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Who is Filippo Bisciglia: Biography, Age, Illness, Girlfriend and Temptation Island

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Who is Filippo Bisciglia: Biography, Age, Illness, Girlfriend and Temptation Island

Filippo Bisciglia is an Italian conductor, actor and showman, known to the public for having been first a competitor of Big Brother 6 and then a presenter of the reality show Temptation Island conceived by Maria De Filippi. He also participated in Amici Celebrities in autumn 2019 and has been engaged for over 12 years with the actress and showgirl Pamela Camassa.

Who is Filippo Bisciglia?

  • First name: Filippo Bisciglia
  • Date of birth: June 24, 1977
  • Age: 43 years old
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Profession: Actor and Conductor
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Tattoos: Filippo boasts some tattoos including a Japanese symbol on the groin, writings on the arms and wrists, another written on the inside of the bicep, a tattoo on the shoulder and one near the heart.
  • Official Instagram Profile: @filippobisciglia
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Filippo Bisciglia he is of Roman origins and grew up with his father, mother and sister to whom he is very attached. As a child he had to face a bad disease: Perthes syndrome which did not allow him to walk for the first two years of life. This problem has tied him a lot to his mother who has always been close to him. He took his first steps in the world of entertainment with Big Brother: he entered it in 2006 and initially stood out for his “talents” as a Latin Lover. In fact, he enters as a Fidanzato con Flora Singing but he will fall in love with Simona Salvemini leaving Flora on live TV. Subsequently ended the relationship with Salvemini knows Pamela Camassa and the two get engaged having been together for more than 12 years now.

The crisis experienced by Filippo during the reality show La Talpa in which Pamela was a competitor is memorable: Filippo arrives in the studio saying he is not ready to stay away for so long from Pamela and in fact the woman abandons the reality show before the end and returns to Filippo’s arms!

Work and Career

Filippo Bisciglia after graduating from the hotel institute participates in the casting of Big Brother managing to become a contestant of Big Brother 6, aired in 2016. In the house he passes for playboy since he leaves his girlfriend Flora Canto live (currently engaged with Enrico Brignano) to get engaged to Simona Salvemini. The relationship will not last long and Filippo meets Pamela Camassa. At work level, once he leaves the GF he becomes presenter of the program in 2007 “Stay at Okkio“On Mediaset Premium and sent for transmission”The candidate”Conducted by Marco Liorni. He also began his acting career starring in “A Place in the Sun” And “Police District”With Miriam Catania. In 2012 he was correspondent of the program “I bet on you! “ but the most important role he gets in 2014 with the conduction of Temptation Island which is still in place as it is an annual program. Also participates in the 2018 Tale and Which Show hosted by Carlo Conti where he ranks in third place. He was a guest of Il Punto Z di Tommaso Zorzi and also leads the program for 2021 Temptatation Island 2021 where engaged couples test their love by relating with singles.


Filippo Bisciglia has a very popular Instagram profile with over 926 thousand followers! He often shares shots of his personal and professional life.

Pamela Camassa and Sons

Filippo Bisciglia and Pamela Camassa live together in Rome and have been engaged since 2007. They are not laid down because they both don’t believe in this institution, but they seem to have different opinions on their children. Filippo has repeatedly said he is ready to be a dad while Pamela tends to curb his enthusiasm. In fact, the woman does not feel up to being a mother but Filippo constantly reassures her about this by showing her how good she would be with a child. Pamela told Di più: “As I told you she would like a baby, while I’m sending him back. But I understand … I also understand that there is a kind of fear, the fear is that of not making it: fear of not being up to it, of making mistakes. “

filippo bisciglia and pamela camassa

Filippo Bisciglia and Pamela Camassa


Until the age of two Filippo did not walk. The disease called Perthes Syndrome actually conditioned him until adolescence: before reaching a complete recovery, in fact, he had to resort to experimental treatments and it was a problem that continued until adolescence. The mother entrusted herself to a doctor who thanks to the experimentation conducted on Filippo now all children with the same disease can be treated.

Private life

Filippo Bisciglia he was engaged for several years with Flora Canto, current partner of Enrico Brignano, only to enter the house of Big Brother to fall in love with Simona Salvemini and leave Flora. He then begins his love affair with Pamela Camassa with whom he is currently engaged.

However, not everyone knows about his past about his first love by Filippo Bisciglia it was a girl named Arianna: far from the world of entertainment, Filippo and Arianna they met when they were 17 and they were together for 3 years. The relationship ended due to Philip who was in the throes of uncontrolled jealousy. Filippo expressed the desire to meet Arianna again to apologize for that behavior.

Big Brother 6

Filippo Bisciglia was one of the most controversial competitors of Big Brother 6, aired from January 19 to April 27, 2006. Filippo passed for palyboy because of the relationship he started in the house with Simona Salvemini but despite this he ranks in Second place in Big Brother defeated only by Augusto De Megni, the boy who was a child was kidnapped by the anonymous Sardinian kidnapping. However, Filippo Bisciglia remembers with pleasure his experience at the GF.

Temptation Island

Since 2014 Filippo Bisciglia leads Temptation Island, the reality show where couples have to test their love by going to an island full of temptations represented by single boys and girls. Filippo manages what he is with a lot of grace and empathy potentially it could be the trash festival: for this reason Filippo was reconfirmed as conductor for all the following editions and he is still at the helm of the program. The VIP version of the program, on the other hand, is not conducted by him but has seen Simona Ventura and Alessia Marcuzzi succeed each other.

Temptation Island 2021 couples are:

How much does Filippo Bisciglia earn

With the success at the helm of Temptation Island, Filippo Bisciglia’s cachet has increased. We do not have certain data but we know that his colleague and presenter Alessia Marcuzzi who guide Temptatin Island VIP gets to earn 90,000 euros per episode. Even for Filippo, therefore, one can imagine a figure of four zeros which is around 50,000 euros for the “NIP” version. The popularity of the program has in fact been growing with the various editions and it is not surprising that Mediaset offers stellar cachets given the high volume of plays!

Friends Celebrities

In September 2019 Filippo was a competitor of Friends Celebrities. The program has put to the test some VIPs who have tried their hand at dance and dance among which we have, in addition to partner Pamela Camassa, also Chiara Giordano, Martin Castrogiovanni, Ciro Ferrara, Cristiana Donadio, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Raniero Monaco di Lapio , Francesca Manzini and Joe Bastianich. Filippo was part of the white team led by Giordana Angi and as his teammate was his partner Pamela Camassa. Filippo showed very high singing skills and managed to finish third on the Talent Show, won by Pamela!

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