When to wear open-toed shoes, and how to wear them comfortably

Open-toed shoes come in many shapes and sizes. They are typically made of plastic or rubber. Open-toed shoes like flip flops or sandals are popular in warmer weather because they give feet room to breathe and are easy to slip on and off.

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Why and when should you wear open-toed shoes? 

1. Breathing room for your feet 

Wearing closed or restrictive shoes means your feet will heat up much quicker. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sweaty toes in closed shoes. Wearing open-toed shoes will give your feet some room to breathe, and if you get sweaty toes often, you won’t feel the effects as much. 

2. Open-toed shoes are easy to put on. 

You can easily slip them on and off within seconds. There’s no bending over to adjust any straps or shoelaces. For busy and rushed mornings, this can be a solution to getting ready quicker. There are also many styles and colors to choose from to match your summer outfits from the Kohl’s ad

3. The perfect shoes for warm weather and vacations

While you walk around on a hot day, you will want to wear shoes that are comfortable and free. As we’ve mentioned before, open-toed shoes allow for breathing room for your feet. When you’re on vacation, wearing open-toed shoes gives you freedom. Say you want to go to the beach, to a water park, or to a public pool. The ease of slipping your shoes on and off when you get into the water will come in handy. Open-toed shoes are also better suited to vacation-type terrains like beach sand. If you want to go for a yoga session on the beach or even in grassy areas, having shoes that you can easily take on and off will be convenient (we’ve heard that the best way to do yoga is barefoot). 

These shoes are also easier to pack in your bag because they take up less space than sneakers or other closed shoes. 

4. You can flaunt your new pedicure 

Open-toed shoes look good with great-looking toes. They can also be an additional accessory to your outfit. If you’re all about aesthetics, open-toed shoes will work to your advantage because they allow you to show off your toes.  

While open-toed shoes are great for less strenuous activities like a trip to the beach or a holiday stroll, they are not for every activity. If you are going on a hike or playing sports, it’s better to wear shoes that will cover your feet properly and protect them from the ground. Wearing open-toed shoes has several benefits but can lead to injury if worn in the wrong way. If you often have pain or problems with shoes, seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner to find the right shoes for your needs. 

What are the health benefits of wearing open-toed shoes? 

Although there are many beautifully designed closed-toed shoes, most of them just aren’t made for the health of your foot. Research shows that open-toed shoes actually contribute to the health of your feet by giving them the chance to use the intrinsic muscles. 

Open shoes allow for more movement, strengthening your feet. 

If you really want extra support, try going for open-toed shoes that have thick and sturdy soles. There are sandals on the market that are specifically made to keep your feet healthy by giving adequate arch support, absorbing impact, and supporting your toes. 

What are the different types of open-toed shoes? 

When you hear the term ‘open-toed shoes’ we can bet that you immediately think of sandals and flip flops, but these are not your only options. If you’re not the type to wear these kinds of shoes, or if you feel that they aren’t supportive or comfortable enough, there are also other options for you. You could choose to wear slides. If you want to wear formal shoes, there are also open-toed pumps and heels. You could also choose innovative open-toe designs modeled after sneakers. Open-toe sneakers have an interesting history that you might want to know. 

They were created by Helen Ketcham after she had surgery on her feet. Her toes were wrapped up in bandages, and she needed shoes that would support her feet and have enough spaces for the bandages. She didn’t feel that sandals would support her busy lifestyle, so she decided to cut the toes out of her running shoes to give her the covering and support of closed shoes with the benefit of an open toe. 

Long after she healed from the surgery, she continued to wear the shoes, which became a fashion statement and a way for her to show off her pedicures. People would admire the shoes she was wearing, and this led to OpeToz, a line of open-toed sneakers and athletic shoes. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and even come with open-toed socks. 


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