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Who is Andrea Windsor Duke of York Son Queen Elizabeth: Age, Title and Scandal

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Who is Andrea Windsor Duke of York Son Queen Elizabeth: Age, Title and Scandal

Andrea Windsor, Duke of York, is the third son and second son of Queen Elizabeth II of England and Prince Philip of Edinburgh, eighth in the line of succession to the throne of England. After the Epstein scandal, the Duke of York shirked some royal commitments, with the approval of Queen Elizabeth II and the first two in line of succession, Charles Prince of Wales and William Duke of Cambridge.

Who is it Andrea Windsor?

  • Andrew Albert Christian Edward Mountbatten-Windsor
  • Treatment: Royal Highness
  • Noble title: Duke of York, Prince of the United Kingdom, Earl of Inverness and Baron Killyleagh
  • Date of birth: February 19, 1960
  • Birth place: London
  • Age: 61 years
  • Zodiac sign: fish tank
  • Mother: Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor)
  • Father: Prince Philip of Edinburgh (Philip Mountbatten)
  • Line of succession to the throne: 8th place
  • Profession: Military Officer, Aircraft and Helicopter Pilot, Financial Investor
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @hrhthedukeofyork
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Andrea Windsor, Duke of York, was born as Andrew Albert Christian Edward Mounbatten – Windsor, on February 19, 1960 in London. Andrea was born after the brothers Carlo (Prince of Wales and heir to the throne) and Anna (Royal Princess), and before the younger Edoardo (Royal Highness); this makes him the third son and second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Edinburgh. The Duke of York was born in the Belgian Suite of Buckingham Palace and was baptized, after about two months later, in the Music Room of the palace. Assigned to a palace housekeeper, as is customary for the Royal Highnesses; at the age of 13 he moved to the Heatherdown Preparatory School, in Scotland, a school that his brother Carlo also attended, under the pressure of his father Filippo, particularly fond of the school that he too attended as a young man. After completing his studies, Andrea decides not to attend university, in favor of the Britannia Royal Naval College.

Noble title

During the life of a member of the royal family, various titles are conferred, following the tradition and career merits. The full title of the Duke of York is therefore:

His Royal Highness Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward, the Duke of York, Earl of Inverness in Inverness and Baron Killyleagh in Killyleagh, Royal Companion Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Knight Grand Cross of the Victorian Royal Order, Canadian Forces Decoration, Field Assistant Staff of MS

Genealogical tree

According to the genealogy of the British Royal Family, Andrew, Duke of York is located ateighth place in the line of succession.

Genealogy of the British Royal Family

British Royal Family Tree

Training and Work


In 1978, Andrea took the sports aptitude tests to enter Britannia Royal Naval College, and the following year training as a helicopter pilot begins. He is appointed Ensign and is admitted to the college of Dartmouth. After completing his studies Andrea begins the actual training from pilot at the Royal Air Force, where he remained until 1982, when he was assigned to the 820 Naval Air Squadron aboard the HMS Invincible (aircraft carrier). Precisely on this aircraft carrier Andrea participates in the well-known Falklands War, as a pilot of Westland Sea King (helicopter used for the recovery and rescue of the wounded). Subsequently embarked on HMS Illustrious, he attended the Joint Services School of Intelligence, being described as an “excellent and promising official driver”.

Navy officer

It is 1983 and Andrea is transferred to RNAS Portland, is promoted to the rank of lieutenant and takes the license as a Lynx helicopter pilot. Until 1986 he served as a pilot on HMS Brazen; in the same year he attended the helicopter instructor course at RNAS Yeovilton and after having obtained the patent he served as an officer of the 702 Naval Air Squadron. The Queen appoints him Duke of York and until 1991 he held the post of air force officer of the naval force. His career progressed brilliantly until he became ship’s commander in 1992. Performing his duties brilliantly, Andrea in 1999 was appointed Commander (frigate captain, one of the highest positions) and assigned to the Ministry of Defense. His career ended in 2001 as an officer in the Diplomatic Directorate of the Royal Navy General Staff. In 2004 he was appointed honorary Captain and in 2010 he was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Private life

Andrea Windsor’s life has always been under the watchful eye of public opinion. From the divorce with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, to the sex scandal linked to the figure of Jeffrey Epstein.

