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Who is Anna Tatangelo: Biography, Age, Instagram, New Look, Curiosity

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Who is Anna Tatangelo: Biography, Age, Instagram, New Look, Curiosity

Anna Tatangelo it’s a singer And television host became famous thanks to his victory at the Sanremo Festival in 2002 with the song “Doubly fragile” and his relation with the singer Gigi D’Alessio, twenty years older than her. Recently an alleged relationship with the Neapolitan rapper Livio Cori has been attributed to her.

Who is Anna Tatangelo?

  • First name: Anna Tatangelo
  • Age: 33 years
  • Date of birth: January 9, 1987
  • Birth place: Sora (Frosinone)
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Profession: singer and TV presenter
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Tattoos: Sylvester the cat on the groin, the name of the son on the neck, a treble clef on the right wrist, the writing “Work for a cause and not for applause. Live to express and not to impress. Do not force yourself to point out your presence, rather make sure that your absence is noticed ”on the back, cheetah on the back, the cross on the wrist, the heart with the letter P on the ankle.
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Anna Tatangelo was born in Sora, in the province of Frosinone in 1987. Her parents they are producers of the sorana donut, the typical baked product of Sora, his hometown. At the age of 7 he began to participate in both provincial and regional singing competitions. In 2001, at the age of 14, RAI chooses her for the “Girofestival” where she has the opportunity to present her first unreleased song “Dov’è il dare” and sign her first recording contract. At 15 Anna wins the Sanremo Festival in the category of young people with the song “Doubly fragile”. Thanks to this new visibility she was chosen by Pippo Baudo as co-host of the program “Sanremo Top” with Silvia Mezzanotte of Matia Bazar. Also in 2002 he duets for the first time with Gigi D’Alessio in the song “A new kiss”.


In 2003 he released his first album “Attimo x attimo” and the following year he duets for the second time with Gigi D’Alessio in the song “Il mondo è mio” for the special edition of the Disney cartoon, “Aladdin”. Establishes a collaborative relationship with Video Italia as a host of the afternoon slot. 2005 saw Anna Tatangelo return for the third time to the Ariston stage with the “Girl from the suburbs”, written by Gigi D’Alessio, Vincenzo D’Agostino and Adriano Pennino. At the same time as his participation in the Sanremo Festival, his second album comes out, including two songs that are then chosen for the soundtrack of the film “Too beautiful” with Costantino Vitagliano and Daniele Interrante.

In 2006 Anna Tatangelo made her debut in Brazil and South America and participated for the fourth time in the annual review of the Ariston with a song written by Mogol and Gigi D’Alessio, “To be a woman”. With the release of the third album “Mai dire mai”, Tatangelo also began her career as a lyricist. During her fifth participation in Sanremo it unleashes quite a few controversies of some homosexual associations because of the song “My friend”, dedicated to a gay friend of the singer, which allows her to rank in second place. Subsequently a concept album focused on the female universe was born, “Nel mondo delle donne”. The proceeds are donated to the Michelle Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno association, Double Defense.

Since 2010 becomes judge of the fourth edition of X Factor, with Adriano Pennino as vocal coach of the Women 16/24 team. In the same year he publishes a compilation with Valeria Marini and Gigi D’Alessio called “3 x you” and also in this case, the proceeds are destined to charities. For her sixth appearance in Sanremo, Anna Tatangelo presents a rock ballad she co-wrote, “Bastardo”. At the same time his fifth album, “Progetto B”, contains, among twelve unreleased songs, a reinterpretation of Cesare Andrea Bixio’s song “Mamma”. The disc includes two important collaborations: Mario Biondi (who signs “Se” and “L’aria che breath”) and Renato Zero who writes the song “Anna”.

Mondadori publishes the autobiography with the title of his second album, “Girl from the suburbs”. The following year, in 2012, Tatangelo participates, paired with Stefano Di Filippo, in the eighth edition of “Dancing with the stars” conducted by Milly Carlucci and ranks third. He is also a member of the Miss Italia jury and conducts a documentary in Sharm el-Sheikh for the Marcopolo network. Together with his partner, Gigi D’Alessio, he leads on Canale5 “These are us” with Alessandra Amoroso, Bianca Atzei, the Modà, Roberto Vecchioni, Ale & Franz, Paolo Bonolis and Biagio Izzo.

In 2014 she began a collaboration with Francesco Silvestri, leader of Modà, who wrote the songs “Senza dire che” and “Muchacha” for her. The seventh appearance in Sanremo in 2015 it coincides with the release of the album anticipated by the single “Libera”, single written by Kekko Silvestre of Modà. Tatangelo participates in the first episode of the program conceived by Federico Moccia, which is canceled due to low ratings. In 2016 he joined Carlo Conti in the conduct of “The best years” and starred in the film “A Christmas in the South” together with Massimo Boldi, Paolo Conticini, Awed and Debora Villa. Celebrity MasterChef Italia participates and wins (with Serena Autieri) and donates the € 100,000 prize money to the Bambin Gesù hospital in Rome and to the Double Defense association. In 2019 his seventh album “La fortuna sia con me” is released and participates, for the eighth time, in the Sanremo Festival. From 2020 he started a collaboration with Mixer T, producer of Two Fingerz and Danti, he also publishes a new song, “Guapo” with the Neapolitan rapper Geolier who totally deviates from his previous style, opening up new musical perspectives. From November 2020 he is also special judge of ALL Together Now with Francesco Renga, J- Ax and Rita Pavone.

Private life

Anna Tatangelo she had only one important man in her life: Gigi D’Alessio. In 2006, when Anna was 19, Carmela Barbato, the ex-wife of Gigi D’Alessio revealed to the weekly “Chi” the relationship between him and the very young singer. The announcement naturally creates scandal, but D’Alessio confirms the relationship with Anna which then lasts fifteen years. Especially since their son Andrea was born in 2010, when Gigi is already the father of three children including LDA, current singer of Amici 21. However, nothing lasts forever (despite a brief reconciliation in 2018) and the love between Tatangelo and D’Alessio does not stand the test of time: they formalize the separation in March 2020. In 2021 they both embark on new relationships: Gigi D’Alessio with Denise Esposito, and Anna with Livio Cori.

Relationship with Livio Cori

After having formalized the separation from the ex-husband, ad Anna Tatangelo has been attributed a relationship with Livio Cori. Both of them have been asked several times to confirm or deny their alleged relationship, but neither of them hints at confirming this. It has been said that the two probably met through her ex-husband, but Anna Tantangelo denied this news, stating that she has known Livio Cori for some time, with whom she has also collaborated in the past.


With a following of over 1.5 million followers, the official account of Anna Tatangelo mainly shows shots of an explosive body, photos of his son Andrea and brother Giuseppe, as well as of course images that promote his work.

New phase

Anna Tatangelo in June 2020 completely changed her look. Along with the radical change in her artistic path, going from pop to rap / trap, there was also a change in her look: in June she shocked her fans by becoming… blonde. “I did a great job on myself” she declares and after the separation she takes over the reins of her life by participating as a judge in the “All together now” program with J-Ax, Rita Pavone and Francesco Renga, led by Michelle Hunziker.


  • Anna Tatangelo, together with her partner Gigi D’Alessio has nicknamed their marvelous villa of Olgiata, calling it “Amorilandia”
  • She always had a desire to get married
  • She never hid that she was in pursuit of plastic surgery, increasing her breasts
  • Anna’s parents initially did not approved his relationship with Gigi D’Alessio, a man 20 years older and married, so much so that Anna left home at 19

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