What you need to know about furniture covers

It is not uncommon for American citizens to encounter problems when their home furniture begins to wear out. Accordingly, the appearance of their favorite sofa is no longer as admirable as it was after purchase. Visual damage becomes even more noticeable if we are talking about furniture divided into sections. After all, in fact, each such section is a separate element. What will solve the problem and affect the longevity of the purchased furniture? A great option seems to be 3 piece corner sectional couch covers. Today, furniture protective fabric can be purchased in hundreds of stores that operate in all states of America. Moreover, most brands offer their customers to order, the product they are interested in on the website. This method will save time and allows you to get acquainted with the items you like without leaving your home.

Why do I need stretch covers for sofas and other furniture? There are several main reasons, namely:

  1. Such a purchase will allow you to update the interior. Even the most beautiful sofa for several thousand dollars over time loses its aesthetics. Therefore, a brand new cover purchased in a brand store will add colors to the room. Moreover, this is a great solution if the homeowner decided to make repairs, and the color of the home furniture does not match the new color of the bedroom, or living room.
  2. In any specialized store, you can buy not one, but several protective fabrics at once. Accordingly, they can be changed from time to time. For example, you can use one cover for holidays, and another for everyday use.
  3. A well-made fabric allows you to protect your sofa from dirt. After all, almost every American home has children, or animals. They tend to get dirty on everything they see. Having a cover is a sure way to protect your furniture.
  4. Most covers are as easy to use as possible. Even after multiple washes, they don’t lose much in visual appeal. Many protective fabrics do not need to be ironed.
  5. To date, the choice of covers for multi-piece furniture is truly enormous. Buyers only need to choose the best option. To do this, you need to correctly measure the parameters of the sofa, taking into account the back and armrests. To buy a cover that will perfectly fit the sofa, it is important to clearly measure all the parameters.

Protective fabrics in recent years are made of any material and in any color. If the buyer has a desire, he can find unique designs with patterns. The cost of the average cover is about 10 times less than the price of a new sofa. For example, the premium brand Mamma Mia Covers considers all the desires of potential buyers. The range of goods each month is becoming more extensive. Also, there is a system of discounts, which at certain times gives the buyer the opportunity to save up to half the cost of the cover. 

Some professionals take orders for sewing protective fabrics according to individual customer parameters. Of course, the cost of such goods will be slightly higher, but the buyer can ask for absolutely everything.

Why many people choose microfiber covers

Brands use a variety of fabrics as the material. Today let’s talk about microfiber. In fact, this is a high-quality furniture fabric that is made from microfibers. This is what makes the cover material dense and durable. Naturally, such solutions affect the durability of the material. As a rule, the cover retains its original appearance for at least five years.

Some potential buyers of protective fabrics for home furniture are allergic to certain materials. In this case, microfiber seems to be the perfect solution. It is hypoallergenic and harmless. In addition, it is odorless. Of course, sterile material attracts particular attention to the target audience.

To produce high-quality microfiber, the leading brands in the production of covers use a method of layering of artificial, synthetic or natural fibers. These can include acetate, cotton, rayon, etc. The density of the finished material increases because of the thickness of the threads. They are much thinner than the classic fibers. Microfiber does not require much time in terms of grooming. If the owner of the cover will wash it every other day, the material will not lose color, and will not shed. Using a washing machine, you should make sure that the water temperature was not more than 40 degrees. If there are stains on the surface of the fabric, it is easy enough to remove them with detergents.



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