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Who is Lillo by Lillo & Greg: Biography, Age, Real Name, Wife, LOL and Instagram

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Who is Lillo by Lillo & Greg: Biography, Age, Real Name, Wife, LOL and Instagram

Lillo, born Pasquale Petrolo, is a well-known 58-year-old Roman comedian. Noted for being one of the faces of the comic duo Lillo & Greg, Lillo has been active in the artistic field since the nineties. Born as cartoonist, has developed his skills in the field theater, music, television, radio and cinema. Fresh from the lucky program LOL – Who laughs is out (which saw the triumph of Ciro Priello of The Jackal), Lillo presented the May Day 2021 concert in Rome, together with Ambra Angiolini and Stefano Fresi.

Who is it Lillo?

  • Pasquale Petrolo
  • Stage name: Lillo
  • Zodiac sign: Virgin
  • Age: 58 years old
  • Date of birth: August 27 1962
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: comedian, actor, television and radio host, cartoonist and musician
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: About 80 Kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @lillopetrolo
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Pasquale Petrolo, aka Lillo, was born on 27 August 1962 in Rome. From a Calabrian family (Siderno, province of Reggio Calabria), Lillo has been passionate about the art of comics since adolescence. In 1986 he already worked at the comic book publishing house Onmolloemme (the future ACME), where he is the author of Shin & Laido And Martin mouse, and where the most famous is born NormalMan. During her engagement in ACME, Lillo knows what will become her sketching partner and great friend: Greg, stage name of Claudio Gregori, with which he will form the lucky one comic duo Lillo & Greg. Became famous thanks above all to the long theatrical, television and radio activity with Greg, Lillo recently participated in the successful Prime Video program: LOL – If you laugh at the outsiders, with Fedez and Mara Maionchi at the helm. Together with colleagues Frank Matano, Pintus, Katia Follesa and the winner Ciro Priello, Lillo enjoyed considerable success, creating the catchphrase “So ‘Lillo”, as simple as it is effective joke. With a rich and long artistic career behind him, Lillo presented the May Day 2021 Concert in Rome, together with Ambra Angiolini and Stefano Fresi.


Lillo has been involved for decades in various artistic fields. He was born as a cartoonist, continues as musician and singer, lands in television as a comedian, and al cinema as an actor; is author of well-known television programs (as Hyenas) leads some of them both on television and radio. Beloved comedian is active in several areas, especially together with his friend Greg. Lillo’s career is in fact linked to the duo’s projects Lillo & Greg.

Cartoon career

Lillo has been working as a cartoonist since 1986 for the comic book publishing house Onmolloemme (future ACME). Here he is author of:

  • Shin & Laido;
  • Martin Topo;
  • NormalMan;
  • The disappearance of Zero (2011), illustrator;
  • Normalman – The origins (2011);
  • Normalman against all (2012).

The latter is the best known character created by Lillo. It is presented in radio version on the 610 program (also by the duo Lillo & Greg) and brought to television in 2006 on the satellite channel GXT for children and K2.

Musical and theatrical career

It is 1992 when the comic book publishing house for which Lillo works goes bankrupt; the Roman artist thus decides to found, together with his colleague Greg, the demented rock group Milk & Its Derivatives. The duo, together with the drummer Paolo di Orazio, composes (lyrics and music) theatrical musical works, and since 1993 they have been staging their works. To name a few:

  • 5740170 – 06 For those calling from outside Rome (1994);
  • The squalid (1996);
  • Twenty Quarantino (1997);
  • Lillo & Greg Show (1999);
  • The mystery of the mysterious killer (2000-2003);
  • Work in Regress (2004), written by Greg and directed by Lillo;
  • The Blues Brothers – Plagiarism (2005);
  • The hut of the ghosts (2006), one of the most represented;
  • The important thing is to win without participating (2009), written and directed by Lillo;
  • Trapped in comedy (2011);
  • Watch out for those 2 (2014).

Many of these shows are repeated over the years, increasing the success of Lillo & Greg, who in fact work constantly, almost non-stop. In 2017 Lillo founded a second rock band, this time without Greg: Lillo and the Vagabonds.

