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Who is Francesca Cipriani: Age, Boyfriend, Weight and Divine Otelma

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Who is Francesca Cipriani: Age, Boyfriend, Weight and Divine Otelma

Francesca Cipriani D’Altorio, known simply as Francesca Cipriani, is an Italian television personality born in 1984 in Pescara. Known for its participation in the program “the pupa and the nerd”, Francesca was presenter together Andrea Pucci of the 2021 de The Pupa, The Nerdy and vice versa, and is a competitor of the Big Brother VIP 2021 starting from September 13th. She is engaged to the Cesenatico businessman Alessandro Rossi.

Who is Francesca Cipriani?

  • First name: Francesca Cipriani D’Altorio
  • Date of birth: 3 July 1984
  • Age: 37 years
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Profession: Showgirl
  • Birth place: Peoples
  • Height: 173 Cm
  • Weight: 63 Kg
  • Tattoos: She has a very visible rose tattooed on her left breast and the famous island logo on her arm
  • Official Instagram profile: @francescaciprianiofficial
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Francesca Cipriani D’Altorio, better known as Francesca Cipriani, was born in the province of Pescara, precisely in Popoli, on 3 July 1984 under the zodiac sign of Cancer. After her parents’ divorce, Francesca Cipriani decides to move in with her mother Rita De Michele and with the not no maternal to which he is extremely attached. Francesca also has a good relationship with the father who now lives in America, in Cleveland, and that the girl hasn’t seen for two years due to Covid.


Francesca Cipriani is a graduate. After obtaining the diploma he decides to enroll in theUniversity where follows the degree in political science. Soon after he decides to dive into the world of work and starts collaborating with some local broadcasters. After a few years, thanks to her friendliness, beauty and talent, she manages to become a real recurring presence of Italian television.

Big Brother VIP

Francesca Cipriani returns to the big brother VIP after his experience in 2006, this time more aware as he defines himself as a more mature person who has found love. The other competitors of the Big Brother VIP 2021 are: Ferdinando Giordano, Giacomo Urtis, Valeria Marini, Biagio D’Anelli (entered November 29), Maria Monsé and Patrizia Pellegrino (entered November 22) Sophie Codegoni, Katia Ricciarelli, Soleil Sorge, Andrea Casalino, Amedeo Goria, Samy Youssef, Tommaso Eletti, Carmen Russo, Raffaella Fico, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Aldo Montano, Alex Belli, Miriana Trevisan, Manuel Bortuzzo, Giucas Casella, Davide Silvestri, Ainett Stephens, Manila Nazzaro, Nicola Pisu, Le Principesse Ethiopians: Lucrezia Hailè, Clarissa Hailè and Jessica Hailè.

Francesca Cipriani enter the Big Brother VIP bringing immediately energy and explosiveness. In the first few weeks, Francesca misses her boyfriend Alessandro a lot, while outside the house rumors chase each other that they would like in the past there was a flirtation between Soleil Sorge and Francesca’s boyfriend, Alessandro Rossi. It has not yet been talked about in the episode but it is possible that it is a topic of one of the upcoming discussions with Alfonso Signorini. Alessandro enters in the house to greet his Francesca, who is unable to hold back the emotion going into literal rapture at the sight of her boyfriend Alessandro. For this reason their meeting is manned by two bodyguards! Alessandro then enters the house for about 4 days and Francesca can live her dream of love even in the GF’s house. When Alessandro is let out of the house, Francesca gets desperate and begins to focus on more contingent problems such as hair dye. However, the GF is about to enter the house Divino Otelma who sued her after the drive to The Island of the Famous. How will the meeting between the two be?

Divino Otelma and the Lawsuit against Francesca Cipriani

He became famous shove that Francesca Cipriani gave the Divino Otelma to The Island of the Famous during the coconut toss test. This too vehement throw caused the Divine a head trauma. The matter ended up in court: despite the fact that Francesca and the Divine had apparently made peace, Otelma sued Francesca. The relationship between the two has never returned to what it once was.

