What soil to use for aloe vera?

Ideal terrain

The best soil for the best cultivation of aloe is given by universal soil mixed with sand. When aloe is grown in pots, it is preferable to add small stones mixed with the earth to ensure proper water drainage.

How and when to repot aloe?

The repotting of aloe vera should be practiced every 2-3 years, according to the growth rate of your specimen. At the time of repotting it will be necessary to completely renew the soil. Aloe vera is not easy to repot because the plant itself weighs a lot and has an expanded shape.

What vase to use for aloe?

The ideal pot for growing aloe is at least 60 centimeters deep and is made of terracotta, a material which – thanks to its porosity – is able to better retain the water present inside the container and which – being heavier than pots in plastic – offers greater stability to the aloe plant which tends to …

How to care for an aloe plant?

Aloe Vera needs little water and, in fact, excess watering is its worst enemy. The soil can dry out completely between waterings, the plant resists for many days without water. If touching the leaves they seem hard and tight, you can wait a little longer.

How to remove aloe suckers?

Take a knife and insert the blade into the earth of the pot to sever the sucker deeply, making sure that it has at least a few small roots. The suckers will be transplanted into other containers and placed straight, without burying the collar.

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When to remove aloe children?

Dry the cuts

You can repot the mother plant and aloe vera babies after 24 hours. If you are busy and don’t have time to do it after a day, you have up to about 5 days before they start to suffer from being out of the ground.

Why does Aloe change color?

Aloe therefore loves sunny positions or in any case in the light; some varieties of alee, however, do not like the direct midday sun so much that they tend to change the color of their leaves from green to red due to the stress to which they are subjected.

Where to put aloe plants in winter?

The plant should not be placed on the windowsill, but on a small table inside the house, in a position as bright as possible: during the winter all houseplants should be kept away from the windowsill to avoid damage of the cold.

When does aloe blossom?

Flowering. Aloe blooms depending on the species and the climate at different times of the year from January to March, from July to August and from November to December.

How to cure aloe vera in winter?

Unfortunately, when it happens that aloe vera has taken cold in winter, the leaves freeze and only very rarely can they be saved. To prevent this from happening, you must therefore keep the plant: Inside the house, on a table near the window. Covered with a cloth that still allows it to take in light and air.

What should be the fertilizer for the aloe plant?

In the case of Aloe we can use a liquid fertilizer for succulents to be diluted in irrigation water once a month. If you prefer natural fertilizers, you can successfully use ox blood fertilizers.

When does aloe turn brown?

Brown aloe vera plants can suffer from too much or too little moisture, but other causes could be excess salt in the soil, fungal diseases, sunburn, chemical toxicity, or nutrient deficiency.

How to produce Aloe Vera?

Aloe tolerates drought well, is suitable for growing on south-facing slopes or in arid areas.
  1. Aloe hardly resists temperatures below 0 °; the ideal temperatures for its growth are around 20/24 °. …
  2. It is repotted every year, in spring, gradually increasing the size of the pot.

How to repot Aloe Arborescens?

Although Aloe Arborescens can be multiplied by sowing, in this case we will see how to transplant it using the cutting. To do this, during the summer it is necessary to cut the so-called “lateral” shoots. When you do this, let them dry for a few days.

How to plant Aloe without roots?

Without roots or seeds it is not possible to plant a new aloe vera plant. Aloe vera seeds are very difficult to find, which is why the sprout is a better option. Place a gravel drain, about two fingers high, at the base of the pot to ensure optimal plant growth.

What to do when aloe blooms?

Pruning: when flowering ends, the stem should be cut at the base, as low as possible towards the leaves: the stump will fall by itself the following year. Cut the dry leaves. Reproduction: by root suckers, produced starting from the third year of life.

Which Aloe makes the flower?

The most evident difference between Aloe Vera and Aloe Arborescens lies in the color of the flowers, which range from yellow to red in the first, while they are only red in the second, however flowering occurs only once a year.

Where to put the aloe plant indoors?

The ideal would be not to water it for at least two weeks, so that the roots have time to grow and to be watered only at a later time. Lots of sun, little water. Aloe vera needs a lot of sun, so you should choose a corner of your house or balcony that is well-lit.

What temperature does aloe Vera tolerate?

The optimal growing temperatures for aloe are between 22 and 26 ° C. Among the succulents, it is one of those that least tolerate the low temperatures of the winter period, therefore a minimum temperature of 5-7 ° C must be guaranteed.

Where to keep aloe in the summer?

It’s okay to keep it on the balcony as long as it’s in a bright spot. In spring and summer it can stand outside but be careful not to place the plant in a too sunny place.

How to protect agaves in winter?

What needs to be done to protect plants from the cold
  1. Cover the plants with a non-woven fabric, breathable and water-repellent. …
  2. Isolate, On the paving of the repaired portion of the terrace, lay a thick sheet of polystyrene in order to isolate the vases that will withdraw from below as well.

Why do aloe leaves turn red?

If you have an aloe plant, which is really beautiful and resistant, you know well that it needs non-direct light. … If your plant has red or reddish leaves, it may be a problem related to its lighting or exposure to the sun.

Why does Aloe have soft leaves?

Leaves drooping down Leaves drooping

may indicate a need for water – water and see if it recovers after a few days. Continue watering about once a month. Also, make sure the pot isn’t too small for its roots.

Why do aloe leaves bend?

When the plant needs water it can be seen from the leaves that fold in on themselves. Better not to use the saucer. The plant must never have standing water underneath!

When to cut Aloe Vera leaves?

Once you are satisfied that you have the right variety and that the aloe vera plant is mature enough, you can cut the leaf you are interested in to extract the gel. Cut off one of the larger outer leaves, which are at least 2 or 3 years old, cut off the leaves at the base.

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