What to Do When a TV Show Says No Signal

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 80% of the American population watches television on any given day. You can’t deny that TV is an ingrained part of our culture. Think of all the big televised moments in our culture.

Would we be the same as a nation without TV? No way, but our viewing habits have changed through the years. We don’t watch TV the way we used to, and though the technology is convenient, it can present issues.

Is your TV saying ‘no signal?’ Do you know what to do? Check out our troubleshooting guide to get your TV working.

TV Says ‘No Signal’

You’re ready to relax with a glass of wine after a long day. You hit the power button on your remote, and the screen illuminates. Then nothing happens.

Flashing before you, like a cruel joke, is your TV saying ‘No Signal.’ Though signal loss isn’t a significant life event, it can feel that way, especially after a stressful day or if you’re about to miss kickoff.

What do you do if your TV says ‘no signal?’ Do you give up and listen to a podcast?

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Check Connections

The lack of a signal often means something isn’t connected. Back in the old days (if you’re old enough to remember them), you turned on your TV and adjusted the antenna. These days it’s wires and cables everywhere.

Sometimes these wires and cables aren’t connected well. If you have cable television, check the coaxial cable connections on your cable box. Make sure your HDMI cables connect to the proper HDMI ports on your television.

If you use an antenna such as Nu Life TV, make sure your antenna and TV are in a good area to pick up a signal.

Check Your Input

Many modern televisions have signal detection where the TV detects a signal and switches to that input as soon as you turn on the television. Older models, even with HDMI inputs, don’t have this capability.

The reason you have no signal on your TV might be because you’re on the wrong HDMI input. Toggle through your HDMI inputs, and you may find a picture.

Check Your Ports

You say, “My TV says no signal, but everything is plugged in.”

Did you check your HDMI ports? Dust and dirt build up over time, even if you keep a clean house. Why does the TV say no signal? Dirty ports might be the answer.

Is Your TV Saying ‘No Signal?’

Don’t panic! Your TV saying ‘no signal’ is often a quick fix.

Check your cable and HDMI connections. These wires can come loose after a while. If that doesn’t do the trick, make sure your television is set to the correct input.

Should those fixes not work, you may have to clean the dust and dirt from your connection ports.

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