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Who is Giorgio Alfieri: Biography, Age, Girlfriend Silvia Corrias and Daughter Asia

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Who is Giorgio Alfieri: Biography, Age, Girlfriend Silvia Corrias and Daughter Asia

Giorgio Alfieri is a former footballer and former tronista of Men and Women. He has participated in several Reality Shows and television programs and has a daughter, Asia Alfieri, from the former tronista Martina Luciani. He is currently at the center of gossip for his relationship with Silvia Corrias, ex wife of Lucas Peracchi.

Who is Giorgio Alfieri?

  • First name: Giorgio Alfieri
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Date of birth: September 11, 1980
  • Zodiac sign: Virgin
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 1, 85 m
  • Profession: Former footballer, actor, show business character
  • Weight: 78kg
  • Tattoos: It has many, mostly concentrated on the upper body. In particular, in the center of the chest there is a heart pierced by daggers, from which a snake rises to the left and above a bird at the top of which there is a diamond; on the abdomen there is a face of a tiger and on the left chest a face of a panther. On the arms there are a sailing ship, tribal gods, written. On the shoulder we find a woman in a sailor’s dress.
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Giorgio Alfieri was born in Rome on September 11, 1980. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a car broker. His sister Eleonora, with whom he has a wonderful relationship, is for him a point of reference. On the occasion of her birthday, October 15, he wrote her a post in which we read:

“Happy birthday little sister! You are that pinch of childhood that will never get lost … and that strength of my present that I don’t want to give up. I can make fun of the whole world but not you. You have always been a part of my life and my soul. Life is short… live it. Love is rare… grab it. Our good memories … keep them forever in your heart … let them grow together like us. “ (the last sentence is in reference to the girls).

Throughout his childhood and until 2005 he devoted himself to football. His favorite team is the Milan.

Giorgio Alfieri Instagram

In this Instagram photo Giorgio formalizes his relationship with Silvia Corrias.

Work and Career

Giorgio Alfieri was a football player. From childhood he will always try to play in an important team, unfortunately without ever reaching the highest levels. However, he played for teams such as Torrimpietra, Cerveteri, Olimpica, Passoscuro, Ravenna and Forlì. The real turning point came in 2005, with the participation in the format Champions – The dream, reality show about the private life of footballers. At that time he played for Cervia.

The small screen gives him popularity, so much so that he participates in a film – Vita Smeralda – but above all as a tronista of Men and women for the 2006-2007 season. It is there that he will meet his ex-partner Martina Luciani, with whom he will have his daughter Asia.

The path to Men and Women

Giorgio Alfieri is remembered as one of the nicest tronists of the program. Exuberant, she had started an outsider with Martina Luciani, a Roman girl, of a character opposite to hers.

Although Giorgio has always been convinced of Martina, many thought – precisely because of their character differences – that his was only an involvement given by the beauty of the girl.

Giorgio, however, despite his resourcefulness which will also lead him to other acquaintances, especially to arouse Martina’s jealousy, does not forget her. He is involved right away and will become his choice, and Martina will also reveal herself 3 months pregnantThe two will have a baby girl, Asia, who is now 11 years old.

Martina Luciani and Daughter Asia

The relationship with Martina Luciani has been going on for nine years, until 2015, the year in which the two will leave with a lot of grudge.

Their love for their daughter Asia, however, has overcome communication reticence and now the two are on serene relationships. Giorgio, in fact, is very attached to his daughter, who on Instagram is the protagonist of many posts along with his granddaughter.

In 2016 Giorgio will have a short story with Federica, and then declare himself single in 2018 and launch an appeal to Maria de Filippi to admit him again to Men and Women. Subsequently in June 2020 Giorgio Alfieri shows himself with the new girlfriend.

Silvia Corrias

Giorgio Alfieri is currently engaged to the ex-wife of Lucas Peracchi, another former tronista of Men and Women and current boyfriend of Mercedesz Henger. The two showed themselves in some Instagram shots and the bombshell about their relationship went off on June 12, 2020. The couple looks happy as we can see from the above Instagram photo.

The Temptation Island VIP experience

In 2018 Giorgio participates in the reality show Temptation Island VIP. Another competitor of the program was Sossio Aruta, also a former Cervia footballer with whom Giorgio had become friends in the Campioni show and who was now participating in Temptation Island with his partner Ursula.

During the program, Giorgio got very close to Ursula, naturally unleashing the jealousies of his friend Sossio.

Between the two, however, there will never be anything concrete and indeed Giorgio will declare – as we read from the Men and Women Magazine:

“She was very sick and needed to smile. She is a beautiful person and therefore I tried to help her on her journey “

Giorgio Alfieri: economic problems

Giorgio had started working as assistant director alongside Roberto Cenci. In the last four years, however, he has had to face problems: the end of his career as assistant director, the father’s illness, the separation from Martina.

All this led him to have large debts and a collapse. He said he got involved and did even the humblest jobs, to respect the father’s commitment to his daughter Asia. Looking back, he thinks the money he received at 23 was too much given his managerial inability. For the future, however, we read from the Men and Women Magazine:I will continue to be a father all my life, with all the responsibilities that this role entails. But in my dreams I’d like to be a TV correspondent, I think I’m up to it. Nine years ago I was lucky enough to work behind the scenes and I was able to observe and learn from professionals of the caliber of Paolo Bonolis, Gerry Scotti, Alessia Marcuzzi and Simona Ventura. Now I would like to have the opportunity to test myself and show some of my qualities. I’d also like to go back to directing. “

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