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Who is Andreas Muller: Biography, Age, Veronica Peparini and Instagram

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Who is Andreas Muller: Biography, Age, Veronica Peparini and Instagram

Andreas Muller of Amici is a professional dancer born in 1996 in Germany, engaged to Veronica Peparini and specializes in hip-hop and break dance. Andreas finished second to Italia’s got talent, and was the winner of Friends 16: right in the school he met his partner Veronica Peparini, dance teacher and choreographer. Andreas is currently one of Amici 21’s professional dancers.

Who is Andreas Muller?

  • First name: Andreas Muller
  • Date of birth: June 2, 1996
  • Age: 23 years
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: info not available
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Birth place: Singen (Germany)
  • Tattoos: Andreas has many tattoos including the date of the victory in Amici (05.2017) an inscription “Luce” on the chest dedicated to his brother Daniel; “Ich Bin” (I’m in German) behind the neck; “One promise” on the thigh. In addition, both arms are covered with tattoos, including: a dinghy, a swallow, a snake, a rose and many other symbols and subjects.
  • Official Instagram Profile: @muller_andreas
  • Youtube channel (with Veronica Peparini): The Pepullers
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Andreas Muller was born in Germany, in Singen, June 2, 1996. The father is German, while the mother is from Calabria and despite being born in Germany, he returned to Italy when he was very young in Fabriano (in the province of Ancona). After graduating from the Tourist high school, is totally dedicated to hip hop and break dance. Due to the constant quarrels between parents and of the disease of the brother Daniel, his childhood was very difficult. Brother Daniel in fact fell ill with meningitis and later is also bullied in school. Andreas called his mother, Pink, a very good person who dedicated his life to sacrifices for Andreas, Daniel and the third brother Alessio. His father, on the other hand, is a role model for Andreas because he worked so hard in the difficulties. At first Andreas just wanted to draw but then it was really Daniel to say he should have been dancing and in the end he won it. Thanks to that push Andreas starts dancing with Hip Hop and Break Dance. He then signs up at the dance academy and private lessons to be able to afford to pay for his studies. During a certain period of his life Andreas did not feel satisfied with himself and took refuge for a while in alcohol and smoking.

Andreas Muller tried to enter Amici’s school 4 times: the first two he was discarded, the third time he broke his elbow and had to leave the program, at fourth finally managed to win. In the school he also finds the love of Professor Veronica Peparini. Before her, Andreas Muller had a very long relationship (seven years) with his colleague and dancer Maria Elena Gasperini, which ended in 2018 to coincide with the rumors that the Amici dancer linked to Veronica Peparini.

Andreas to Amici: the path from student to professional

Andreas Muller, after gaining popularity and recognition thanks to Amici, walks the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. In October 2017 he moved to Los Angeles, where he studies in the Movement Lifestyle Dance Studio and for a few months, he will be a professional dancer of Amici for only a few months. In 2017, in November, he publishes his autobiography: “Dreams are not clouds“And in 2018 officially took part in the tour by Claudio Baglioni and at Kenga Magijke in Albania.

Until Friends 19 Andreas continues to work in talent as a professional dancer, but from the edition Friends 20 he decides to leave the program to try to broaden his professional horizons. Back in the edition of Friends 21, becoming again one of the professional dancers on the program.


Andreas Muller on Instagram has over 1 million followers: the dancer is therefore a real potential influencer thanks to his numbers: Andrea shares shots of dance and with his partner Veronica Peparini.

Andreas Muller and Veronica Peparini

Andreas Muller is engaged to Veronica Peparini officially from April 2019 but the sympathy between the two began much earlier as well as the rumors about an alleged relationship. Veronica is the dance teacher and choreographer of the talent led by Maria De Filippi and has never hidden her weakness for Andreas, not even during his stay in the program. But the spark would have struck, according to the magazine “Spy“During the tour of Claudio Baglioni. Only after a few months, however, the two made their relationship official by starting to publish photos together with lots of dedications. The two, as you can see from the photos on Instagram, are a happy couple.

At the end of March 2020 Veronica Peparini gave an interview where he talks about Andreas stated of not feel the age difference despite the difference between the two there are 26 years (Veronica is 49, Andreas is 23). The couple lives together and has two dogs: “Diva” and “Muso”. Diva has recently arrived in the life of Andreas and Veronica, and although some newspapers of dubious professionalism have titled that “Andreas Muller becomes a father” in reality it was just this wonderful new dog who is going to enlarge the Muller – Peparini family. Andreas Muller and Veronica open a youtube channel where they share moments of their daily life. Andreas organized a romantic celebration for his partner’s 50th birthday at the end of February 2021.

Where Andreas and Veronica live

Andreas Muller and Veronica Peparini they live together in their home in Rome: from the social profiles you can see that they have a balcony (furnished with white chairs and a table) and that in general the whole style of the house is very contemporary with light and elegant colors. Tables, plants, sofas and walk-in closet. We are sure that the choreographer Veronica does not lack a taste for furniture too! To keep them company the two dogs they have recently taken.


Andreas Muller is a hip hop dancer and break dance. Danca since the age of 9, but it is from the age of 15 that he totally dedicates himself to hip hop and break dance, two disciplines that he learns by attending the various crews on the street. At 17 he joined the company N.ough Company, thanks to which Andreas begins to perform on real stages, venturing into freestyle battles typical of this discipline. He graduated from the tourist high school of Fabriano, after which he will devote himself totally to balo, even starting to teach it.

Andreas Muller appears with the N.ough Company crew for the first time on tv in 2014, a Italia’s got talent, where it comes second. In 2015 he officially entered the Amici school (in the edition which also features Daniela Ribezzo, Elodie, Riki and Alessio La Padula.), Arriving at the evening in the team of J-Ax and Nek. However, he will be forced to leave the show due to an injury. After recovery he takes lessons from Veronica Peparini and retries access to the school of Friends in 2016, in the meantime, however, it will be part of the video clips of La Rua and Alessio Bernabei. Enter the final of the taent, winning the 2016 edition of Amici against the singer-songwriter Riki.

In 2017 publishes his first autobiographical book: “Dreams are not clouds” where he talks about his difficult childhood and his character by getting naked at 360 degrees.

Video by Andreas Muller


  • Andreas he said that ad August 2014 saw the brother Daniel pass out, risking being hit by a passing car
  • The first time he tried to enter Amici’s school he tried to join the crew
  • In Amici’s school, the professor who liked him least was Garrison. Andreas said that he realized that not everyone can like him
  • After Amici 16 he became very good friends with Riki and the two spent the summer 2017 in Formentera together
  • One of Andreas’ dreams is to enter the world of cinema
  • Before the start of Amici Speciali he wrote: “We are working a lot to try to ensure a pleasant and engaging show. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a thousand and that I can not wait for Friday evening. A magic will be rekindled that only those who have passed on that stage can understand. See you Friday, look at us, support us. And I promise you I’ll try to be more present “

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