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Who is Donna Imma Polese: Biography, Children, Husband, Castle of Ceremonies

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Who is Donna Imma Polese: Biography, Children, Husband, Castle of Ceremonies

Imma Polese woman is a Neapolitan entrepreneur daughter of the well-known Boss of Ceremonies and owner of “La Sonrisa” the famous Castle of Ceremonies. After the death of his father, he took up his baton at the helm of the Hotel La Sonrisa, known precisely for being the location of the show on “Castle of ceremonies” broadcast on Real Time. After the lockdown Donna Imma returned with a new program from the name “In the kitchen with Imma and Matteo” aired on Food Network, Discovery channel.

Who is Donna Imma?

  • First name: Imma Polese
  • Age: 56 years
  • Profession: businesswoman
  • Birth place: Naples
  • Date of birth: November 4, 1964
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Height: nd
  • Weight: nd
  • Official Instagram profile: @donnaimmapolese
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Imma Polese was born in Naples on November 4, 1964, by Don Antonio Polese and Rita Greco, and has two younger brothers, Antonio and Pasquale. Since her youth, Donna Imma has followed her father in the management of the castle, learning the trade and taking care of administrative matters. Growing up it proved to be a real one businesswoman without however neglecting the affections. Imma is married to Matteo Giordano, her partner in life and work, and together they have three children, including the eldest Tobia Antonio often participates in the organization of events with his mother Imma. In fact, she managed to reconcile work and family with hers class and its style unmistakable. From 2016, to the death of his father, the famous Boss of the Ceremonies, Imma took the reins of the well-known La Sonrisa hotel where the Real time show is set “The Castle of Ceremonies”. Because of Coronavirus, Donna Imma has also lost his mother, Rita Greco, who recalled with an affectionate post on Instagram where she declared “I have an unbridgeable void in my heart. My constant inspiration is gone, the book full of pages from which I learned to be a mother, daughter and a strong woman, just like her “.

Donna Imma Instagram

Imma’s touching Instagram post dedicated to the death of her mother Rita Greco.

Donna Imma Instagram

Husband Donna Imma

Matteo Giordano is the husband and business partner of Donna Imma Polese. The two have been married for 30 years and have been married since February 4, 1990. Mr. Giordano studied Economics and Commerce in Salerno before meeting Imma and starting working for the family hotel. In the family business de “The Castle of Ceremonies” takes care of the reception and relations with the newlyweds and with the other guests of the hotel. Matteo Giordano was hospitalized for Covid from mid-August until early September when he was clinically cured.


Donna Imma Polese and Matteo Giordano had three children, two boys and one girl. The firstborn Tobia Antonio he is often the protagonist in his mother’s social profiles and often appears in the Real Time show, “The Castle of Ceremonies”. Tobia Antonio received his diploma and enrolled at the Federico II University of Naples. Tobia cultivates some great passions, such as music, so much so that he made his debut with the single “Popolare”.

Work and Career

Always engaged in family business al Restaurant and Hotel La Sonrisa, Donna Imma learned the trade following her father, Don Antonio, known as the Boss of the Ceremonies. An elegant, educated and determined woman has been able to continue in the great work undertaken by her father and has slowly won the hearts of viewers. Donna Imma’s activity and the events she organizes are in fact at the center of the broadcast “The Castle of Ceremonies” broadcast on Real Time. In addition to her husband, Matteo Giordano, Donna Imma’s eldest son is also involved in the family business Tobia Antonio.

On 2 May 2020 Donna Imma was a guest of Gabriele Parpiglia in his program Second Life aired on Real Time, where she talks about the moment she found herself collecting her father’s inheritance. As Imma herself stated, the well-known Boss of the Ceremonies has always been very strict but affectionate with her. The episode is available in streaming on dplay.

The Castle of the Ceremonies it was also the scene of a special episode of Bake Off Italy for 10 years of Real Time, last Friday 18 September 2020. In addition to Donna Imma and her husband Matteo, all the protagonists of Bake Off Italia participated in the broadcast: Benedetta Parodi, Ernst Knam, Damiano Carrara, Clelia d’Onofrio and Csaba dalla Zorza.

Where to see The Castle of Ceremonies

The Castle of Ceremonies airs there Sunday on Real Time and you can see it too streaming on DPlay available from pc, mobile phone or tablet at approximately 17:45 until 18:25 for a total of 40 minutes.

In the kitchen with Imma and Matteo

Donna Imma and her husband Matteo Giordano they are ready to return with a new program from the name “In Cucina con Imma e Matteo” broadcast on Food Network, Discovery channel. Unfortunately, Covid has stopped the pharaonic ceremonies at the Castle of Ceremonies: according to rumors there are over 350 events deleted between 2020 and 2021 on the estate of Donna Imma Polese. But the queen of ceremonies and her husband Matteo Giordano did not let themselves down and will soon return to the small screen with a new reality show! It is a spin off that will tell the story of the couple in kitchen. Donna Imma declared that the set is the kitchen where she and Matteo will prepare many delicious recipes according to the Neapolitan tradition and the reinterpretations of the Polese family, revealing curiosities and secrets.

The new “Neapolitan” cooking show broadcast there Sunday at 3pm on Food Network and in streaming on DPlay is composed by 10 episodes lasting 30 minutes each. During the episode Donna Imma and Matteo prepare 3 dishes taken directly from their menu. But they are not the only protagonists: the whole family participates by collaborating and providing suggestions.

Donna Imma and her husband Matteo Giordano were guests of the Maurizio Costanzo Show where she appeared very excited because it was her father’s favorite show, Don Antonio, the Boss of the Ceremonies.

The Castle of Ceremonies prices

How many it costs an event at the Castello di Donna Imma Polese? The price of an event was revealed by Donna Imma’s husband, Matteo Giordano, who in an interview with Vanity Fair declared that “there are those who want a sober and quiet ceremony and others who want neo-melodic dancers and singers” , so you can range from string quartet to DJ set. This obviously affects the price that hovers between 80 and 120 euros per person. But of course it all depends on the wishes of the guests … and of the brides!

The Castle of Ceremonies it is located in Sant’Antonio Abate (Naples) in via Stabia 500. In the Real Time program the Castle is the location of majestic events including weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

Curiosities about Donna Imma

  • Donna Imma is very attached to Federico Lauri de “The Hall of Wonders” and we often see her as a guest in the salon of the well-known fashion stylist
  • He is one of the best known faces of the Real Time channel along with Maria Celli of “The Atelier of Wonders”.
  • There is no reliable data on earnings by Donna Imma, but certainly the deals are excellent since more and more couples, almost 18-year-olds and new parents, choose this location to host their most important days
  • In August 2020 following an outbreak COVID which involved more than 20 people broke out in the Sonrisa Castle, the location was closed for a short time. They were affected by the infection and then healed there too daughter by Donna Imma and the singer of Sonrisa, Tony d’Auria
  • His too husband Matteo Giordano was a guest of Gabriele Parpiglia in his program Second life in the second season which also saw protagonists: Enzo Miccio, Damiano Carrara, Federico Lauri, Tommaso Zorzi, Aurora Betti and Martina Nasoni
  • Donna Imma and her husband Matteo Giordano usually go on holiday in theIsle of Capri


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