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Who are Anna and Gennaro: Biography, Age, History and Are They Together?

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Who are Anna and Gennaro: Biography, Age, History and Are They Together?

Gennaro and Anna, born Gennaro Mauro and Anna Ascione I am one of the couples I participate in Temptation Island 8 airing from September 2020: They have been engaged for six years and Anna wants to change their relationship. This edition of Temptation Island 2020 features NIP couples, unknown to the general public and is conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi.

Who are Anna and Gennaro of Temptation Island?

  • First name: Anna Ascione and Gennaro Mauro
  • Date of birth: her February 6, 1994, March 28, 1989
  • Age: Anna is 26 years old, Gennaro 31 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius She, Aries He
  • Profession: Gennaro is an optician and works in the family shop, Anna has a degree in economics
  • Birth place: Torre del Greco both
  • Height: 183 cm him
  • Weight: 73 kg him
  • Tattoos: Information not available
  • Official Instagram profile: @gennaro_mauro(private profile)annaascione_(private profile)
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Anna Ascione was born in Torre Del Greco, Yes is Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the Federico II University of Naples, after having graduated from the E. Pantaleo technical institute in Torre del Greco. During her studies Anna held various roles in the Administration of Oceanis srl, a company that deals with safety at sea.

Gennaro Mauro he lives in Torre del Greco, in the province of Naples, where he works in the family optics shop, together with the sisters. Gennaro lives in his parents’ house and has three sisters: Tweety, the eldest, who has two children and is also a theater actress; Mara; Olga, who also deals with acoustics after having specialized in Audioprosthetic Techniques at the University of Naples Federico II; Roberta, the smallest of the sisters who manages the third store in Meta, in the Sorrento peninsula. In 2014 Gennaro graduated in Optometry at the University of Naples Federico II, Faculty of Physics and then begins to work in the strong family shop of the acquired skills.

History of the Couple

Anna and Gennaro have been engaged for six years and they are both from Torre del Greco. After a certain period of back and forth, Anna decides to change their relationship. In fact, it is she who writes to the program to participate and therefore verify the solidity of the relationship because some of Gennaro’s character sides are becoming unbearable. On his side, Gennaro professes himself very much in love, so much so that he asked Anna to marry him but she refused. Many couples after a few years of relationship go through moments of uncertainty and it seems that even for Anna and Gennaro this is the time to clarify each other’s feelings.

Why do Anna and Gennaro participate in Temptation Island?

Anna and Gennaro they have been engaged for 6 years: after several back and forth their relationship needs a change. Anna says that from the outside he is the perfect guy while she “the bad one” but nevertheless some character sides of Gennaro begin to weigh a lot to Anna. For his part, Gennaro asked Anna to marry him but the girl said no. At this point then Gennaro wants to understand if the girl really loves him or not. Anna confesses that she is not happy and that she really wants Gennaro to listen to her emotions and reasons and to understand the problems between them.

