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Who is Daniele Scardina: Biography, Age, Cristina Buccino, Ex Diletta and Instagram

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Who is Daniele Scardina: Biography, Age, Cristina Buccino, Ex Diletta and Instagram

Daniele Scardina is a reigning champion professional boxer in the category Supermedi weights, also known by the nickname of King Toretto. He was engaged to the host Diletta Leotta. The two met because Diletta presented her meeting for Sky and then found themselves with mutual friends. Daniele was a competitor of Dancing with the Stars 2020.

Who is Daniele Scardina?

  • First name: Daniele Scardina
  • Nickname: King Toretto
  • Age: 28 years
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Date of birth: April 2, 1992
  • Birth place: Rozzano in the province of Milan
  • Profession: Boxer
  • Category: Supermedi weights
  • Height: 184 cm
  • Weight: 76 kg (the supermedium category includes a maximum weight of 76.2 kg)
  • Tattoos: Daniele Scardina has his body completely covered with tattoos, several of which are dedicated to important moments in his life.
  • Official Instagram profile: @danieletoretto
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Daniele Scardina was born in the province of Milan under the sign of Aries but currently lives in Miami. Parents separate when he is small and therefore grows up with his mother. The passion for boxing passed on to him by his uncle, and he began to practicing at a competitive level since adolescence. As he himself stated in an interview, boxing saved him from wrong paths as as a boy he preferred hanging out with friends than studying. At the age of twenty and after many trips abroad to play the first matches, he understands that boxing is his vocation and devotes himself completely to this sport, starting to compete in the Supermedi category. Daniele Scardina is a passionate about tatoo and dance: in fact, if his body is covered with a tattoo, as you can see, he cultivates a passion for dancing outside the cameras. Every major event in his life was tattooed on his body whether the event was positive or negative. The mother told that at the first ever boxing match Daniele’s mother ran away just before the start because every time he fights she is sick.

In 2015 moved to Miami where he also started to train disabled kids. In addition to his social commitment, Daniele found a strong spirituality in Miami by becoming faithful to Pentecostal Evangelical Church of God.

Daniele Scardina is very close friends with Gue Pequeno with whom he went on vacation in the summer of 2019 also together with Diletta Leotta. He is also a friend of Fedez and other characters from the show business.

Daniele Scardina Instagram

Daniele Scardina has over 200,000 followers on Instagram. Daniele mainly shares photos of his races and training, alternating with some shots of everyday life.

Daniele Scardina Instagram

Work and Career

Daniele Scardina is a professional boxer. He began his career at Domino Boxing in Milan and was also called in the Italian National Team. The turning point for his career, however, comes when he moves to Florida where his brother runs a restaurant. In fact, here you start training at Muhammad Ali’s gym the “5th Street Gym” with the famous coach Dino Spencer. He then begins to play matches for the whole of the United States, winning 15 wins, 14 of which by KO Vince in March 2019 the title of Champion of Supermedi Weights. He defended the title twice in the same year confirming himself as champion: on June 28, 2019 at the Allianz Cloud against Alessandro Goddi and on October 25 at the Allianz Cloud in Milan against the Belgian champion Ilias Achergui. On the last two occasions of 2020, Diletta Leotta has always assisted him and as Daniele said “She is my woman, it charges me to see her at ringside”. In September 2020 take part in Dancing with the Stars 2020.

Daniele back to the ring at the end February 2021 against Nunez to compete for the European title of Supermedi Weights. He also manages to win in this one occasion confirming himself as reigning champion, this time his ex was not on board.

Cristina Buccino

Daniele Scardina was photographed from the weekly Chi in the company of the influencer Cristina Buccino at the end of June 2021 in Milan near Corso Como: Daniele Scardina flew to Cristina as soon as he had a free moment and the photos tell of long hugs and languid glances.

Daniele Scardina and Diletta Leotta

Daniele Scardina and Diletta Leotta they were a very happy couple: the two met when the boy won the Supermedi world title, In fact, Diletta was the presenter of the event aired on DAZN. Immediately afterwards they met again through mutual friends and the passion broke out: for a year, from summer 2019, they were inseparable. At Christmas 2019 the first official statement by Daniele Scardina who confessed that “with Diletta it has become an important story”. When they met, Diletta had recently ended a long relationship (from 2016 to 2019) with Matteo Mammì, director of Sky Sport.

In summer 2020 the weekly Who directed by Alfonso Signorini, however, discovered some crisis of the couple so much that they seemed to have separated. Diletta was photographed at an evening with some friends and the Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the next day she flew to Sicily for a little relaxation. Daniele instead spent a few days in Ibiza with friends. The two later met in a restaurant, the Sottovento, in Sardinia. The story is finally over and now Diletta Leotta is the girlfriend of the Turkish actor Can Yaman. Daniele did not comment on the relationship but Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta are one of the most followed couples in the show biz.


Milly Carlucci in an Instagram announcement stated that Daniele Scardina, just returned from Sardinia, tested positive for Coronavirus together with the dancer Samuel Peron. The two had mild symptoms and were in isolation. All other cast members of Dancing with the Stars 2020 tested negative for tampons. Scardina himself made a statement on his state of health and on the delay in starting the program saying: “Milly has us protected, we had to protect everyone and it was the right thing to postpone for a week but now we are all well and we are ready to rock

Video by Daniele Toretto


  • Daniele got the first tattoo at 14
  • He has a tattoo that is the portrait of his idol Mike Tyson
  • Daniele and Leotta they passed the forty together, in this regard Daniele said: “let’s dance and have fun, it also made me gain weight”
  • The his coach confessed that Daniele would like to train more than he already does, that for him training is a pleasure and not a fatigue

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