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Who is Beatrice Marchetti? Age, Boyfriend Mathieu, Instagram and Isola

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Who is Beatrice Marchetti?  Age, Boyfriend Mathieu, Instagram and Isola

Beatrice Marchetti it’s a 25-year-old model and actress known for having participated in many international advertising campaigns and for having starred in the film “They” by Paolo Sorrentino. It was a competitor ofIsland Of The Famous 2021

Who is Beatrice Marchetti?

  • First name: Beatrice Marchetti
  • Date of birth: 1996
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: info not available
  • Zodiac sign: unavailable
  • Birth place: Zone (Brescia)
  • Profession: Model and Actress
  • Measures: 87-62-93
  • Eyes: Azzurri
  • Hair: Brown
  • Shoe size: 39
  • Tattoos: none but have a navel piercing
  • Official Instagram Profile: @beatricemarchetti
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


Beatrice Marchetti is originally from Sebino, where it is born 24 years ago by Papa Pio Marchetti and Mamma Lorena. Beatrice should be only child. In 2013 moved from Brescia to Milan and her beauty and her passion for fashion have led her since she was a girl to start parading on the catwalk and to be the testimonial of important national and international campaigns. In particular, after making her first book at 16, she was chosen for an Enrico Coveri campaign. Later catwalks and including the Giambattista Valli fashion show. Often in L’Officiel magazine, a Parisian magazine of design and fashion inspiration, Beatrice shares many photos from the capital of France. In December she was also on the cover of Donna Moderna magazine. Currently Beatrice still lives in Milanor even if his parents continue to live in Brescia.

In October 2021 Beatrice is hospitalized at the Sant’Anna clinic in Brescia at the Urology department, the causes of the hospitalization are not known but Beatrice kept us informed that life should be enjoyed and that the most important thing is health, also reassuring about her condition,


There model career of Beatrice Marchetti winds its way through catwalks, testimonials of clothes and cosmetic products and magazine covers. Last but not least, the collaboration with Kiko, the well-known Make Up brand, and for Roberto Cavalli’s Jewels. Beatrice is part of the agency “Brave Models”, and if her career as a model is definitely launched, she is instead in the budding of an actress. For now, Beatrice has only one participation in a film, but it is a respectable film. In fact, Beatrice stars in Sorrentino’s two-part film “Loro”, which she sees alongside Riccardo Scamarcio in 2017. Beatrice’s career continues on the Island of the famous 2021: in fact, the girl is one of the contestants of the program and enters the fifth episode of the reality show.


Beatrice Marchetti is allegedly engaged to Mathieu Magni. Although there is no evidence of his relationship either on social media or in specialized magazines, first Akash Kumar (his friend and former competitor of the Island) then Beatrice herself in front of Awed’s insistent advances revealed to have a mysterious boyfriend waiting for her outside the Island of the Famous. Gabriele Parpiglia, journalist expert in the matter of Gossip, revealed his identity by saying:

he is an entrepreneur who works in the vintage car sector. The two are very much in love and have been living together for some time. [….] For cheé the model keeps almost “dark” and distant, without even a love greeting to his Mathieu Magni?

The name of Beatrice Marhetti’s boyfriend would therefore be Mathieu Magni who sends her a tender message on the Island of the Famous.

Who is Mathieu Magni?

Mathieu Magni is an entrepreneur of about 30 years, active in the luxury and vintage car sector. From the social profiles you can see how Mathieu certainly leads a wealthy life and is often around the world for events and work commitments. In fact, Mathieu is part of the board of the Magni & Carnevale Motors (founded by his family) active for more than 40 years in the luxury car sector.


Beatrice Marchetti has over 20 thousand followers on instagram, for a profile made up mainly of fashion shots and its advertising campaigns.

beatrice marchetti instagram

Island Of The Famous 2021

Beatrice Marchetti is a competitor of the Isola Dei Famosi 2021 led by Ilary Blasi: how will she fare as a shipwreck? Beatrice is unknown to most and certainly this is an important showcase for showing off. Get into the game on the 5th April episode. Beatrice stated that she really misses her Aloe vera pillow with which she is used to sleeping. As soon as she arrived on the island she told the opinion of Elettra Lamborghini who defined her as “moscia”.

Beatrice Marchetti on the island received Awed’s advances: after a Neapolitan lesson, the girl nevertheless said she was interested in Awed only as a friend, so there can be no more than a friendship between the two. In the episode of April 15 Beatrice is sent in nomination by her companions: some misunderstandings with Awed and other in-depth reports make the castaways vote for her: Beatrice is at risk of elimination against Fariba Tehrani. He loses the televoting and decides to stay on a secret island called Playa Imboscada, where his island continues alone. Beatrice manages to light the fire, in fact the loneliness and the need for survival they are bringing out the skills and strength of Beatrice who in fact has started another Island of the Famous far from that girl who has been defined with little character by the other castaways. She also receives a letter from her boyfriend Mathieu who encourages her by sending her words of esteem and love. Beatrice on the Island alone has given herself to the creation of clothes: costumes made of leaves and elements of nature that have been very successful among the public.

During the stay of the reality show Beatrice has to change “Island” and is sent to a more rocky and inaccessible beach, Playa Imboscatissima, where he must regroup, rekindle the fire and rebuild the hut. After the first week it comes alone Gilles Rocca eliminated from televoting, which, however, chooses to permanently leave the reality show. So Beatrice spends another week alone and starts spending time building accessories with shells and creating a real line of costumes with leaves! The episode of May 10 sees the elimination of Francesca Lodo who reaches Beatrice on Playa Imscadissima and decides to stay with her!

Beatrice is more and more the public’s favorite because of her tenacity at Playa Imboscatissima and even Francesca Lodo recognizes her great temperament and thanks her for having convinced her to stay in the game! In the final episode Beatrice receives the surprise of her boyfriend Mathieu: as a guest in the studio, she wins the privacy and greets Beatrice in an extremely romantic moment. Beatrice is in the flash televoting with Ignazio but loses, and therefore ranks fifth in the final ranking of L’Isola dei Famosi.


  • Beatrice Marchetti he trains regularly and loves to play sports
  • Beatrice loves to travel: he also dedicated a section of Instagram’s featured stories to his travels
  • A Nickname that uses a lot is Ciccirillina
  • Beatrice also has a youtube channel where she shared some Fitness videos


A video by Beatrice Marchetti for a modeling agency.

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