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Who is Caterina Balivo: Biography, Age, Come to Me, Instagram and Husband

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Who is Caterina Balivo: Biography, Age, Come to Me, Instagram and Husband

Caterina Balivo is an Italian TV presenter. Former model, in 1999 she participated in Miss Italy finishing in third place. Her subsequent career as a presenter led her to lead One morning, No sooner said than done And “come to me. From 29 January 2021 he is one of the judges of Il Cantante Mascherato conducted by Milly Carlucci.

Who is Caterina Balivo?

  • First name: Caterina Balivo
  • Date of birth: February 21, 1980
  • Age: 40 years
  • Zodiac sign: Fish
  • Birth place: Naples
  • Profession: TV host
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram profile: @caterinabalivo
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Caterina Balivo was born in Naples on February 21, 1980 and grows in the province of Caserta, in Aversa. She has a sister named Sarah to whom she is very attached. As a child she was very reserved, loved to read and could not integrate well with her peers. Precisely because of his passion for reading, Catherine signs up for a classical high school. After graduation, he attends the faculty of International and diplomatic sciences at the Eastern University of Naples. His successful career in the entertainment world begins with participation in Miss Italy in 1999, before joining Rai where he becomes one of the most popular faces starting to conduct several successful programs. The May 29, 2020 she stated that it is time for her to try new experiences and that this would be the last installment she conducted on the “Come To Me” program. Caterina entrusted the greeting to the program and the fans with this Instagram message: “To navigate the ocean, said Christopher Columbus, one must have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
Thank you all, I love you “. We are sure that Caterina already has a new program in the works and that it has not only been revealed for confidentiality reasons. We hope to find out more soon!

Husband and children

Caterina Balivo has been married since 30 August 2014 to the financial manager Guido Maria Brera (who in the past had a relationship with Serena Autieri), with whom she has two children, Guido Alberto And Cora. Previously, Catherine had an important relationship with Nicola Maccanico, son offormer minister Antonio Maccanico. Her mother-in-law, Mrs. Mirella, is a very strong person and very supportive for Caterina: she has intervened several times in connection during her programs!

During an episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show in which he was a guest, Caterina Balivo spoke about the relationship with her partner Guido Brera pursued by Tommaso Zorzi:

“Ask me if my husband is a male chauvinist: the answer is no. But ask me if he gets upset when I spend three hours on the phone on Saturdays for work, while if he has commitments at the weekend he goes out and doesn’t even warn: the answer is yes. Ask me if you go to interviews with the teachers: the answer is never. The truth is that even the best are modern men but male chauvinists. The next step is to have modern men and that’s it: I teach my son that the father should take care of him just like the mother “

Caterina Balivo Instagram

Caterina Balivo she is very popular on social networks: on her Instagram profile she boasts over 1 million and 400 thousand followers. Shares moments of daily life and work.

Caterina Balivo Instagram

Just on Instagram he posted a photo in costume where he wrote: “Rolls? Bacon or panciona, white or red stretch marks? Larger pelvis after births? So?!? W the bikini, even better if it does not score like this, moreover also ecological, made with recycled fabrics “. A statement against the body shaming as did other famous women of the show such as Aurora Ramazzotti, Paola Turani, Matilda De Angelis, Vanessa Incontrada, Chiara Ferragni and Michelle Hunziker.

caterina balivo

Work and Career

After the third place at Miss Italia 1999, where he participated as Miss Amarea Fashion Sea Campania”, Caterina Balivo makes her TV debut as a valletta a We bet that …?, the historic program of the lamentation Fabrizio Frizzi and then becomes posted on the show of Carlo Conti, I recommended. In 2003 he leads a program of his own for the first time: it is the famous one One morning, of which it also leads the spin off One Morning Saturday & Sunday. Later he works in “Casa Raiuno”, a program of Massimo Giletti. The real success comes with the running, for five consecutive years, from 2005 to 2010, of the Rai Uno talk show Party Italian, a very successful program which, in the 2008 edition, is combined with the Lottery Italy and reaches a audience peak of 31% share. In 2009, Caterina Balivo obtained the prestigious recognition as Revelation Character of the Year in the 49th edition of Television Direction Award. It leads later “Dreams are desires”, “Naples before and after” and, after the close of Italian holiday switch to Rai Due conducting Afternoon on the Two.

After an absence due to maternity, in 2013 the Balivo returned to TV with the conduct of a new show, Said Done, which is aimed at a very young audience. Among the main guests of the program, there are the influencer Paola Turani, the personal trainer Lucas Peracchi and the regular guest Giovanni Ciacci. The program is so successful that it is confirmed for 6 years, and Balivo leads it until 2018 (except for a small maternity break where she is replaced by Serena Rossi), when she leaves the conduction to Bianca Guaccero and returns to Rai Uno at conducting Come to me, program where among others the pastry chef Damiano Carrara, the radio host Anna Pettinelli, the composer and actress Lidia Schillaci and the television personality Giovanni Conversano are hosted. He leaves running the program in May 2020 in full pandemic for personal reasons.

Caterina Balivo is also the author of a very popular blog, Caterina’s Secrets, where Caterina talks about herself and deals with themes ranging from lifestyle to fashion. From 29 January 2021 he is one of the judges of Il Cantante Mascherato together with Costantino della Gherardesca, Patty Pravo, Flavio Insinna And Francesco Facchinetti.

Video by Caterina Balivo


  • He never graduateda, but thanks to his articles in the Corriere di Caserta he obtained a journalist’s card
  • She confessed to having been in analysis in the past
  • Published a book in 2018, published by Mondadori, entitled: “Men are like washing machines
  • Caterina is a disaster in the kitchen: as the mother-in-law says, they always try not to let her cook!
  • He also interviewed Pilar Fogliati, a come to me in 2019
  • He told Mara Venier the reason for his abandonment of the program come to me The Coronavirus could have damaged a person next to me [il marito] and thinking of having a year without him at home, I would not have made it “;
  • among his guests there was also the well-known priest Davide Banzato.
  • Caterina was chosen byUNESCO to become the “godmother of the ocean” and protect biodiversity by creating an ocean generation, a global movement for the protection of the seas!
  • in 2020 he interviewed Ciro Immobile’s wife, Jessica Melena.
  • He also interviewed Giucas Casella, who spoke about the relationship with the son James Casella

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