which sentence correctly uses parallel structure

When a series of words, thoughts, or ideas occur in a sentence, you can check to see if the sentence uses parallel structure. In other words, you should check to see whether a clause contains a conjunction or a preposition. If it does, the two sentences are parallel. Otherwise, the pair is not. In the example below, the bolded words are the verbs. This sentence also uses parallelism, although the tenses are not matched.

The second sentence has a similar parallel structure. When a colon is not present, the items in a list should follow the same form. For example, if a person’s activity in the mall is to purchase groceries, eat lunch, or pay bills, then the activities will be in a parallel manner. In the example below, there are five activities in a mall, and each of these activities should have its own word.

Another example of a parallel structure sentence is a parallel list. This pattern is formed when a phrase or clause follows the other. In this case, the word ‘be’ is in a coordinating union. The two experiments were performed in parallel. For example, in one experiment, the experiment is conducted on the same day as the other. In the other, the experiment was done in a different time period.

The second example does not use parallel structure. It is not grammatically correct. The first sentence is grammatically correct. However, the second sentence does not try to use parallelism and is not a good example of a parallel structure. For the same reason, it is better to use a consistent reference for multiple authors. In other words, a consistent name should follow the same pattern as the others.

In another example of a parallelism, the words ‘be’ and ‘the’ are in a separate parallel structure. The corresponding ‘be’ and ‘the’ in the other example are in the same order. By using a coordinating conjunction in the first sentence, the parallel structure is incorrect. But, it is still the only example of a faulty parallelism. The next paragraph shows how a faulty parallelism is formed.

As previously noted, a parallelism check list can help you identify a number of different types of clauses, modifying clauses, and conjunctions in a sentence. It also helps you spot a series of sentences with a parallel structure. Moreover, this list will help you determine whether the word structure has a coordinating union with the next. A coordinating union is a link between two parallel structures.

– If a pair of sentences are written in the same way, make sure to use parallelism to avoid any confusion. While the first example uses a similar idea, a parallelism in the second example is better. Likewise, a parallel structure in a sentence does not imply that the two sentences are the same. This can be confusing, as the two sentences are not related and can be confusing.

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