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Ghemon, at the registry office Giovanni Luca Picariello, is a famous rapper singer of Irpinia origins. Over the years, after having overcome a difficult period of depression, his talent and his passion forhip hop allowed him to conquer the music scene becoming one of the best known rappers in Italy. Has been competitor of the BIG section of Sanremo 2021, ranking twenty-first, with the song Perfect Moment.

Who is Ghemon?

  • First name: Giovanni Luca Picariello
  • Date of birth: 1 April 1982
  • Age: 38 years
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Profession: Singer
  • Birth place: Avellino
  • Height: 177 Cm
  • Weight: 79 Kg
  • Tattoos: Ghemon has over fifteen tattoos on his body, his first tattoo is a Chinese ideogram that can be translated as Know / Be, most of the tattoos also portray animals and some fictional characters such as the ferry Grisu and Devilman.
  • Official Instagram profile:@ghemonofficial
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Giovanni Luca Picariello, better known under the pseudonym of Ghemon was born in Avellino on 1st April 1982 under the zodiac sign of Aries. Ghemon has a strong passion for music since he was a little boy, at the age of thirteen, in fact, he approached the world of hip hop, which was emerging at the time, and hasn’t been out of it since. Also in this period Ghemon also approaches the graffiti, another expression of hip hop culture, in this period his pseudonym is first Kal and subsequently Esimo, only in 2001 decides to leave this world to devote himself exclusively to the world of music. It is his cousin who advises him to listen to the songs of artists such as Ligabue and Litfiba, who have in fact become two polar stars for the rapper of Avellino. Regarding his training, it is known that after obtaining the high school diploma, decides to deepen his knowledge by enrolling at the prestigious University Luiss of Rome where he obtained his degree.

Work and Career

Ghemon is an Italian rapper of success belonging to the so-called “old school“Of hip hop. His encounter with the world of rap dates back to 1993 when, also thanks to the songs of Article 31, is passionate about music. After a few years spent singing in the clubs of his neighborhood, Ghemon meets Friday stage, which is one of the very first radio programs that promoted hip hop culture. It is here that Ghemon makes the acquaintance of other artists belonging to the hip hop culture such as Neffa, Esa, I Sottotono and others. In 1996 he joined the 15 Strikethrough or a group founded by his friend Mobie. In the early 2000s Ghemon decided to leave Avellino to move to Rome where he studied law at the University. It was in Rome that in 2005 Ghemon became part of a new musical project “Soulville”Inspired by the style of hip hop monsters like 2 Pac, 50 Cent and others. Over the years he manages to stand out in the music scene thanks to his talent and his unmistakable style. In 2017, after a period of absence, he released his fifth album “Midnight”Which has depression as its main theme, a pathology that has gripped him for about two years. He also performed at the tetro di Ostia Antica in the company of WrongOnYou (alias Maco Zitelli) Two years later he performed at the 69th Sanremo Festival with the song “Purple Roses “. After a few months he released his latest album entitled “Written in the stars” whose main theme is love. He is one of the young Rapper / Trapper with the greatest following along with Tony Effe, Tedua Ghali, Geolier, Sfera Ebbasta, Ernia, Clementino.

Sanremo 2021

Ghemon for the second time he participates in the Sanremo 2021 Festival with the song entitled “Momento Perfetto”. The original singer campane said he was very happy and happy with participation in the Festival. In the evening dedicated to duets and covers of Sanremo 2021, Ghemon sings a Medley: “The girls “by Neri per Caso,Women “of Sugar,Soap and water “of the Stadio, And “The song of the sun “by Battisti, accompanied by the Neri per Caso.

Recently Ghemon posted some nice videos on Instagram, in which he simulates one “Vote hunt” in order to win the Festival. There are 3 videos, and they see the artist contacted by phone different categories of people, to request the votes necessary to win the event. In order the videos are: The ex, Italians abroad And the Campania.

The singer ranks twenty-first of the final classification of the Festival.

Perfect Moment text Ghemon

I had expectations of who knows what results
But they were traps
And I find myself with my hands in my hair
Sometimes I would like to stop
I do not deny that the thought of disappearing intrigues me,
The idea of ​​changing your life
Some mornings it is still dark
I get up at almost forbidden times
I don’t want to work for free anymore
Or that my connotations change
If you don’t make your wishes come true
You end up living on memories
But the moment you know it

Someone else has your place and your money
I waited quietly and calmly
But now I feel like screaming
I am convinced that this is it
My time, the perfect time for me
They always say it’s the others’ turn
But I don’t feel second to none
I am convinced that this is it
My time, the perfect time for me
“I haven’t heard from you anymore but say, what’s your brother like?
You can count on me and you know this brother! “
But then when you are keyless in your hell
You discover yourself as an only child and you are closed from the outside

You have the poison left
But you know what snakes are like
If you hold out your hand
Then they sank their teeth
It’s gone but if you think about it
What kind of risks did you take?
And the fact that you never gave up
It is a miracle and must be defended

I waited quietly and calmly
But now I feel like screaming
I am convinced that this is it
My time, the perfect time for me
They always say it’s the others’ turn
But I don’t feel second to none
I am convinced that this is it
My time, the perfect time for me
I have no doubts now
Inside I feel it’s my time

For this I will now tell the universe
That I want to play all my chances
A flow of energy runs through me
It’s driving me out of my mind
I’m charging the air with electricity
I waited quietly and calmly
But now I feel like screaming
I am convinced that this is it
My time, the perfect time for me
They always say it’s the others’ turn
But I don’t feel second to none
I am convinced that this is it
My time, the perfect time for me

Sanremo 2021 singers

Private life

Regarding the love life of Ghemon, the rapper is currently engaged to event organizer Giulia Diana. Before Giulia, however, the rapper was linked to the famous disc Ligurian jockey Bianca Weiss Tabaton, and it was she who helped Ghemon during the fort period depression.


Ghemon has almost 200,000 followers on his Instagram profile. Singer Ghemon shares many photos on his profile through Instagram feeds and stories.

ghemon singer instagram


  • Its name is a tribute to the famous friend of Lupine III;
  • In 2018 he also performed at the X Factor 2018 Home Visits;
  • Ghemon wrote an autobiographical book entitled “I am“In 2018.
  • On Instagram he is also followed by Mahmood and Leonardo Lamacchia
  • Ghemon stated that, at the age of 30, he came to weigh 106 kilos:
  • one of his big fans is Aurora Leone dei The Jackal;
  • he collaborated with Livio Cori, on the realization of the piece All night long.


The video of the song that Ghemon made with Malika Ayane

Article by Gerardo Attanasio

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