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Who is Antonella Elia: Biography, Age, Parents, Pietro delle Piane and Big Brother VIP

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Who is Antonella Elia: Biography, Age, Parents, Pietro delle Piane and Big Brother VIP

Antonella Elia it’s a note Italian showgirl, actress and presenter with decades of experience who recently participated in the Big Brother Vip. From 2 July Antonella Elia is one of the protagonists, paired with Comrade Pietro delle Piane, of the reality show Temptation Island 2020, where they are testing their love. His debut took place during the 90s, alongside Mike Bongiorno in The Wheel of Fortune. Since then she has been on TV on and off. From 14 September he is a columnist for the Big Brother VIP 2020 September edition.

Who is Antonella Elia?

  • First name: Antonella Elia
  • Age: 57 years
  • Profession: Actress, Showgirl
  • Birth place: Turin
  • Date of birth: November 1, 1963
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 49 Kg
  • Tattoos: unavailable
  • Official Instagram profile: @antonellaeliatv
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Antonella Elia was born in Turin on November 1, 1963 under the sign of scorpio. He grows up in a wealthy family but sadly, due to highway accident in 1979, she lost her father when she was very young and was orphaned, having lost her mother when she was only one and a half years old. Due to this tragedy she is raised by her grandparents who unfortunately pass away when she is still small. This void left by her closest loved ones, she confesses on Temptation Island, prevents her from becoming too attached to the loves of her life for fear of being abandoned. However, Antonella decides to graduate from high school and then move to Rome to fulfill her dream of becoming a well-known face of the show. He also lived in Los Angeles, where he met the famous Leonardo Di Caprio on the set of “The Aviator“.

Work and career

Antonella Elia is currently aactress and presenter. After moving to Rome at the end of her high school studies, go ahead theater and advertising. The turning point, however, came in ’90 when he joined Corrado as a valley in the program “Bullfighting – Amateurs in jeopardy“Until 1994. After that he moves on to sport and leads the famous program”Pressing ”alongside Raimondo Vianello.

In 1995 Antonella becomes a valley of Mike Good morning at La Ruota della Fortuna, two years later he is instead in the first episode of “Zelig” broadcast in the late evening on Italia 1. He moves to Los Angeles to study acting but returns to Italy to participate in theIsland of the famous in 2004. In 2011 Antonella leads, together with Flavio Insinna, “The bullfight ” and the following year she is again a castaway from the famous island of our TV. This time he gets to take first place. After the television period, starts again with the theater with shows like “My future ex“”The worst weekend of my life“. In 2018 he participates in “Such and what Show”Conducted by Carlo conti, interpreting singers such as Arisa, Cristiano Malgioglio.

In the 2019 – 2020 season, take part in the Big Brother Vip. In March 2020 instead she is one of the regular guests of the program “The Republic of Women” by Pietro Chiambretti together with Katia Follesa, Alfonso Signorini, Cristiano Malgioglio and Lory Del Santo, as well as the dancer Klaudia Pepa.

For the 2020 television season Antonella is disputed between Mediaset and Rai. Who will win it? What is certain is that his career, as she herself stated, after the VIP GF he is experiencing a second youth.

Antonella Elia Boyfriend

The showgirl Antonella Elia has been engaged since 2013 with Pietro Delle Piane, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in L’Aquila. There is still no talk of marriage between the two, because Antonella is a bit of a free spirit but admits that one of her regrets was not having had children and having terminated a pregnancy at the age of 26. The two seem very much in love. At first Pietro Delle Piane has entered the house of Big Brother Vip and the two exchanged various tendernesses. At a later time for Pietro Delle Piane was filmed by some paparazzi in a moment of leisure together with his ex, Fiore Argento, Asia’s sister. Antonella’s boyfriend Elia denied having an affair with the ex and stressed that they are just friends, but Antonella did not know about this bond. Pietro Delle Piane however, he reiterated his love for the showgirl, saying that he loves her fragility but also her strength. Currently the two are still on pause for reflection. After a period of rapprochement, at the end of November Antonella announces that she has said goodbye to Pietro forever but the man does not seem to resign himself in Barbara D’Urso’s afternoon lounges. Another chapter of this tormented love.

Big Brother VIP Opinionist 5

Antonella Elia is columnist of Big Brother VIP fifth edition. His role as a competitor is therefore to comment and animate the living room of the GF VIP 2020 together with baby and to the conductor Alfonso Signorini. Antonella has always been a character who does not send them to say and also in this program she attracts the likes and dislikes of her competitors. Last but not least, the controversy triggered with Samantha De Grenet who also brought up the influencer Carima known under the pseudonym of Carimaduttoedipiù.

Temptation Island Vip

Antonella Elia and Pietro delle Piane participated in Temptation Island 2020 July edition. The couple enters the program after a two-year and three-month engagement with the intent of putting Pietro’s strong jealousy to the test and confirming their intentions to get married. During the weeks of the program Pietro approached the singile Marialuisa Jacobelli before and at single Beatrice De Masi then. However it is with the single Ilaria Gallozzi that Pietro eludes the cameras by hiding in a blind corner where he snaps an alleged kiss that he himself tells his friend and program partner Lorenzo Amoruso. For her part, Antonella approaches the single Alessandro Ubaldi to whom she confides various details of her life with Pietro and also talks at length about her ex Fabiano, arousing Pietro’s ire. At the confrontation bonfire Antonella is very disappointed and declares that she no longer wants to marry Pietro because he is a man who cannot control himself, who has not respected and protected her. Peter, repentant and suffering, is clamoring for another possibility. The two leave the program with a big question mark and with Antonella who says she wants to keep Pietro under scrutiny for a long time.

Big Brother Vip 4

Antonella Elia was one of the Big Brother Vip participants led by Alfonso Signorini, with commentators Wanda Nara and Pupo. The strong character of the showgirl led her to quarrel with Antonio Zequila and Elisa De Panicis. Lately she has again been at the center of the news of the most spied on house in Italy for having quarreled again with Er Mutanda and the showgirl has found an ally in Sossio Aruta. Inside the house he has shown that he has a good word for everyone, even for Chiara Ferragni and Fedez.

Antonella Elia did not seem to get along with the other GFVip participant Fernanda Lessa. The two can’t stand each other and Antonella, speaking with Barbara Alberti, has shown that she is offended because Lessa would have said that, once Antonella left the house, she would not find anyone waiting for her.

Another strong personality with whom Antonella had problems was Valeria Marini: the two never got along very well even before the start of the program.

Video by Antonella Elia


  • He participated in Beijing Express with Jill Cooper, who is one of her closest friends
  • For his 50th birthday he celebrated with a funeral party
  • Can dance pole dance;
  • triumphed at the 9th edition of The Island of the Famous, presented by Nicola Savino, with commentator Lucilla Agosti.

Article by Regina Fiamma Pisano

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