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Who is Emanuela Tittocchia: Age and Former Biagio D’Anelli, Work and Instagram

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Who is Emanuela Tittocchia: Age and Former Biagio D'Anelli, Work and Instagram

Emanuela Tittocchia is an Italian actress, showgirl and presenter. He has played roles in well-known fiction, such as A Place in the Sun And One hundred windows. The Turin actress was also the protagonist of numerous pages of gossip for her troubled relationship with Biagio D’Anelli. He is a recurring columnist of Afternoon 5, Morning 5 and it was competitor is shipwrecked of L’Isola Dei Famosi 2021.

Who is Emanuela Tittocchia?

  • First name: Emanuela Tittocchia
  • Date of birth: July 23, 1970
  • Age: 50 years
  • Height: info not available
  • Weight: info not available
  • Birth place: Turin
  • Zodiac sign: Lion
  • Profession: Actress and presenter
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Instagram profile: @emanuela_tittocchia
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Emanuela Tittocchia was born in Turin on 23 July 1970. He claimed to have suffered from anorexia during adolescence, for about seven years. This disease has led her to suffer from amenorrhea (lack of menstruation) as well as other physical problems. The Tittocchia also declared to be a very insecure person, for which she underwent various plastic surgery, including a breast augmentation, an operation that was not successful at best. From Barbara D’Urso, in Afternoon 5, she confessed to having entrusted herself to the wrong plastic surgeon, who in addition to having left her at the end of the operation full of bruises all over her body, would have made her risk death by causing internal bleeding. His was not a life dedicated exclusively to entertainment, in fact he has one degree in architecture obtained at the Polytechnic of Turin. Despite an apparent career as an architect, she has always been attracted to the entertainment world, which is why she decides to attend Acting school of the New Theater of Turin.

The Tittocchia was the protagonist of numerous gossip and as many scoops. Among all, his decision to leave his partner at the time stands out, Fabio Testi, during the live broadcast of La Talpa. The trigger for the breakup would have been a photo he portrayed Fabio Testi with another woman. In 2017, returning to talk about the story with Testi, Emanuela confesses that during the breakup period she would have discovered that she was pregnant with her former partner and of having lost the baby a few weeks later. Sometime after the breakup live, she was paparazzi in the company of Thyago Alves, but the relationship ended due to the model’s return to Brazil.

Emanuela Tittocchia Instagram

Emanuela has over 100,000 followers on Instagram where she shares shots of her working days and moments of daily life.

emanuela tittocchia instagram

Work and career

Emanuela Tittocchia is famous for being an actress, but also Italian presenter and showgirl. Emanuela, however, was also the protagonist of pages of gossip, feeding some small scandal and some gossip. His first television appearances are for local TVs in Piedmont. However, she was immediately hired to present worldly events. In addition to TV, in her career as an actress there is also theater, in fact she made her debut in What a nice idea! in 1994. This will be followed by other roles in as many theatrical performances, including: “The Miser“,”Once upon a time there was a king“,”Barefoot in the park“.

Since 1999, however, he officially becomes a face of national TV as he gets a role in the series Baldini and Simoni. The role that led her to success, however, is certainly that of Carmen Rigoni in One hundred windows, series in which he starred alongside Alex Belli. She also took part in television broadcasts, for Rai she was sent by Voyager. Also for Rai in 2007 he was part of one of the longest-running fiction in Italy, A Place in the Sun. In 2008 he got a role in the TV movie “Do not stop dreaming“And participates in the reality show”The mole”Where it is eliminated during the first episode. La Tittocchia continues her acting career by getting a role in “I married a cop“. Furthermore is a columnist in numerous programs: Morning 5 and Afternoon 5 and often accompanies Roger Garth, Rebecca Staffelli in Barbara D’Urso’s afternoon programs. For the weekly “Myworks as an interviewer of the competitors of L’Isola dei Famosi 2019 and in 2021 is a competitor of theIsland of the Famous 2021.

After the experience on the Island Emanuela Tittocchia is engaged in the theater in the comedy entitled Zoro.

Emanuela Titocchia and Biagio D’Anelli

Emanuela Tittocchia had a relationship with the former Big Brother competitor in 2017, Biagio D’Anelli, with whom he will have a very troubled history. The main reason for their breakup was his infidelity. Although their history has been difficult, the two are on good terms. Their relationship has been extensively told in Barbara D’Urso’s living rooms by both of them.

Emanuela Titocchia and Mariano Catanzaro

Emanuela Tittocchia had an affair with Mariano Catanzaro ex tronista and suitor of the most famous dating show on tv. Theirs seemed to be a very positive relationship, until a Afternoon Five Tittocchia has not confessed to having been a victim of Mariano. Emanuela in fact tells of Mariano Catanzaro how a liar and a traitor. The truth about the betrayals of the former tronist was in fact revealed by the influencer Deianira Marzano who made known some of Mariano’s chats with other women, to whom he denied his relationship with Tittocchia.

Island of the Famous 2021

Emanuela Tittocchia is an upcoming competitor of L’Isola dei Famosi. The showgirl enters the program on April 22nd and joins the already large group of castaways. Matteo Diamante, Manuela Ferrara, Rosaria Cannavò also enter with her.

In her stay in the reality show Emanuela stands out for her exuberance and immediately tightens a strong bond with Awed. During the course of the episodes the friendship grows and you even get to a kiss between Emanuela and Awed. Furthermore Emanuela does not hide her dislike for Isolde and the two argue several times because they have opposite characters and views. In the episode of May 7 Emanuela goes to televoting with Fariba and Francesca and is saved. However, in the episode of May 14, he is back on televoting against Rosaria Cannavò and Roberto Ciufoli. Emanuela comes to the televoting deleted and he has to leave the Palapa between Rosaria’s tears and Isolde’s outstretched hand that Emanuela ignores for the tense relationship between the two, while she decides to give Ciufoli “the kiss of Judas”. Emanuela reaches Playa Imboscadissima where Beatrice and Francesca have survived for weeks but decides not to continue e return to Italy.

Shipwrecked and Competitors Isola Dei Famosi:

The official competitors of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 are:

Video by Emanuela Tittocchia

Article by Livia Bianchi

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