Authorial and television career

Late Nineties: Lillo, along with Greg, is one of the founders and authors of the well-known program, still active today, Hyenas. Lillo & Greg remain there as authors for 3 years, and then continue to collaborate later. The duo conceives and leads, for Italia 1, the variety Telenauta ’69. Lillo & Greg begin to have a large following on television, and this is how we see them more and more often on the small screen, in programs such as:

  • The eighth dwarf (2001);
  • Mmmh! (2002), authors and conductors;
  • Love cocktail (2003), authors;
  • Stracult (2003), authors;
  • BRA Arms stolen from agriculture (2003-2004), participating as comedians;
  • Down with the frolloccone (2003-2004), participating as comedians;
  • Bla Bla Bla (2005), authors and conductors;
  • A doctor in the family 5, play the Zinco brothers;
  • Speak with me (2011), satirical mini sit-com Greg Anatomy;
  • Celebration (TV show) (2017), by Neri Marcorè and Serena Rossi.

Lillo also begins to attend, act and lead even alone, without Greg, some projects like:

  • My friends (2008), plays Filippo, together with Luisa Ranieri and Elena Sofia Ricci;
  • Lillo No Limit (2011), mini show in 6 episodes;
  • Calabrian flower (2011), sitcom created by Lillo;
  • Aniene 2 (2012).

Active mainly in the theater, Lillo & Greg never deny themselves on the small screen, either as a couple or alone. In fact, Lillo’s participation in the Prime Video program is in 2021: LOL – Who laughs is out. Conductors of the program Fedez and Mara Maionchi, who “checked” that the participants, including Frank Matano, Katia Follesa, Pintus and the winner Ciro Priello, did not laugh.

On May 1, 2021, Lillo, together with Ambra Angiolini and Stefano Fresi, conducts the Concertone, on May Day in Rome.

Lillo May Day

Radio career

Lillo & Greg are not satisfied with the small screen and the theater … they also conquer the radio. In 2003 they landed there with the program, conceived and conducted by them, 610 – You’re One Zero on Rai Radio 2, which wins the Flaiano Award dedicated to radio. The show is so successful that it has never been paused, in fact it still airs.

Lillo and Greg

Film career

Also very active in the cinema, Lillo boasts a rich filmography:

  • Bain marie (1999);
  • Lillo & Greg – The movie! (2007);
  • No one can judge me (2011);
  • A scary night (2012), with Francesco Pannofino and Naike Rivelli;
  • Lightning strikes (2012);
  • Lucky breaks (2013);
  • The great beauty (2013);
  • Forever Young (2016);
  • Flight mode (2019);
  • The big leap (2019);
  • DNA – Definitely not suitable (2020), by Lillo & Greg.

In November 2021 he is on the set of the comedy film Who you travel with with Alessandra Mastronardi and Fabio Rovazzi.

Private life

They do not have a lot of information about the private life of the artist, who is very jealous of his privacy, only a few things he himself declared.


Lillo is romantically linked to Tiziana Etruschi. The date of the wedding is not known, also because these have never been disclosed, but in the interviews released by the artist, Lillo always addresses Tiziana with the nickname of “wife”. The two have no children.


Unfortunately, Lillo contracted Covid-19 between 2020 and 2021, in a fairly serious form, he was in fact hospitalized in intensive care, and he said:

When you enter the ICU it is inevitable to think that you may not make it […] Because of the covid I risked depression. It was the nurses who saved me by continually giving me courage and good humor


Lillo is very active on her instagram profile, which boasts 837,000 followers. He very often shares photos and videos especially of his work commitments, and even doing this he never ceases to get a laugh from his followers.

Lillo Insta


  • Lillo, along with Greg, were the historical voices of Takeshi’s Castle, a Japanese program on which the duo commented on the episodes on the GXT and Italia7 channels;
  • Lillo & Greg published the column for 3 years (2005-2008) Greg and Lillo Travel, attached with The Republic;
  • in 2007, together with Greg, he published the book This book will change your life… not necessarily for the better. 365 ideas for conscious self-destruction;
  • he was the testimonial, together with Greg, of the Crik Crok chips;
  • the comic duo was a guest at the Sanremo Festival 2011 (conducted by Gianni Morandi, Belén Rodriguez, Elisabetta Canalis and Luca e Paolo);
  • He was a guest on the Amadeus program, The usual unknown;
  • In the last few days he has lined up alongside the artist Fedez, due to the exhibition on May 1, 2021 in Rome, which he has done and still is discussing;
  • He was a guest, together with Greg, on the Virginia Raffaele program: Let’s do who I was.

Lillo Video

Here is a video that summarizes the experience of Lillo a LOL – Who laughs is out.

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