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Who is Anastasia Kuzmina: Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Dancing with the Stars

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Who is Anastasia Kuzmina: Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Dancing with the Stars

Anastasia Kuzmina is a Ukrainian dancer, dance teacher of the program Dancing with the Stars, famous Rai Talent Show hosted by Milly Carlucci. In the 2021 edition dances in tandem with Federico Lauri. She is also known for being the girlfriend of Judoka Fabio Basile.

The couple of Anastasia Kuzmina and Federico Lauri reach the final of Dancing with the Stars 2021.

Who is Anastasia Kuzmina?

  • First name: Anastasia Kuzmina
  • Date of birth: March 21, 1993
  • Age: 27 years
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Profession: Dancer
  • Birth place: Kiev
  • Height: 170 Cm
  • Weight: 60 Kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram profile: @anastasia__kuzmina
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Anastasia Kuzmina was born in Ukraine, more precisely in Kiev, on March 21, 1992 under the zodiac sign of Aries. From an early age Anastasia has a deep passion for dance and dreams of becoming a famous dancer. Anastasia spent her childhood in Kiev, but later moved with her family to Italy. Once in Bologna Anastasia begins to attend various dance courses to deepen her knowledge in the best possible way. Her talent leads her to participate, at the age of sixteen, in Italian dance championships category under 16/18. Here Anastasia amazes everyone with her skill and manages to get on the podium of the championship. The following year Anastasia Kuzmina manages to bring home the much sought-after ssupercoppa of Latin dances. In the following years he continues to participate in various dance competitions and manages to bring home excellent results.

Work and Career

Anastasia Kuzmina is a very good dancer of Ukrainian origins. After having triumphed in many dance competitions, the young woman is noticed by Milly Carlucci, the famous presenter of Dancing with the Stars, the Rai talent show. Milly, in fact, bewitched by the talent of the young dancer, decides to assign her the role of dance teacher in his television program. In 2012 in fact he participates in the eighth edition of Dancing with the stars together with the famous actor Andres Gil. The two immediately showed a good harmony and managed to bring home a well-deserved first place. In the same year Anastasia always participates with Andres a Dancing with you and manage to take home a decent third place. In the autumn of the same year both took part in another Rai TV program, that is Beijing Express ccarried out by Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. Their experience is almost perfect, unfortunately they are unable to take home the first place for very little. Later Anastasia Kuzmina is engaged in the television program «Anastasia Love Dance»Broadcast on Sky. The program in question tries to dispense excellent advice to young people who intend to approach the world of dance. In 2014 Anastasia Kuzmina also made her debut in the world of theater, in fact the dancer was the absolute protagonist of “A choice … not clear.” In the same year he participates again in Dancing with the stars together with the famous neo-melodic singer Tony Colombo. Unfortunately, their path is extremely short. The following year Anastasia, always in Dancing with the stars, dances together with Giuseppe Guercia and they both manage to take home first place. In 2017 he participates again in Dancing with the stars paired with the Olympic athlete Fabio Basile. Also in this period Anastasia Kuzmina was selected by Milly Carlucci as a special correspondent for Dancing on the road. In 2019, however, it becomes, together with Lorenzo Branchetti, the host of Happy Dance, a television program dedicated to dance and broadcast on Rai Gulp.

Dancing with the Stars

Anastasia Kuzmina is a dance teacher of Dancing with the stars. In the 2019 edition Anastasia, paired with Angelo Russo, ranks sixth. In the 2020 edition of the program she danced paired withDaniele Scardina, the super-medium weight champion boxer also famous for his relationship with Diletta Leotta. The couple Daniele – Anastasia was very close in dance and received the approval of judges and the public from home.

In the’2021 edition of Dancing with the Stars Anastasia is paired with the famous hair stylist Federico Lauri. After the first episode, the couple ranks in the penultimate place of the provisional ranking, failing in this first test to convince judges and the public from home. During their journey the jury asked the more technical dance couple and despite some limitations, Federico Lauri’s path continues even if there was no lack of tension between the two who also spent a few days training without speaking.

During the program Selvaggia Lucarelli again criticized the couple, especially Federico Lauri. Definitely a couple with some technique and who performs very well but, mainly because of Federico, impenetrable.

During the penultimate episode of Dancing with the Stars, Anastasia performs with Federico Lauri in a paso double, dressed as a samurai. The jury and the public were pleasantly impressed by the performance, and congratulations were poured out for the couple. During the last episode of Dancing with the Stars, the seventh, Anastasia and Federico with a costume of feathers. The jury and the public were pleasantly impressed by the performance, and compliments were poured out for the couple, so much so that they finished in fourth place on an equal footing with Arisa and Valeria Fabrizi. Federico Lauri and Anastasia Kuzmina are among the seven couples left in the race that access to the semifinal is played of the program.

In the episode of December 4th, the Lauri-Kuzmina couple performs first. They proposed a fast freestyle with a “fight for first woman” theme. With clothes reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge, the couple receives a grade of 44 e enters the second semifinal on 11 December.


Anastasia Kuzmina in 2017 she was engaged to the judoka Fabio Basile. The love between the two was born on the occasion of their participation in dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately their love story shattered after a few months. In an interview Anastasia explained the reason for the breakup: ” Maybe we met at the wrong time. When we got together, we didn’t know if our story would have a future. We both have too many work commitments ». In 2018 the dancer fell in love with the surfer Francisco Porcella. Unfortunately not even this story went on, the dancer in fact discovered that her boyfriend had a mistress. This obviously pushed Anastasia to permanently end all relations with him. He is currently single.


Anastasia Kuzmina’s instagram profile has almost 86,000 followers, with whom the young dancer shares training moments, experiences in the world of dance and much more.

Anastasia Kuzmina Insta


  • In addition to dance, Anastasia also studied dance acting;
  • Before living permanently in Italy he lived in England And Denmark.
  • Her mom is a scorpion

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