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Who is Ciavy Temptation Island 2020: Biography, Age, Work, Valeria Liberati and Marriage

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Who is Ciavy Temptation Island 2020: Biography, Age, Work, Valeria Liberati and Marriage

Ciavy, whose real name is Andrea Maliokapis, which is the diminutive for the Roman dialect “Er ciavatta”, is an event organizer in Rome especially in the eur area. The evenings it organizes are mainly in the disco and has hosted some VIPs including the couple of Men and Women 2020 Daniele Schiavon and Giulia Quattrociocche before they left. Participate in Temptation Island 2020 paired with his girlfriend Valeria Liberati. In March 2021 Valeria and Ciavy announced theirs on social media marriage.

Who is Ciavy?

  • First name: Andrea Maliokapis
  • Nickname: Ciavy
  • Date of birth: 15th of July 1985
  • Age: 35 years
  • Zodiac sign: unavailable
  • Profession: PR and Event Organizer
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: CIavy has a clearly visible tattoo on her chest that portrays “lupine” with a gun in her hand and Margot on her shoulder. he also has a dagger in the center of his chest, and many other decorative tattoos on his arms.
  • Official Instagram profile: @ciavy__official
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Ciavy was born in Rome 36 years ago and his real name is Andrea Maliokapis. We know nothing of his family because he is a completely unknown character in the world of television; However it seems that he has a sister and that he lives with his parents although he also has a house on his own. His first experience is at Temptation Island 2020, together with his partner Valeria. The couple participates to test their love but had never appeared on TV before. What we know about Ciavy is that in the Roman environment he is a well-known event organizer, where he takes care of locations, lists and logistics of various evenings, especially in the Eur area. He is a boxing fan, a sport he has practiced for many years and still practices regularly in the gym. In 2015 – 2016 he was engaged for a few years with a girl named Sara, and presumably after her Ciavy met Valeria with whom we remind you he has been engaged for 4 years. Ciavy defines himself as a light guy who avoids confrontation, Valeria is more clingy and would stay with him 24 hours a day as the boy said.

Ciavy Instagram

Ciavy, born Andrea Maliokapis, has reactivated the social profiles that had been blacked out for the first episodes of the program. This is the last photo of Andrea Ciavy posted by him on June 4, 2020:

Work and Career

Ciavy or Andrea Maliokapis is an event organizer, which has its headquarters in Pizzaale dell’Industria all ‘Eur. Its name is associated with several places in the Eur area of ​​Rome including the Os Club and Room 26. The boy runs evenings and has lists to enter the clubs in his name. On New Year’s Eve he organized a party at Villa Gianicolense which was the subject of various appreciation and criticism precisely for the organization. He also participated in a funny video on youtube cove he plays a guy who is boxing in the gym.

Temptation Island 2020

Ciavy and Valeria I am one of six couples participating in Temptation Island 2020. He is engaged to Valeria for 4 years, she is the mother of a 10 year old girl who lives with her parents. Valeria would like to take the relationship to a higher level, he doesn’t want to feel stuck. Is it also due to the work he does that leads him to often be among beautiful women and nightlife? Not only for this: the fact that Valeria has a daughter it is a cause of responsibility for him that he is not yet ready to face. We remember in fact that Ciavy is an event organizer and evenings at the disco. The other couples participating in Temptation Island 2020 are Antonio and Annamaria (his real name is Antonio Martello), Antonella Elia and Pietro delle Piane, Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso, Anna and Andrea, Sofia and Alessandro.

The couples of the September 2020 edition of Temptation Island are: Nadia and Antonio, Serena and Davide, Sofia and Amedeo, Speranza and Alberto, Anna and Gennaro, Carlotta and Nello.

