: Full cycle

The software development process involves several stages, as a result of which a universal program or application is created, a software product that provides interaction between a person and a machine for specific purposes.

The software development process necessarily consists of several stages. In most cases, they are typical.

Stages of software development

Most often, the process consists of the following steps:

  • Design and definition of the general concept of the project. At the first stage, it may be necessary to determine the priorities of future software since it is impossible to embrace the immense;
  • Planning, which involves the definition of specific indicators and ways to achieve goals: budget, infrastructure, and tools. Project documentation includes setting specific tasks for the developer;
  • Software assembly and testing. Actually, the stage of developing a program or application according to customer requirements. Development is writing code, creating solutions that ensure the smooth and efficient operation of software;
  • Deployment or delivery of ready-made code;
  • Maintenance and support during operation;
  • Software control. A necessary stage, since any program is vulnerable and imperfect, is being finalized in the process of use.

Why do you need custom software development?

In essence, custom software development is about digitizing processes, addressing unique user/partner/customer or business needs, and creating value. If your business does “everything like everyone else”, uses the same programs that everyone uses, and maintains processes at the same level as everyone else, you will be part of the market but not its leader.

On the contrary, custom software development for many companies becomes an advantage, starting the digital transformation of a business or generating a separate digital product that can become more successful than the business that created it.

What else can be done with custom software development:

  • Implementation of a new process for which the functionality of standard software is not enough;
  • Increased information security of the company;
  • Automation / digitalization / robotization of processes;
  • Increased convenience for your customers or partners by creating a custom application or chatbot/website for them.

The involvement of the Axon team in development at all stages of the project, mature processes, a well-established technical stack, and mastery of technologies allow us to create reliable and modern digital products that work for your business and results. Find out more about software product development services

The main principles of team interaction during development

Proper interaction and clear communication between the client and the software engineering team is the building block of successful product development. There are the following principles of fruitful work:

  • Continuous, constant feedback from specialists to each other to develop solutions. Feedback is also provided during the operation of the software in order to obtain objective feedback and improve development methods;
  • Safety. The standard approach is to apply quality control at the final stage of development. In modern conditions, when the scale and complexity of software increase, constant control is required in order to minimize the number of errors;
  • Confidentiality of all participants in the process to protect the data of users, customers, customer, and their business decisions.

Axon develops, supports, and maintains custom software and can help you solve very complex and non-trivial business problems or create new competitive products and services.

Thanks to an individual approach to development, you get a solution adapted to the characteristics of your business, which can become an additional competitive advantage or an important element in the further digital transformation of the company.


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