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Who is Deddy? Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Album and Instagram

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Who is Deddy?  Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Album and Instagram

Deddy, at the registry office Dennis Rizzi, it’s a singer-songwriter originally from Turin 19-year-old former student of the school of Friends 20 edition 2021 talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi. Deddy makes it to the final and despite failing to win he signs a record deal with Warner Music Italy.

Who is Deddy?

  • First name: Dennis Rizzi
  • Art Name: Deddy
  • Birth place: Turin
  • Date of birth: September 15, 2002
  • Age: 19 years
  • Zodiac sign: Virgin
  • Profession: barber and songwriter
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: weight not available
  • Tattoos: Deddy has black and white tattoos on his left forearm
  • Official Instagram Profile: @sonodeddy
  • Follow us on our Instagram Profile: @


Dennis Rizzi, in art Deddy, is a songwriter originally from Turin and more precisely from Settimo Torinese. Dennis said that as a child, music has always been a way to vent his emotions. In fact, his parents divorced when he attended elementary school, and this brought a lot of pain to Deddy who took refuge in music to console himself and express himself. Dennis is not an only child: he has an older brother who he considers his best friend and with which it is also very protective. Dennis to perfect his passion for music studies piano and begins to write his pieces presenting himself as a songwriter. From his profile we can see how he worked since May 2020 as a barber at the Barber’s Shop, but Deddy has always aimed at music in fact he participated in the castings of Amici 20, managing to enter the school through a challenge.


Deddy released her first album on Spotify entitled Strong and Fragile in October which, before entering Amici’s school, reached 50,000 plays. Deddy entered the school with an unreleased piece, and in general the boy has always studied piano and specialized as a songwriter.

In the summer of 2021 Deddy is among the protagonists of the Mediaset summer broadcast conducted by Elisabetta Gregoraci, in fact, participates in the first episode of Live beats. Together with him perform Baby K, Irama, Colapesce Dimartino, Fedez, Orietta Berti, Annalisa, Francesca Michielin, Noemi, Coma Cose, Federico Rossi, Andrea Damante.

October 8th Deddy releases his first official album entitled The sky is against Jupiter


Deddy on his Instagram profile has over 80 thousand followers: the boy currently has a profile with few photos, mainly dedicated to his activity as a singer in the school of Friends.

Friends 2021 Deddy Instagram

Friends 20

Deddy he presented himself to the challenge of Amici 20 against Giulio Musca at the behest of the singing teacher Rudy Zerbi. Dennis aka Deddy brought one of his songs entitled “In the Night” which managed to win the attention of the judges to the point of winning the bench. During the episodes Deddy was “accused” of being too similar to singers he has already heard. He confirmed that having had very few opportunities to study, had to rely on something already felt to form but which will work to become more and more original. The unpublished of Deddy is titled “The sky in the wrong direction” and it was written and composed by himself. On February 20 the second unpublished: Two more. The song, also written by Deddy, is particularly appreciated by Radio Italia in the ranking of Radio di Amici.

Deddy through a double performance in the episode of March 13 is able to win the gold jersey which allows him to access the evening: it is Rudy Zerbi, his teacher, who assigns it to him after underlining the great expressive capacity of the boy who, although still lacking in some technical aspects, has worked very hard in the school. The cover of Fabrizio Moro’s song “Acqua” was of considerable impact. Deddy is part of the Zerbi – Celentano team together with Sangiovanni e other singers and dancers who will have to challenge the opposing teams through challenge gloves and comparative tests. Deddy has declared that he wants to aim for the final victory: although he has never studied singing, the boy feels ready to carry on his music, which is much appreciated by the radio.

  • In the first episodeat di Amici 2021 Deddy sang his new song The Sky Wrong and a cover actually not particularly successful: he was at risk of elimination in the third heat and Rosa was very worried about him. Fortunately he managed to stay by convincing the Stash judges, Emanuele Filiberto, Stefano De Martino.
  • In the second episode Deddy sings his new unreleased “Two more”. The boy challenges Raffaele but fails to bring the point to the team. It then ends up in the ballot with Serena and Leonardo. The judges decide to save him by sending Leonardo to the final ballot.
  • In the third episode Deddy goes to the final ballot for elimination. Despite the excellent performances in “Take me to dance” and “I will marry you because” Deddy fails to win and goes to the ballot for the final elimination against his girlfriend Rosa.
  • In the fourth episode Deddy makes the first challenge against Aka7even in a test compared to the piano on the notes of Lady Gaga’s Milion Reasons personalized with Barre written by each of the two challengers. Deddy wins the challenge. The second exhibition is against Raffaele in a writing gauntlet. Subsequently a second challenge against Raffaele himself.
  • In the fifth episode Deddy faces several challenges, the one against Raffaele where he manages to bring home the point and the one against Samuele paired with Giulia in a two-way pass. Deddy was the protagonist of the evening up to the final fight where he managed to win against Martina.
  • In the sixth episode Deddy faces the first challenge against Raffaele and sings Call me love again. Deddy wins the challenge. In the second heat he has to contend with Aka7even bringing his original zeropassi. Again wins the challenge. In the third heat Deddy challenges Alessandro who dances to the notes of an Arisa song sung by herself and loses the point. He ends up in the ballot for elimination, and finds himself having to face Raffaele as Samuele is the first of the three to be saved. Deddy stays in the school and Raffaele leaves.
  • In the week bet Deddy starts in the second heat with a challenge against Aka7even, singing a song by Nesli (The End) and takes home the point. In the third heat he challenges Giulia with the song Right-handed but fails to bring home the victory of the challenge.
  • In the’eighth episode Deddy performs in the third heat and the access to the final is played against Sangiovanni, having the team of Zerbi Celentano won the match against Tancredi. Vince SAngiovanni who enters the final and therefore Deddy has to wait for the decision of the judges who decide who is the fourth and fifth finalist between Deddy, Tancredi, Alessandro and Serena. Deddy becomes a finalist together with Alessandro at the behest of the judges.
  • In the ninth episode, that of the final, Deddy challenges Aka7even and Sangiovanni. Deddy despite the excellent performances where he sang Zero Steps And It’s not for me, fails to access the grand final which sangiovanni enters.


Deddy is currently singles. In the school of friends he has an affair with the dancer Rosa Di Grazia who is finished after leaving school. The reasons would lie in Deddy’s numerous commitments that have separated the couple.

In October 2021 Deddy is seen in the company of Mariasole Pollio: that is she is the new girlfriend of the singer?


  • Deddy has an aunt named Caterina which supports it through social media
  • Dennis before joining Amici’s school he also played at weddings
  • To some, his style reminded him of Ultimo, who is among other things one of his favorite singers


Deddy’s self made video of the song random words with Enula present in the video!

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