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Who is Imma Battaglia: Biography, Age, Wife Eva Grimaldi, Ex Licia Nunez and Instagram

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Who is Imma Battaglia: Biography, Age, Wife Eva Grimaldi, Ex Licia Nunez and Instagram

Imma Battaglia, short for Immaculate, is a 61-year-old well-known Italian politician and activist. Originally from Portici, in Naples, it is known for being the leader of the Italian LGBT movement, as well as founder of the Gay Village and organizer of the first Gay Pride in Italy. Guest star de The Island of the Famous 2017, Imma has been civilly united with actress Eva Grimaldi since 2019.

Who is it Imma Battaglia?

  • Immaculate Battle
  • Known name: Imma Battaglia
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Age: 61 years old
  • Date of birth: March 28, 1960
  • Birth place: Portici (Naples)
  • Qualification: Degree in Mathematics
  • Profession: politician, activist and leader of the LGBT movement
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 70 Kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @immabattaglia_official
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Imma Battaglia, short for Immaculate, was born on March 28, 1960 in Portici, in the metropolitan city of Naples. He spent his adolescence hiding his sexual identity for fear of the prejudice of others, and after finishing his high school studies he enrolled in the Faculty of Mathematics at the Federico II University of Naples. Member of the circle of homosexual culture Mario Mieli in Rome, he became its president and remained there until 2000. During the nineties it became one of the protagonists of the Italian LGBT movement, and is, in fact, the organizer (together with Vladimir Luxuria) of the first Gay Pride held in Italy (1994). Her activity as an exponent of LGBT rights leads her to found the Say Gay Project, an openly right-wing APS, and to conceive the Gay Village, a Roman summer event active until 2018. It is 2009 and Imma enters politics alongside Nichi Vendola, who wants her as a candidate in the European elections on the Left and Freedom lists; she did not get to access the European Parliament, but in 2013 she was elected city councilor in Rome. Firmly opposed to the left-wing alignment of the gay movement, Imma Battaglia declares herself open to dialogue with all political forces. Civilly united with Eva Grimaldi since 2019, Imma writes on the Italian version of the Huffington Post.


Activist commitment

Imma Battaglia, during the nineties, joined the Mario Mieli circle of homosexual culture in Rome and became its president, a position he held until 2000. As an LGBT activist, Imma has the merit of having organized, together with Vladimir Luxuria, the first Gay Pride held in Italy, in Rome in 1994. At the head of the Circolo Mario Meli, he promoted his entry into the European Prode Organisers Association, advancing the candidacy of the Italian capital to host the 2000 World Gay Pride. When Rome was chosen as the city in which to carry out the 2000 World Gay Pride, Imma Battaglia coordinates it successfully, despite the controversy that ensued. The prime minister, at the time Giuliano Amato, considered the demonstration inappropriate, and the mayor of Rome (Francesco Rutelli) withdrew the patronage. Precisely because of this controversy, not only did Pride take place regularly, but there was a large turnout from all the Italian LGBT communities.

Say Gay Project and Gay Village

Following the controversy over the world gay pride in Rome, Imma leaves the presidency of the Circolo Mario Mieli and founds the Di ‘Gay Project, a right-wing APS. In 2001 he founded the Gay Village: an important summer event in Rome, which becomes one of the reference points for the community in Rome. The event remains active until 2018, the year of the last edition.

Political career

Imma Battaglia enters politics in 2009, when Nichi Vendola, leader of the Left and Freedom, wants her as a candidate in the European elections. The party does not reach the numbers necessary to access the European Parliament and Imma does not get the seat. In 2013 he ran for the Lazio Regional Elections, supporting the presidency of Nicola Zingaretti; always with Sinistra e Libertà she is elected councilor for the municipality of Rome (role he holds until 2016). Declaring herself opposed to the left-wing alignment of the gay movement, by bias, Imma often finds herself arguing with the latter. It is in 2012 that the Battle also opens up to Pier Ferdinando Casini, being harshly criticized, due to the controversial statements regarding Casini’s gay marriages.

Private life

Ex-girlfriend Licia Nunez

Imma was in a relationship with actress Licia Nunez. Known in Paris in 2004, the two remained together until 2010, the year of separation. On the occasion of Licia’s participation in Big Brother Vip 2020, Imma entered the house to clarify her position with the actress; during her stay in the house, in fact, Nunez allegedly “accused” Imma of treason, a story dating back to 2010, when Imma begins her story with Eva Grimaldi.

Wife Eva Grimaldi

Since 2010, Imma has been romantically linked to the well-known actress Eva Grimaldi. The two joined civilly on May 19, 2019. The ceremony was celebrated by Monica Cirinnà, the first to have signed the law on civil unions. Recently Eva Grimaldi declared, during an interview with Mara Venier, a Sunday In:

When I was married, after two years of marriage, I went to the Gay Village and I immediately noticed its beauty. Then a strange thing happened, while my husband was caressing me I was thinking about Imma. I was the one who asked for the first kiss, because she didn’t come forward. I couldn’t live without Imma. She is my point of reference. It was sent to me by my mother who protects me from above

Imma Battaglia and Eva Grimaldi

Island of the famous 2017

In 2017, Imma was a guest as a guest star of the twelfth edition of The Island of the Famous, led by Alessia Marcuzzi, who saw Raz Degan triumph. During this occasion, the actress Eva Grimaldi confesses her love for Imma, in fact coming out.


Imma Battaglia on instagram, is not very active, has just 9 posts and just over 8 thousand followers.

Imma Battle Insta


  • In 2012 Imma celebrates a civil marriage between two women, who undertake to protect coexistence on the basis of the possibilities offered by the constitution;
  • the marriage of Imma and Eva was entirely cared for by Enzo Miccio, and saw as witness of Grimaldi, Gabriel Garko;
  • on the first day of high school the teacher made the roll call and told the young Imma that she couldn’t be Imma Battaglia, because she looked too much like a boy, with the result that the whole class laughed.

Imma Battle Video

Here is an excerpt from Mara Venier’s interview with Imma Battaglia and Eva Grimaldi.

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