Work and Career

Francesca Cipriani definitively lands in the entertainment world in 2006, year in which in the official cast of the sixth edition of the reality show most famous in Italy or the Big Brother. Here Cipriani manages to get noticed for her exuberance and for her being extremely outgoing as well as for a famous fight with Valentina Vignali. The following year, on the strength of the success achieved, he manages to land on Sky where he leads the column “Show television“. And it is precisely here that she also makes her very first calendar that officially consecrates her for her beauty. In 2008, however, she became the co-host of “Here I study at you stage“, The famous program broadcast on telelombardia. In 2009 she became one of the correspondents of Barbara D’Urso’s living room or “Sunday five“. The real success for her comes in 2010, when she participates and wins the reality show “The pupa and the nerd” (which sees Alba Parietti as a juror) together with Federico Bianco to the detriment of the couple formed by Elena Morali and Fulvio Di Gennaro.

In 2011 he joined Enrico Papi in the conduct of the television program “Transformat“And in the same period she also becomes the correspondent of”Kalispera“, The famous program by Alfonso Signorini. In 2018 he participated in the reality show “The Island of the Famous “ where it barely touches the lowest step of the podium. Here he argues with Nadia Rinaldi. It is precisely on the island that Francesca makes her talk again, the showgirl in fact pushed the magician Otelma during a rehearsal of the reality show, the fall unfortunately forces the latter to abandon the program due to the severe trauma suffered in the shoulder. In 2020 she returns to the small screen alongside Paolo Ruffini in the conduct of the latest edition of the reality show that made her famous, namely “The pupa and the nerd And vice versa “. In 2021 he continues to lead La Pupa, the nerd and Viceversa 2021 this time alongside Andrea Pucci.

Boyfriend Alessandro Rossi

Francesca Cipriani is engaged to Alessandro Rossi, a building contractor active in the VIP homes. The two met during a dinner with friends and appreciated each other’s simplicity. In fact, Alessandro said about her that she did not allow herself to be changed by this environment and for this reason the spark was struck. Before entering the GF house, the boys are sworn in eternal love: Francesca in the house declared that she and her partner went to church to kiss the cross as a promise of fidelity and love.

Private life

Francesca Cipriani he frequented the Neapolitan restaurateur Massimo Di Caprio. Over the years Francesca has been linked to several men, one of her latest ex is the footballer Adil Rami, former Rossoneri player and Biagio D’Anelli, with whom he had a flirtation. Subsequently the showgirl approached Giovanni Cottone, or the ex-husband of another very popular showgirl in our country, Valeria Marini. Their story ended after the arrest of the well-known businessman. She confessed that a few years ago she was madly in love with the very famous doctor Alberico Lemme. Finally, in 2018, she officially declared herself a Walter Nudo while the actor was engaged in the Big Brother Vip, the showgirl has publicly underlined her interest in her.

Francesca Cipriani in the past had a complicated relationship with one of her partners and would also have suffered violence. Mother Rita said of the past “We have been bad for an ogre, now I am happy for you and Alessandro” and added: “You must not feel guilty for the suffering we have experienced, we have been bad for an ogre, but we have been help and for this I have to thank the police who have always helped us whenever we needed them “.

Francesca Cipriani Instagram

Francesca Cipriani is very popular on social media and in particular on Instagram: in fact, the girl boasts over 1 Million Followers. The girl mainly shares shots that enhance her physique and shapes.

Francesca Cipriani Instagram


  • Francesca never hid hers aesthetic adjustments made by the surgeon Giacomo Urtis, indeed a few years ago she confessed that she had some health problems due to a retouching of the buttocks that destroyed her muscles;
  • Over the years she has undergone multiple surgeries to increase hers otherwise bringing it up to the seventh size;
  • Yes is tattooed the symbol of the island of the famous on the arm to participate in the famous television program.

Video by Francesca Cipriani

Article by Gerardo Attanasio

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