Why Businesses Should Use Automated Call Distribution System

Only a call center representative who works for a reputable business or organization will understand how challenging it is to manage several calls at once. Which call from a client should I answer? Who gets the first priority? Now, automated call distribution (ACD) system has been extensively used in many companies to address this issue, which seems to be quite helpful. ACD system boosts agent productivity while also assisting businesses in enhancing client interactions. In fact, both the businesses and the clients may significantly benefit from it. The customers can communicate directly with a knowledgeable agent who can address their issue in the shortest amount of time.

What Is Automated Call Distribution?

ACD, or automated call distribution, is a method for answering and directing incoming calls to the best sales agent to address the caller’s needs. The ACD call routing system operates based on a set of algorithms and pre-integration with other technologies, such as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response). The CTI and IVR, in conjunction with predefined guidelines and data such as priority, first in first out, and skill-based routing, assist in providing self-service and intelligent call routing to the proper corporate departments. In the end, the ACD aids a company in developing a platform for effective customer resolution.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Automated Call Distribution For Business?

  • Improved Workforce Management

Businesses can be rest assured that the client calls are evenly distributed and that agents are performing to the best of their abilities with automated call routing. Call monitoring also enables you to monitor agent performance and provide comments. Furthermore, statistics provides you with information on typical call duration, calls answered each day, queries answered, and so on. You may map out customer service plans with this. Additionally, teams can operate from anywhere in the world using cloud-based ACD software, maintaining performance even under the trying circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

One of the most prominent features of ACD system is the quick reaction to incoming calls. This technology not only reacts quickly, but also uses predefined rules to intelligently route the call to the best agent. If there were no ACD system in place, this quick decision-making process reduces the amount of time which it would take to answer and then transfer calls. The ACD system thus enhances clients’ happiness and experiences. More crucially, ACD provides clients with the opportunity to arrange a callback during peak call volumes or other busy periods at the center. Moreover, the technology detects high-priority or VIP clients and promptly directs them to their designated agents.

  • Faster Response & Resolution

Repetition of information can be extremely tedious and frustrating for the consumers, in addition to the annoyance that comes with waiting to be transferred to another agent. These obstacles are removed by ACD. Since the other agents would have been on the chat, agents can rapidly transfer calls without holding them up or repeating information. Smoother department collaborations in the company are made possible by ACD. If another agent has to join an ongoing call to speed up resolution, such as teleconferencing, listening, videoconferencing, and whispering, it make it simple for him or her to do so.

  • Reduced Operational Costs

The ACD system lowers the costs of transmitting calls across multiple departments or agents. Additionally, the possibility of first call resolution reduces the requirement for several transfers, which improves the customer experience and reduces the cost of per call. With these benefits, the company is able to serve more consumers in less time and with fewer calls and transfers. This will also enable the agents to be more active and productive, and spend less time in tackling issues that are beyond the scope of their education or experience. Furthermore, adopting the cloud-based ACD results in the lowest possible maintenance and expenditures. Both the number of phone lines and employees who need to support the customer service base are reduced.


Contact centers are no longer limited to the phone-based model. They include a variety of digital and social media channels, as well as voice calls, to improve customer reach. As a result, it is critical to select a system that will meet your service needs in the long run. With a good understanding of the uses and features of ACD system, let’s move on to choosing the best system for your company. If you’re looking for it, iFLYTEK AI Outbound System would be the best choice. It adopts the cutting-edge ACD system, provides users with filtering and comprehensive analysis by tags and is suitable for all call centers and for every business, from large industries to small ones. And it will help you to improve the agent’s productivity and meet your customers’ demands.

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