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Who is Carolina Rey? Biography, Age, Instagram, Boyfriend, Such and What Show

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Who is Carolina Rey?  Biography, Age, Instagram, Boyfriend, Such and What Show

Carolina Rey it’s a successful singer, actress and TV presenter after its debut on the channel Rai Gulp where the young Roman shows her passion and her talent. In his career he has acted in several highly successful films and fiction such as A doctor in the family And Compromises spouses. It was a competitor of the Such and what Show 2020 and returns in 2021 for the Tournament of Champions.

Who is Carolina Rey?

  • First name: Carolina Rey
  • Date of birth: 7 October 1991
  • Age: 28 years
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Profession: Actress, Singer, Presenter
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: Carolina has no visible tattoos on her body
  • Official Instagram profile: @carolinarey91
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Carolina Rey was born in Rome on 7 October 1991 under the zodiac sign of Libra. From an early age Carolina had a strong passion for acting and music. Just 12 years old begins to attend a musical workshop where he becomes more and more passionate about dance and refines his singing talent. As a teenager he began to sing in some choirs of the capital and here, thanks to his beautiful voice, he does not go unnoticed. After doing some work experiences which enriched his musical experience, lhe young Roman made his debut on the small screen in the well-known television program dedicated to the new generations: Rai Gulp. After her debut on television, Carolina becomes a constant face of the Italian show taking part in several very successful television series and TV dramas where she has demonstrated her talent also in acting as well as in music.

Work and Career

Carolina Rey is an Italian actress and singer. After her debut on the small screen as a TV presenter on Rai Gulp, her face has become a constant in Italian television. Carolina made her debut in the world of theater at the age of only twelve performing for the first time at the Due Pini theater in the opera Romeo and Juliet in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Still as a child, Carolina participated in ten episodes of the well-known television program “Piccole rascals” broadcast on channel 5, conducted by Simona Ventura And Pino I teach. In 2006 he took part in the show “Let’s get off to a good start”Of the Rai house in the role of commentator. The following year he has the opportunity to participate in the Rome Film Festival playing the role of “Micòl“In the theatrical representation of”The garden of the Finzi-Contini“.

In 2009 and 2010 he joined the permanent cast of “Italian holiday”Broadcast on Rai1 as a singer. In 2011 the turning point of her career arrives, in fact Carolina has the opportunity to act in one of the most loved fiction by Italians, that is “A doctor in the family” fiction in which Benedetta Gargari, Lunetta Savino, Simone Montedoro also starred. In the same year Carolina is also one of the protagonists of Claudio Insegno’s “Fame e Risate in corso” shows. In 2013, however, she became the presenter of the Tiggì Gulp. In 2013 he also began to collaborate with the Telefono Azzurro, a national association that protects minors in our country. A few months later, in the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic, Carolina leads the International Day of the Rights of the Child.

In 2014 she again wears the role of TV presenter presenting the program The rebel TV always aired on Rai Gulp, a talk show for children that was aired two days a week and which met with considerable success, also thanks to the talent of the young Roman presenter. In 2019 he recorded and wrote the song “Compromessi sposi” for the homonymous film by Francesco Miccichè where Carolina herself plays a role alongside Diego Abatantuono and Vincenzo Salemme. In March 2020 it leads on Sky Arte the special “Ulysses, art and myth”.

Such and Which Show

Carolina Rey is a competitor of the Tale and Which Show 2020 conducted by Carlo Conti together with the other participants Carmen Russo, Luca Ward, Sergio Muniz, Francesca Manzini, Francesco Paolantoni, Pago, Virginio Simonelli, Giulia Sol and Barbara Cola.

  • In the First episode on 18 September Carolina Rey successfully imitated Elettra Lamborghini, taking home a fifth place in the provisional ranking.
  • In the episode number two on September 25, Carolina takes on the role of Arisa. The highly appreciated performance brings her to third place in the provisional ranking.
  • In the third episode Carolina Rey plays Britney Spears.
  • In the fourth episode Carolina Rey plays Malika Ayane and her performance earns her seventh place in the provisional standings.
  • In the fifth episode Carolina Rey plays the role of Gaia. The performance earned her the first place in the provisional standings.
  • In the sixth episode Carolina Rey plays the role of Elisa for the second time trying to repeat herself. The exhibition places him in fourth place in the final classification of the first phase of the program.
  • In the week bet the tournament of champions begins and Carolina plays Nicole Kidman in the new role of singer. The performance earned her eighth place in the new provisional ranking.
  • In the’eighth episode Carolina tries her hand at imitation of Gery Halliwell, the former spice girl. The performance earned him seventh place in the provisional ranking.
  • In the ninth episode Carolina plays the role of Laura Pausini. Not an easy performance for her who fails to convince the jury and ends up in last position both in the episode and in the general classification.
  • In the tenth episode and final of Tale and Which Show 2020 Carolina plays Nada.

Carolina Rey will be one of the 13 competitors in the race of Such and what Show 2021, the tournament, aired on November 19. He will be an exceptional judge Antonella Clerici and the other 12 competitors:

Carolina Rey on Instagram

Carolina Rey has more than 70,000 followers on Instagram, she shares moments mainly of work

Carolina Rey Isntagram


There is not a lot of information about his love life, Carolina Rey in fact seems to be very reserved on the issue. In an interview, however, he stated that the love of his life is Roberto Cipullo, film producer older than her by 20 years, with whom she also had a son. Currently the two live together in Rome, unfortunately, nothing else is known about them.


  • During his teens he had thyroid problems
  • is very active on social networks, especially on Instagram
  • Shortly before the lockdown, Carolina Rey performed on February 27 live in a concert at the local “Asino che Vola” From Rome
  • Carolina was a guest of Stefano De Martino in the Rai 2 comedy show “Tonight everything is possible”


Carolina Rey imitates Elettra Lamborghini in “Music and the rest disappears”

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