  • During the first episode of Temptation Island, Ciavy initially spoke with the single Ilaria of his work and PR activity confessing that his business makes it difficult for him to start a family. He confessed that “he did some stupid things but she never found out”. At this news, Valeria bursts into tears. He adds to the dose with the single Bianca, saying that “I don’t know if I’m in love lost, but there is certainly a lot of affection”. Ciavy declares that she feels suffocating because she is heavy and sticky. Ciavy adds that Valeria is in love “because when a woman is in love she helps you and does things to you” while he was initially in love and now he is mainly affectionate. Valeria at one point during the bonfire confessed that she too had made a mistake in the past and for this reason Ciavy could have changed towards her. During the first days of his stay in the Sardinian resort, Ciavy approached two singles: Simona Pappalardo and Marialuisa Jacobelli.
    In the moment of the bonfire of the boyfriends, Ciavy sees that Valeria approaches Alessandro Basciano. The two seem accomplices and Alessandro, whom we have already appreciated in Men and Women, is a very intense guy who loves to talk. Ciavy realizes that his girlfriend is acting unexpectedly. In the second video of the same bonfire of the first episode Valeria and Alessandro continue to approach, holding their hand under the table. Then they throw themselves into the water together and hug and hug each other and then let themselves go to a sensual dance and other moments of complicity between hugs and words. A strong and unexpected complicity. Ciavy shows jealousy and confides his perplexities once back in the village. What does it take to shock him?
  • Second episode: During the second episode Ciavy is called in the Pinnettu: here he sees Valeria vents with the single Alessandro Ubaldi about the anger that Ciavy has inside and other couple problems. Valeria adds that she wants to try again with Ciavy because after 4 years of being “inside my house” they practically live together and the relationship is important. At the time of the bonfire Ciavy sees Valeria and Alessandro exchanging compliments and getting closer and closer. They then isolate themselves on a sofa and embrace each other and Alessandro is evidently in a moment where he is courting her. Then they head to the beach amidst laughter and further complicity of looks and hugs. Still at the bonfire in the second video for Ciavy, Alessandro organizes something for Valeria and takes her “outside” to the beach where he has prepared an aperitif-dinner with pillows and a bottle for her, telling her that he wants her happy. Valeria is excited and hugs him for a long time.
    Alessandro Basciano clearly tells her that he is trying to make her understand that she can have more. Valerie expresses some doubts about her relationship with Ciavy. The two are close, with their faces, with words and with thoughts.
  • Third Episode: Ciavy approaches the single Bianca and the two of them seem very accomplices. They plan a trip to Ibiza and exchange tenderness by biting on the ear. Ciavy also calls her “love” and does a “striptease” for her. Very upset Valeria is determined to take her revenge in Alessandro’s arms. Ciavy is called in Pinnettu: Valeria and Alessandro quarrel and then make peace, looking intensely in the eyes. The complicity between the two is skyrocketing. At the bonfire Valeria and Alessandro are shown getting closer and closer: they brush their lips, she says she doesn’t know if she wants to kiss him because she doesn’t know what she wants. He adds “if I haven’t done it, it’s out of respect”. Ciavy comments that these are not normal behaviors. Alessandro tries to kiss her but Valeria first withdraws then smiles. They continue to be very close and exchange kisses and caresses on the cheek. Then they go out, go back to the sofas and although it is not clear from the images it seems that they were kissing Alessandro tells her “if they ask you deny”. Are you referring to the kiss?
    Ciavy, after seeing a video of his girlfriend Valeria at the bonfire, he asked for the immediate confrontation bonfire. Ciavy asks for the bonfire for immediate confrontation. Valeria accepts. Ciavy is angry at the cry of “Valè you sucked” dissents about everything the girl did. The two argue and Filippo Bisciglia intervenes because Ciavy’s tones are rising. Filippo calls him to calm down. Valeria tries to explain herself, saying that she saw a video where he says he doesn’t love her but he loves her. He confirms. They still argue and with the cry of “I know 4 years that you speak” Valeria tries to defend herself from the accusations of Ciavy. Valeria says she has been treated badly, that she has been denied everything from walking to going out with friends for the past two years and that she doesn’t want to go through what she isn’t. She, for the sense of guilt of something she had done in the past, accepted this type of treatment, forgiving even his betrayals. Ciavy begins to philosophize about how much her dignity is lost, in a decidedly questionable exchange. Valeria says that she realized that their love was sick and that she doesn’t want to continue the relationship with Ciavy. The two go out separated by the bonfire.

Ciavy and Valeria after Temptation Island

One month later, Ciavy shows up alone for an appointment with Filippo. Ciavu confirms that he broke up with Valeria but that they are seeing each other again and hearing every day. As soon as we arrived in Rome he called her and she said absolutely yes I would call you, then adds: “I went to her house in the evening, I spoke to her quietly and she told him she had exaggerated. I have spoken without malice and I think I have behaved well. She heard me say that I was not in love but she knew that it was so and I lost a little esteem also out of pride I didn’t say I love you anymore “. Ciavy told her that the feeling is strengthened and she is not sure if he is in love: if they were to get back together they would do it in a more serious way. Ciavy thinks that Valeria is also conditioned by the outline and otherwise they could already be back together. Ciavy hopes to fix things with Valeria by arranging them well and not as before. It is Valeria’s turn to go to Filippo. The girl says she is better and that she is thinking about herself is that it is very beautiful. She adds that Temptation has made her understand that people should be left free and that taking care of themselves is important. Valeria says that right now she cannot say that she is in love and that she would like a man who can take care of her and her daughter.


  • On Youtube there are several videos that portray him during some boxing matches in Rome
  • Ciavy is also a Padel player
  • On Twitter he follows Maria De Filippi and Valentino Rossi
  • He also organized evenings at the local “Le Terrazze” also in Rome


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