Ex-wife Sarah Ferguson

The engagement between Andrea Windsor and Sarah Ferguson was officially announced on March 17, 1986, at Buckingham Palace. The two have known each other since childhood, and often met at polo matches, then began dating in January 1986. After royal permission, the couple married on 23 July 1986 in Westminster Abbey. On the same day both Andre and Sarah receive the nominations of:

  • Duke of York, Earl of Inverness and Baron Killyleagh, for Andrew;
  • Her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, for Sarah Ferguson.

Andrea Duke of York Family

Sarah Ferguson was often criticized by the tabloids because of her weight and style, which was considered unrivaled and unrefined as much as that of the beloved Princess Diana. (at the time wife of Charles Prince of Wales); in all this Andrea was not assiduously present at home, leaving his wife to face criticism alone. Sarah responds to criticism with countless trips, during which she is often spotted with other men. In 1992 the couple announced their separation and formally divorced on May 30, 1996. Sarah Ferguson is deprived of the treatment of Royal Highness and the titles of her now ex-husband, remaining “Sarah, Duchess of York”.


During the marriage of the Duke of York to Sarah Ferguson, the following are born:

Both hold the treatment of Royal Highnesses, and the title of British Princesses.

Beatrice, Contessa Mapelli-Mozzi, married Edoardo Mapelli-Mozzi on July 17, 2020. Eugenia, Mrs Brooksbank, married on October 12, 2018 to Jack Christopher Stamp Broolsbank, from whom the first child was born (February 9, 2021): August Philip Hawke Broolksbank.

The Epstein scandal

The Duke of York was the Crown’s trade envoy overseas until 2011. The assignment ended precisely in that year due to his highly criticized friendship with the US financier Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was indeed accused, in 2011, of sexual offenses, with the aggravating circumstance of having been perpetrated against minors. No.In 2014, a complaint presented to the Florida court, saw Andrea Duke of York as implicated in sexual activities with the minor Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Despite the numerous criticisms, and the scandal that the affair has raised, from Buckingham Palace, Andrea Windsor’s denial was clear:

Any suggestion of inappropriate behavior with minors is categorically false

The victim, however, claimed to have been intimately with the Duke of York, at least 3 times: in 2001, in London, when she was 17, and later in New York and the Virgin Islands, further stating that she received $ 15,000 to spend the first night (in London) with Andrea Windsor. Giuffre tried to prove it all, even showing one photo that portrays her with the Duke of York; the photo has always been contested as false and modified. At the same time, the judge decides to cancel the sexual accusations made against Andrea from the public records.

Removal from real commitments

In August 2019, Jeffrey Epstein takes his own life in the prison where he was held, and in the same month another woman, Johanna Sjoberg, claims she was molested by Prince Andrew, which defends itself as follows:

At no stage in my short time with Epstein did I see, witness or suspect any such behavior which subsequently led to his arrest and conviction.

In the same year, the Crown decides to remove Andrea Duke of York from some royal commitments. To affect the final decision was above all the second in line of succession to the throne: William Duke of Cambridge. Queen Elizabeth II and Charles Prince of Wales rushed to the palace to discuss the matter, they jointly agreed to remove the Duke of York, who has publicly declared that he had asked of his own free will to be removed from royal commitments.

Andrea Duke of York Retired

Where do you live

Andrea Duke of York has two official residences:

  • Buckingham Palace, London, a town house that he shares with his daughters;
  • Royal Lodge, Windsor in Berkshire, country house.


The Duke of York has a instagram profile followed by 221 thousand followers. He does not take care of the profile himself, in fact there are more than anything else historical photos, family photos and events related to the royal family.

Andrea Duke of York Insta


  • Andrea is the first child born to a reigning monarch, from the time of Queen Victoria (Charles and Anna were, in fact, born when Elizabeth II was still Princess);
  • it has always been thought that Andrew was “the favorite son” of Queen Elizabeth II;
  • the scandal in which Andrea was involved is told in the Netflix documentary series: Jeffrey Epstein: money, power and perversion (2020);
  • In the popular and award-winning Netflix series, The Crown, in the fourth season appears the character of Andrea Windsor, played byactor Thomas Byrne, and voiced in the Italian version by Alessandro Pili;
  • The story of the reign of Elizabeth II was the subject of an episode of Ulysses – The pleasure of discovery, by Alberto Angela, with narration by Luca Ward.

Andrea Windsor Duke of York Video

Here is the latest interview released by Andrea Duke of York on the Epstein scandal.

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