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Who is Enula Bareggi Amici 20? Age, Instagram, Boyfriend, and Elimination

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Who is Enula Bareggi Amici 20?  Age, Instagram, Boyfriend, and Elimination

Elecampane, at the registry office Enula Bareggi, is a 22-year-old singer born on the outskirts of Milan, known to the public for being a competitor of Friends 20 by Maria De Filippi. His singles “Aurolari” and “Contorta” are highly appreciated by audiences and critics alike. Elecampane he comes eliminated in the fourth episode, in the school she got very close to the dancer Alessandro Cavallo.

Who is Enula?

  • Name and surname: Enula Bareggi
  • Art Name: Enula
  • Profession: Singer
  • Date of birth: June 10, 1998
  • Age: 22 years old
  • City of Birth: Have Fat
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Tattoos: None Visible
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Follow on Instagram: @_enula_
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Enula Bareggi, art Enula, was born in Abbiate Grasso in the province of Milan under the sign of twins. Its very particular name is due to the mother, who when he was young he picked a flower with this very name. She attends Social Sciences in high school and is currently enrolled in the University at the faculty of Sociologiststo. Her passion for music manifested itself from an early age and in fact in 2011 at the age of 13 she participated in the “Io Canto” program conducted by Gerry Scotti. In 2013 he appears again in a public event: in fact he performs at the “Together for a dream” event at Fraschini Theater of Pavia. In her life she traveled a lot: Enula told of a trip to Corsica where she slept in a tent for two months and where she supported herself by selling bracelets and other creations of hers in a stall. This experience was very significant for her.


Enula Bareggi is a singer who had been selected among the 60 possible participants of AmaSanremo precisely in this 2020. However, the girl, who brought the song titled to AmaSanremo With (Cake), was unable to access the final stages of the program and therefore immediately tried the audition with friends. Enula you manage to conquer the bank of friends to the detriment of Letizia La Lirica a singer who was in any case highly regarded within the program.

Enula Amici


It seems that Elecampane was the mysterious girlfriend of Leo Gassman, the winner of Sanremo Giovani Nuove Proposte. The two had been photographed by the weekly “Vero” at the beginning of 2020 in a park in Rome, however the identity of the girl had not been disclosed. Currently Enula is engaged to Amici 20’s ballet dancer Alessandro Cavallo.

Friends 20

Enula Bareggi was noticed by Ruby Zerbi who, convinced by her skill, decided to make her challenge the pupil of Arisa Letizia La Lirica. The challenge then wanted by Rudy was broadcast on December 12th and saw Enula triumph by having Letizia take off the bench and in fact leaves the program. Enula performed with the unreleased song “Earphones” which conquered the jury and according to Rydy Zerbi the girl’s modernity was absolutely necessary in the school and completely in contrast with the vocality defined more “linked to the past” of Letizia.

Elecampane in school it becomes very amica of Raffaele and Sangiovanni: especially the bond with the latter has sparked the jealousies of his girlfriend the dancer Giulia.

Elecampane in Amici’s school she is highly appreciated both for her vocal and compositional skills: her single Earphones it is also doing well on Streaming platforms. In mid-February he presents the second title entitled “Contorta”. Enula is also much appreciated by the radios that give it very high marks, considering both the song and the singing skills of the highest level. Enula enters the evening of friends in the episode of March 6, being among the first three classified in the ranking of approval, earning by right the evening shirt starting from March 20. Enula also presents a new single entitled on March 13th “Alone (with me)” a song written by Enula herself and which is added to the other unpublished songs that the singer presented during her journey to Amici. Enula also has a particular sympathy with Alessandro Cavallo: the school dancer did not hide his interest in the girl who nevertheless said she was focused on music while not hiding mutual interest. Enula enters the evening of Amici 20 in the Zerbi – Celentano team.

  • In the first episode of the Evening of Amici 2021 Enula is challenged by two dancers: Martina and Giulia, losing in both cases. Enula was however much appreciated by the Stash judges, Emanuele Filiberto, Stefano De Martino.
  • In the second episode Enula performs only once: at the very beginning she is sent in challenge against Ibla on a song by Olivia Newton-John entitled Physical. Enula with a performance rich in femininity and interpretation manages to win the challenge and Ibla is definitively eliminated from the Amici 20 school.
  • In the third episode Enula is at risk of elimination against Sangiovanni and Tommaso. He manages to convince the judges with his new earphones and to stay in the school. During this episode he also makes a second performance against Alessandro but fails to take the point.
  • In the fourth episode Enula makes the first challenge against Alessandro (in two step with Martina) singing I Stand by you by Roxette but does not win the challenge. She is nominated for the ballot for the final elimination, where she sings her unpublished earphones. He comes eliminated against Tancredi and must drop out of school.

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Enula, the singer of Amici, has over six thousand followers on her Instagram profile. The girl often replies through stories to the questions of the followers in fact much of the information in this biography was revealed by the same girl during one of these answers sessions in her Stories.

enula friends instagram


  • Enula on Instagram is a friend of Valentina Vernia, former student and professional dancer of the Friends program
  • Enula has been vegan for several years. Love nature and animals.
  • Enula shares the philosophy of Buddhism, although not Buddhist. In fact, it defines itself as linked to inner spirituality but does not like to define itself!
  • His favorite food is Sushi
  • Eliminated from the Friends program, Enula is Silvia Toffanin’s guest at Verissimo

Twisted text

I don’t want shoulder blades, I want wings
To cut the sky like pizza
I want to save the world like superheroes
But I’m just a mortal like all of you.

But I’m an adult, I’ve never been
I stopped at ten
And I’m not ashamed to say my best friends
They are my traumas.

And mom,
You don’t worry anymore
I swear I’m not late
That I hang all the clothes
that I turn off the TV.

This is not the time to die
Maybe I’ll wait for tomorrow.

But I
I know I’m going down the stairs
It’s because I kind of like the difficulty
The curiosity
How do people always prefer the elevator
I, I never know where to go
And sorry if I ask you again but
How you do it
To prefer vertigo to courage
To jump.

I am simple and a little twisted
Like the cake that grandma makes us on Sunday
I am the dance halls, I am a cemetery
We are looking for fathers who really want to do it
I am an animal rights activist and I eat meat
Because I am weak to pleasures
As with sex, as with art
I am someone if you are the one talking about it.

But I
I know I’m going down the stairs
It’s because I kind of like the difficulty
The curiosity
How do people always prefer the elevator
I, I never know where to go
And sorry if I ask you again but
How you do it
To prefer vertigo to courage
To jump.

To jump
To jump.


The video of the new song by Enula “Contorta”.

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