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Who is Delia Duran Wife Alex Belli? Age, Marriage, Origins and Instagram

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Who is Delia Duran Wife Alex Belli?  Age, Marriage, Origins and Instagram

Delia Duran is the wife of Alex Belli, a model and actress of Venezuelan origin, born therel 1988 in Merida. His real name is Nusat Del Valla Duran Perez and he has participated together with partner and now husband Alex Belli at Temptation Island Vip 2019. Delia and Alex are married with only a religious rite and not valid in common. Enter the house of the VIP GF to feed the triangle between her, Alex and Soleil and from the latest rumors it could become one reality show contestant.

Who is Delia Duran?

  • First name: Delia Duran
  • Full name: Nusat Del Valla Duran Perez
  • Age: 33 years
  • Date of birth: April 17, 1988
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Birth place: Mérida (Venezuela)
  • Profession: Model and actress
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @deliaduran_official
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Delia Duran was born on April 17, 1988 in Merida in Venezuela. Her real name is not Delia Duran but Nusat Del Valle Duran Perez. From a very young age she was attracted to acting and began to practice this profession by appearing in telenovelas shot in his country. At the same time he studies marketing to become a manager.

Arrived in Italy, the splendid Delia immediately established herself as a model and then moved on to acting. On TV she starred in the famous fiction “The beauty of women” in the role of Elena and also in the series “Honor and respect-Last chapter”. She has a failed marriage behind her and her love affairs have often put her at the center of gossip, especially for the love story with Alex Belli. Alex, model and actor, we remember him in Centovetrine and also on the Island of the famous, he met Delia on the set of “Furore-Second Chapter”. The two actors immediately entered the center of gossip above all because both veterans of animated sentimental stories.

Delia Duran Instagram

Delia Duran has about 250,000 followers on instagram. Many photos of Delia during her sporting activity and with her Alex Belli.

Delia Duran Instagram

Work and Career

Delia Duran works as a model, model and actress. In Venezuela, in addition to studying Marketing, he acted in the various Telenovelas typical of South American countries. In Italy, thanks to her dazzling beauty, she first worked as a highly sought-after model by various fashion brands, before arriving on TV. respect-last chapter ”and the following year to“ Furore-2nd chapter ”where he works with Francesco Monte, Laura Torrisi. Also in 2018 she is in the show by Piero Chiambretti “The republic of women”, on network 4, where she plays the role of valetta.

Delia Duran and Alex Belli

Delia’s story with Alex Belli he immediately projected it at the center of our local gossip. When Alex met Delia he had both a failed marriage with model Katarina Raniakova and a love affair with the model behind him Mila Suarez (also known as the “Belen di Parma” due to a certain resemblance to Belén Rodriguez) which had ended suddenly. Alex and Delia had met on the set of “Furore-chapter two” where they both acted and shortly after they had formalized their relationship between criticisms and suspicions of scoop artfully built.

Alex Belli and Delia Duran got married on June 26, 2021: in a ceremony with a religious rite held in Uggiate Trevano in the province of Como, Alex and Delia said the fateful yes.

Big Brother VIP 6

Delia Duran at the beginning of Alex Belli’s participation in the Big Brother VIP exposed herself against the princesses of Ethiopia and Sophie Codegoni who flirted with her husband Alex Belli.

In addition, Alex Belli talked about the desire for a child that he and Delia have, and the difficulties encountered by the couple to have children. During Alex’s stay in the house, Delia has always defended Alex by saying that it’s a game for him, until Alex gets very close to Soleil Sorge. The evident complicity and attraction between the two leads Delia to enter the house in the episode of November 5: Alex in the confessional has made very strong statements about his compliancy with Soleil

We seek and miss each other. I try to stay away from her but I can’t, I need her madness. Without her it would be more difficult.

In the house Delia made it clear to Alex that she felt a lack of respect and asked him to limit himself and return what she knows. Deianira Marzano, gossip expert, claims that Delia agrees with Alex and Soleil in setting up this “drama” about their special friendship

During the stay of Alex to Big Brother his proximity to Soleil, despite having already spoken with Delia, it continues to grow so much that on November 26th Delia enters the house again with the poisoned tooth. Alex and Soleil have had a very provocative massage and in general they spend their free moments together in a very complicit way. In the house, Delia minimizes what happened and after big kisses with her husband she talks harmoniously with Soleil too. It all seems to have returned but over the course of the days Alex and Soleil continue to be close to the point that Alex claims to have fallen in love with Soleil. Delia sends a message to the house on the evening of December 3 to express her thoughts on this. After another apparent clarification, photos of Delia appear in the newspapers in equivocal attitudes with another man: the paparazzi however is soon unmasked and everything suggests they were photos taken ad hoc. Delia returns in the episode of December 13 in the house of the GF for a new confrontation with Alex now split between Soleil and Delia. Alex attempted to leave the house in the throes of an anxiety attack just the night before Delia entered.

In the episode of 13 December Delia Duran enters the VIP GF House to talk to her husband Alex Belli and communicate her decision to put an end to their relationship after the kisses and words between Soleil and Alex in the last few days. Delia defines Soleil as a manipulator who has set a trap for him and says to her husband: “I’m here to tell you that no one has abandoned you, but when I was on the train I saw yet another crap you’ve done in these three months. You should have said “I prefer Delia and her love”, so I tell you that our story is over, I deserve a man who respects me and you don’t“. At the end of the confrontation Alex decides to leave the House with Delia violating the anticovid rules and abandons the program.

Violent Ex Husband

Delia Duran has a failed and stormy marriage behind her Marco Nerozzi. In Barbara D’Urso’s living room, Domenica Live, she said that her ex-husband beat her and used both physical and psychological violence. For her part, the ex-husband accused her of robbing him of a large sum. The controversy went on for some time. In a recent interview, Delia’s ex-husband confessed that the two of them were an open couple and that she left him after meeting Alex Belli.

Temptation Island Vip 2019

Delia Duran and Alex Belli participated as a couple, in the reality Temptation Island Vip 2019 conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi, starting from the third episode. They entered to replace the couple Ciro Petrone Federica Caputo who had left the island. Theirs was a brief participation that had seen the beautiful Delia dangerously approaching the tempter Riccardo, so much so as to unleash the jealousy of Alex who in full crisis had tried to invade the village of his girlfriends to meet her.

Seen the behavior absolutely correct by Alex e his jealousy regarding the cheeky one of Delia with his approach to the tempter Riccardo, we immediately reach a confrontation bonfire. Here Delia and Alex cleared up after several bickering and they left the reality show together. Even in this situation they were accused of not being a real couple and of seeking only notoriety.

Currently Delia and Alex form a happy couple, and have stated that they are ready to become parents.


  • Alex and Delia they often go around with their inseparable four-legged friend: we are talking about the spitz dog of pomeraina named Bella


The video of the famous confrontation between Delia Duran and Mila Suarez which took place at Gf 2019

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