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Who is Jane Alexander: Biography, Age, Work and Son

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Who is Jane Alexander: Biography, Age, Work and Son

Jane Alexander it’s a model, actress and showgirl known to the general public for having participated in the Big Brother Vip 2018 where he started a relationship with the competitor Elia Fongaro, which ended a few months after the end of the program. He is of British origin but has lived in Italy since childhood.

Who is Jane Alexander?

  • First name: Jane Alexander
  • Age: 48 years old
  • Date of birth: December 28, 1972
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Birth place: Watford, United Kingdom
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Height: 1.82 cm
  • Tattoos: Jane has many tattoos, in fact it is one of her favorite hobbies to decorate the body with important things in her life. It has a letter D dedicated to his son Damiano and other tattoos that start from the legs and go up to the ankle.
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Jane Alexander, whose full name is Jane Ana Alexander was born in Great Britain and more precisely in the city of Watford. He was born shortly after Christmas, on December 28, 1972, from a British father and mother instead of Croatian origins. However, he soon moved with his family to live in Italy and more precisely in Rome. Here the girl joins several fashion agencies, effectively starting her career as a model, actress and showgirl. In 2018 he enters the Big Brother house and this showcase introduces her to younger audiences who have not seen her in other films or programs. The death of her father marks a very painful milestone in the woman’s life: in fact this has caused her emotional detachment and Jane has declared that it is difficult for her to bond with a man for this very reason. He enters the house of Big Brother sentimentally linked to the musician Gianmarco Amicarelli, but closes the relationship live from the GF because of the sudden passion that broke out towards Elia Fongaro. The two broke up a few months after the program ended.

Jane has a son named Damiano had from his previous marriage to producer Christian Schiozzi.

Jane Alexander Instagram

Work and Career

Jane Alexander was born in Watford to parents who both work in the world of television and film being professional voice actors. Once she moved to Italy, Jane began, at the age of 16, to work in the fashion world, creating services as a model for various brands. In 2001 she became a presenter at Coming Soon Television and hosted some programs on La 7 in the late evening, including an in-depth discussion on Cinema on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival.

At the same time he starts acting in the cinema in some films, among which we remember: “Women don’t want anymore”, “Take me from the soul”, “The man of the stars” by Giuseppe Tornatore with Sergio Castellitto.
In the world of television participates in “Elisa di Rimbrosa”, “The Black Arrow” and “Commissioner Manara”.

His career is studded with participations, leading roles and minor roles both in the world of cinema and in that of television. He also works with Daniele Bossari in the current affairs program “Mistero”, which he presents together with Lucilla Agosti.

Jane Alexander at GF Vip 2018

Jane Alexander was one of the protagonists of Big Brother Vip 2018, where she left her historical boyfriend Gianmarco Amicarelli to start a relationship with Elia Fongaro, several years younger than her. In that edition of the GF VIP particularly loved by the public we remember participants of the caliber of: Giulia Salemi, Francesco Monte, Maria Monsè, the sisters Giulia and Silvia Provvedi, Martina Hamdy and Benedetta Mazza.

The relationship with Elia, however, will last a few months and with a painful post on Instagram Jane will announce the end of the relationship between the two. Jane is currently back with ex Gianmarco.

Alcohol addiction

During the Big Brother edition Jane revealed i your alcohol problems: in fact, in the past the woman had an important addiction that forced her to turn to anonymous alcoholics. Jane remembers those moments as very difficult and painful especially because she did not admit to herself that she had an addiction. However, she revealed how her husband and son pointed out to her the frequent memory holes during alcoholic evenings and the sudden change of mood. Jane did not accept being addicted as she was able to not drink even for months, however when she did then she could not set a limit and stop. Fortunately, the woman, thanks to her tenacity and the help of her loved ones, has completely overcome that dark period.

During the first week in the most spied house in Italy, a group of competitors, together with Jane, coexisted in the famous “Cave“. In the small furnished space in caveman style, in fact, Jane has confessed to having had, in the past, problems with alcohol. Jane, eyes full of tears, admitted that she had many problems caused on her own from the disproportionate use of alcohol. Alexander says it was for her hard admit you have one real addiction and, in fact, the first days to Alcoholics Anonymous they were tragic. The actress confessed to the other tenants that hers was not a normal addiction: indeed months could pass without touching a drop of alcohol but, when he did, he could no longer stop. Both the son and the partner, then, pointed out how many times the woman could not remembering events from the previous evening and, for that reason, Jane has decided to go all out for it overcome his vice.

Jane Alexander and Elia Fongaro

Jane Alexander and Elia Fongaro had a relationship that kept the attention on the third edition of Big Brother Vip, in 2018. Elia Fongaro is a former velino and after his elimination from Big Brother Jene has had a bad time. Despite the age difference between the two (at the time Elia was 26 and she was 40) the relationship went on for a few months and ended up practically in Barbara D’Urso’s living room. Elisa Scheffler in fact, in the afternoon Cinque accused Elijah of playing a double game and going out with her too, this and other reasons not disclosed by the couple were the causes of the break between the two.

Currently Jane is engaged again with her ex, the musician Gianmarco Amicarelli and the two live together in a relationship that has regained the enamel of the beginnings.

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