  • First episode: Anna complains that Gennaro is not ambitious, that his only ambition cannot be to marry and have children. He also complains of his partner’s lack of initiative and excessive whining, adding “he says he is an entrepreneur but at the moment he works for his father”. Talk about the flat relationship, and the fact that he is very childish in some attitudes. Gennaro, for his part, confessed that in the moments when they broke up he always found other girls who were ready to be with him. Anna reacts badly and cries because she feels hurt. At the next bonfire, talking to the other guys about money, he says “if you knew how much money I have in the bank, you would skin me”. Anna is very shocked and reiterates that if she wanted to skin him she would marry. Different points of view of life management and the economic side of a couple keep coming up. Gennaro also approaches the Single Giulia while Anna the single Mario. The couple without already tried a lot from this first episode and Gennaro to the umpteenth reference to the poor values ​​of his family and his parents asks for the immediate confrontation bonfire to avoid escalation.
  • Second episode: Anna al Pinnettu sees a video of Gennaro talking about the fact that she does the accounts in his pocket and that she takes advantage of the fact that he has the money. Anna reacts very badly by crying, saying that she never wanted to get married precisely because she is not yet economically autonomous. Meanwhile Anna is getting very close to single Mario. Anna and the Single Mario go outside on the dinghy showing a certain feeling. Meanwhile Gennaro approaches the Single Giulia who tells her difficult life to the boy who hugs her softly. The two continue to approach, and Gennaro seems impressed by the girl who returns him with compliments and attentions. The two take a swim offshore at night where the cameras are partially evaded. At the bonfire Gennaro hears again phrases about his family and the dynamics of him screaming at his mother and being rude. He then asks for the bonfire for immediate confrontation but Anna refuses because she is convinced that he has not yet reflected on their relationship. At this point Gennaro decides to leave the village alone. Anna is convinced by Alessia to make the comparison and at this point it is Gennaro who refuses. After a certain dose of tarantella at the end the two talk at the confrontation bonfire. They argue and blame each other for lack of presence, honesty and family principles. However, the focus of the speeches seems to be money and the economic question. He says he brought back a Polaroid to get her a Louis Vuitton belt. After several arguments he states that he wanted to marry her and that now he doesn’t want him anymore. The two decide to go out separated between bickering and quarreling. However after a few days of separation Gennaro asked for an extraordinary confrontation bonfire. In fact, Gennaro has missed his girlfriend and does not want to throw away six years of relationship. In the third episode we will find out if Anna will show up at the bonfire and how things will go between the two.
  • Third Episode: the third episode of Temptation Island opens with the extraordinary bonfire of Gennaro and Anna requested by Gennaro who missed his Anna Ascione. After the confrontation bonfire they separate after six years, but Gennaro requests another bonfire after days of separation. Anna will she have met him after this little breakup? Gennaro explains that he requested a bonfire because he didn’t stop loving her and put everything that happened on the scales, convinced that they both must learn to communicate with each other. The fiance he admits that he has missed his girlfriend so much and that he is very much in love with her. Anna shows up at the bonfire visibly moved, just like her boyfriend Gennaro. Gennaro wrote a letter to Anna, a letter full of love in which he retraces the last few weeks in the village. “We disrespect each other“, He admits Gennaroour love is strong enough to make everything so beautiful and so ugly“. Gennaro is very excited while Anna she continues to be angry. He tries to find a point of contact with her, who still remains on his position, saying that she went to the bonfire only to find out what her boyfriend had to say who, despite everything, proves very rational. “Anna what are you feeling?” Gennaro asked her, but she is unable to clarify her feelings for him. The Marcuzzi, who asks Anna to explain to Gennaro what love is for her. She replies that for her love is lightness, support, serenity. Gennaro he explains that his behavior also depends on the things he had heard her say. Anna says she is in love but tired. After the fight with her boyfriend the other week, Anna meets again Mario for a confrontation, which tells her he left the village because she was gone. The girlfriend gets it off with the single, saying she wanted to see him because she wanted to be with someone she didn’t feel the need to defend against. The two are very close and it is understood that the girlfriend needs another type of relationship. Gennaro admits that he approached the Single Giulia to provoke her, but Anna seems to be adamant. Anna then chooses to leave the bonfire, and the two boyfriends are separated forever.

A month later

1 Month Later: A month after the breakup at Temptation Island 2020 Anna and Gennaro continue not to be engaged: Anna’s decision to split from the ex Gennaro, which she considered disrespectful, has been confirmed. Gennaro enters first and confirms that they have spoken after the end of the program but that neither of them wants to go back with the otheror. Anna instead claims that Gennaro wants to go back with her, while Gennaro says absolutely the opposite. Gennaro, rather closed, does not want to meet Anna and leaves before she enters. Once inside Anna states that he does not want to be contradicted and that he is unable to have a constructive confrontation with her. Anna says that since the end of the program he has tried to come back with her, crying and addressing his friends. Heard her firmer than normal he asked Anna to at least pretend to get back together to get both clean. Between Alessia’s amazement and the fact that Gennaro didn’t want to face Anna, the situation really seems to be really tangled. Anna and Gennaro are permanently separated. Anna receives a video of the single Mario who tells her that he is there for her and that if she wants to invite her to have a coffee together.

Temptation Island Couples September 8, 2020

Anna and Gennaro they are one of eight couples who participate in Temptation Island 8 2020: together with them there are: Francesca and Salvo, Serena and Davide, Sofia and Amedeo, Speranza and Alberto, Nello and Carlotta And Antonio and Nadia. Temptation Island 8 starts September 9 on Channel 5 in prime time. During the first evening Anna chose the tempter Lorenzo and Gennaro chose the single girl Vanessa.

Curiosity of the couple

  • Gennaro was on vacation in Rio de Janeiro
  • Gennaro is a Pomigliano footballer and play in Excellence in the role of defender
  • Anna among her favorite mottos boasts that of Sallust who says: “Ambition, of all human vices, is the one that most resembles a virtue.”


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