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Who is Francesco Chiofalo: Biography, Age, Cancer and Girlfriend Drusilla Gucci

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Who is Francesco Chiofalo: Biography, Age, Cancer and Girlfriend Drusilla Gucci

Francesco Chiofalo it’s a personal trainer, influencer with 1.5 million followers born in 1989 in Rome. He is known to the general public for having participated in 2017 together with his then partner Wild Rome at Temptation Island led by Filippo Bisciglia. He was engaged to Antonella Fiordelisi and is the owner of a GuestHouse in Rome. He is currently engaged to Drusilla Gucci.

Who is Francesco Chiofalo?

  • First name: Francesco Chiofalo
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Date of birth: 1 May 1989
  • Zodiac sign: Bull
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Tattoos: F.rancesco Chiofalo has many tattoos: his body is practically covered with tatoos of all kinds, especially tribal decorations that he also has on the neck. He got his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his wrist.
  • Official Instagram Profile: @francescochiofalo_
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Francesco Chiofalo is originally from Rome, since he was a child he has been passionate about sport and practiced Rugby. However due to a physical problem he must abandon the dream of practicing a professional level this sport. Very attached to his parents (his mother appeared in some shots on Instagram) Francesco is engaged to Selvaggia Roma. The relationship lasts a full five years and ends after the experience at Temptation Island which in any case gives popularity to both boys. During the Temptation Island program Francesco earns the nickname of “Lenticchio”: is the name Selvaggia calls it in the program. In January 2019 he has to undergo a brain surgery: he is in fact diagnosed with a benign tumor mass to be removed immediately and the anxiety of the boy and his followers melts only when after several hours of operation the boy leaves the operating room in good health. In the spring of the same year in April 2019 he gets engaged to Antonella Fiordelisi, professional fencer ex of Amedeo Barbato and model.

Work and Career

Francesco Chiofalo works as a Personal Trainer and is also the owner of a B&B Guesthouse in Rome. The Bed and Breakfast is an activity of his parents that Francesco carries on with passion: the structure he manages should be located in Via Giovanni Stefano Roccatagliata in Rome.

His television career begins instead on Temptation Island: here Chiofalo is tempted by the beautiful Mila Suarez ex-girlfriend of Alex Bellie by the single Roberta Carluccio. Gain popularity and participate in Men and Women trying to recapture Selvaggia Roma through external organized by the studio. His irony and his Roman speech have conquered the public who have always found him very nice and have begun to follow him on Instagram: currently Francesco has 1.5 million followers on Instagram.


Francesco Chiofalo is currently engaged (since June 2021) to Drusilla Gucci. Drusilla participated in the Island of the Famous 2021 and is the daughter of the fashion house “Gucci”. Francesco Chiofalo and Drusilla Gucci spent a holiday together in Turkey and then they kissed on the red carpet of the Venice festival.

Wild Rome

Francesco Chiofalo participates in the fourth edition of Temptation Island, the channel 5 program conducted by Filippo Bisciglia; together with Wild Rome. The couple decides to get involved because of the couple problems which risk seeing them permanently separated. The underlying problem would seem to have been that of jealousy di Selvaggia which, due to the work of the comrade Francesco, he would start hiring obsessive behaviors. The constant bickering and squabbling led to a relationship point of no return: both, in fact, decide to test their relationship to understand if it is right to break up or continue to believe in their story. Selvaggia Roma and Francesco Chiofalo, before participating in Temptation Island, have lived together for five years also adopting a kitten named Paul.
The experience of the channel 5 reality show, however, is not positive for the two Romans. Wild and Lenticchio, in fact, they break up permanently at the end of the program. They understand, in fact, that they can no longer continue to be together due to the fact that, by now, the character aspects both of them were too heavy to handle. Wild Rome has always been convinced that Francesco betrayed her. Subsequently Selvaggia returned with her Ex Luca Muccichini.

Francesco Chiofalo and Antonella Fiordelisi

Officially engaged on Instagram on May 2, 2019, Francesco Chiofalo and Antonella Fioredelisi are the protagonists of a relationship that initially seemed to come out of nowhere. The “I love you” are flocked on both sides as well as the outputs together and the hosted. However, in August 2019 the case broke out, all strictly witnessed on Instagram: Antonella cries because she discovers that Francesco was also dating another girl until “two months ago” – so let’s assume until June 2019 even while he was with her. The stone of the scandal is called Aurora Ciorbi and with stories and hosted tells of how Francesco promised to bring it to Temptation Island and to make her “become like Giulia de Lellis”. Francesco’s Ex, Selvaggia Roma, also fits into all this, confirming how unreliable Francesco was also with her. The quarrel is resolved with dozens of days, stories, and statements via Instagram of a repentant and penitent Francis who tries in every way to win back Antonella: he shows up in her house but she is not found, makes amends by friends and relatives of the girl, comes back to his house etc. etc. All this lasts until Antonella, three months after the discovery of the “betrayal”, decides to forgive Francesco and the two become a couple again. In April 2021 they break up because the feeling is no longer what it was before.

Video by Francesco Chiofalo


  • Francesco Chiofalo has improved his diction a lot: if at the time of Temptation Island the cadence was strictly Roman, now Francesco has a more neutral accent and cadence.
  • Passed Christmas 2019 with Antonella’s family
  • Francis always accompanies Antonella whenever she has to give an exam at the University
  • Francesco and his ex-girlfriend Selvaggia had a common cat named Paolo
  • Wild Rome he worked in the B&B of the Chiofalo family when the two boys were engaged

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