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Who are Nadia and Antonio: Biography, Age, Bonfire and One Month After Temptation Island

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Who are Nadia and Antonio: Biography, Age, Bonfire and One Month After Temptation Island

Nadia and Antonio, he was born Antonio Giungo, I am one of the couples who participates in Temptation Island 8 from September 2020. Nadia and Antonio are in crisis because the age difference and the different lifestyle raise questions about the real future of the relationship between the two.

Who are Nadia and Antonio?

  • First name: Nadia, Antonio
  • Date of birth: 1988 him, 1998 her
  • Age: 32 him, 22 lei
  • Zodiac sign: Information not available
  • Profession: Entrepreneur at Great Events him, unknown to her
  • Birth place: Both are from Reggio Emilia
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: Information not available
  • Official Instagram profile: The two have deactivated their social profiles
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Nadia and Antonio I have been engaged for almost 2 years: 1 year and 9 months to be exact. Antonio Giungo is a 32-year-old boy who is particularly active in the event organization sector: starting from the province (he was in charge of the events at the former Vr33 club in Reggio Emilia in 2014-2015) he made his way and currently works for Great Events company. He often goes to Ibiza, so it is easy to imagine that he may have interests to look after there too, inherent to his work.

Nadia has decided to take a gap year having 22 years after her studies to understand where to direct her life, meanwhile the users have noticed her evident resemblance to Paola di Benedetto, the girl could be a student given her young age. He confessed to having lived the mourning of the death of his brother. Antonio complains about the long time spent doing nothing that Nadia spends on the sofa: this suggests that she does not have a job or that in any case she has a different lifestyle from that of her partner who defines himself “with his head on his shoulders” .

History of the Couple

Nadia and Antonio have 10 years of difference: Antonio is older than Nadia and also seems to have a more “square” lifestyle. This is precisely the reason why, despite the fairly long relationship, it is the boy who decides to call the editorial staff to participate in Temptation Island 8 of September 2020 conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi. The girl, for her part, does not want to change and make the perfect “wife” that her boyfriend would like by his side.

Nadia and Antonio Instagram

Nadia and Antonio don’t have Instagram profiles

Why do Antonio Giungo and Nadia participate in Temptation Island?

“Even if I love her I have to understand if she is the right person to build a future. I’m with my head on my shoulders, but she stays on the sofa all day doing nothing. ” These are the words of Antonio Giungo in the presentation video released to the Temptation Island editorial staff where he explains the reasons that led him to call the program. In fact, Antonio is now a man who thinks about planning his future with the right person. In this sense, the different lifestyle that the couple leads could have raised doubts in Antonio.

Nadia, for her part, speaks of Antonio that she would have liked a woman next to you to wash, iron and do housework. Nadia claims that she is absolutely not this type of person. She adds that neither Antonio nor others will be able to change her because she is like that.

  • During the first episode Antonio chose the single girl Ester. While Nadia is having fun with singles, Antonio talks about Nadia and is moved by thinking of the girl. At the bonfire Antonio sees videos of Nadia having fun in the village, relating with several singles and joking in particular with the single Stefano which seems to be different from the others more reserved. Antonio at the beginning does not give weight to the images but then enters into crisis questioning himself with extreme sadness. Following the first episode, rumors came out that they would like the two to have already broken up and that they are pretending to be still together just to participate in the program.
  • In the second episode, Nadia’s lightheartedness is interrupted by a Pinnettu. Here she sees her boyfriend Antonio telling about their acquaintance and that they live together in his house where she is completely free and does nothing all day. He claims he pays for everything from cigarettes to dinners and fears she is staying with him for convenience and says he no longer wants to keep up with a little girl who doesn’t want to grow up. Nadia is very upset and cries. At the bonfire Antonio sees a video of Nadia in which he says that he does not let her live and also oppresses her Nadia gets closer and closer to the single Stefano who points out that she is obsessed with him! Nadia, on the other hand, has no video of the bonfire.
  • Nadia opens up and talks about her brother’s death for the first time and of the sufferings that she is unable to share with her partner Antonio because he no longer listens to her. She says he throws her out of the house when they fight and then takes it back. Meanwhile Nadia is getting closer and closer to Stephen and they go to dinner together. Words and hugs but above all Stefano tries to make Nadia talk and open up, what the girl needed.
  • In the fourth episode Antonio is called to Pinnettu: here he sees Nadia with the single Stefano more and more accomplices mentally and physically. Stefano confesses that out of there he would have kissed Nadia, Nadia confesses that she now trusts Stefano and feels calmer approaching him. At the bonfire Antonio sees a video showing Nadia saying that she is frightened by Stefano who provokes her and that he is getting into her head a little bit. In the second video they dance and continue to joke. At this point Antonio asks for an immediate confrontation bonfire.

A month later

A month later, the couple confirms the choice to stay together and that the program has helped them find peace of mind.

Comparison Bonfire

Nadia shows up at the bonfire even though Stefano advised her not to go. Nadia confesses that she was fine with Stefano but that there is no type of attraction, also pursued by Alessia. Nadia then admits that she has thought and understood Antonio better and his too light behavior in relation. The two clear up, Antonio withdrew into himself and Nadia too and this created a wall. They both understood it and it is the prerequisite for moving forward and the couple walks out of Temptation Island together with a promise to solve their problems.

Temptation Island Couples September 8, 2020

Antonio and Nadia are one of eight couples who participate in Temptation Island 8 2020: together with them there are: Francesca and Salvo, Serena and Davide, Sofia and Amedeo, Speranza and Alberto, Anna and Gennaro, Carlotta and Nello. Temptation Island 8 starts September 9 on Channel 5 in prime time.


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