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Who is Lorella Cuccarini: Age, Height, Husband, Children, Curiosities and Friends 21

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Who is Lorella Cuccarini: Age, Height, Husband, Children, Curiosities and Friends 21

Lorella Cuccarini is an Italian show girl: former dancer, singer, presenter and commentator, he owes his notoriety to television programs and to his hit songs from the 80s such as “La notte flies”. He conducted Rai Uno “Live Life” with the journalist Alberto Matano. Lorella is a singing teacher at Amici 21, after having been a dance teacher in the previous season.

Who is Lorella Cuccarini?

First name Lorella Cuccarini
Birth place Rome
Age 56 years old
Date of birth 10th August 1965
Zodiac sign Lion
Profession Showgirl and Presenter
Tattoos has no visible tattoos
Height 173 cm
Weight 63 kg
Wikipedia Lorella Cuccarini (Rome, 10 August 1965) is an Italian TV presenter, dancer, singer, actress and radio host.
Recent Tv Shows Friends, Live Life


Lorella Cuccarini she is originally from Rome, where she was born on 10 August 1965 under the zodiac sign of Leo. His parents are Vero Cuccarini and Maria Persili, who by profession are an accountant and a seamstress. He has a brother and a sister: Maria Luisa and Roberto, the latter was a footman and dancer in the 1980s. When she is only 10 years old, Lorella undergoes a parental divorce, subsequently cooling off contacts with her father for a long time. The mother passed away prematurely in 2002 at the age of 65, throwing all of her children into deep sorrow while the father in 2004.

Lorella Cuccarini’s school career took shape late: in 1994, at the age of 30, Lorella obtained her linguistic diploma as a private owner. Previously he attended a course of tour operator to work in an agency and work as a tour leader. Since she was a child Lorella has immediately clear her unbridled passion for dance and in fact at the age of only three she begins to dance and sing at home in front of the mirror. Her first dance teacher was Nadia Chiatti which led her to make her first performances. Later she was also a pupil of Enzo Paolo Turchi, husband of Carmen Russo. In 2002 the showgirl the showgirl had to fight against an ugly evil. Following a continuous weight loss and a severe tachycardia, he discovers that he has a tumor. The endocrinologist diagnoses a thyroid nodule, with the strength of his family and loved ones he faces one thyroidectomy necessary to defeat evil and smile again.

Lorella Cuccarini Instagram

Lorella is very popular on Instagram where she has more than 350 thousand followers! You can follow her on her official profile:

Work and Career

Lorella Cuccarini is an Italian showgirl who works in the entertainment world on multiple fronts. In fact, Lorella is a successful dancer, singer, actress and TV presenter. His debut on Italian television took place in 1985, by the will of the always far-sighted Pippo Baudo. In this period Lorella, together with Alessandra Martines, leads the Fantastic TV show. His success inevitably derives from his song that is still sung all over the world “The night flies”. In the 90s Lorella becomes the face of Mediaset conducting Paperissima and Buona Domenica. In 1993, again with Pippo Baudo, she became co-host of the Sanremo Festival.

One of her most famous programs conducted by Lorella is the one that bears the name of her most famous song “the night flies“. This was all about the most famous and best songs from the 80s and 90s.

On 2 and 3 December 2016 he leads with Heather Parisi a two-night event show Enemy broadcast on Rai 1. In 2017 she starred in a theatrical tour of the musical “The Ice Queen”.

Recently the conductionand the “Grand Tour” program did not bring the hoped-for successes, in fact, due to the flop of ratings, the format even closed early. It currently leads “Live life” every morning at 11 as a couple Alberto Matano. With them too Eleonora Daniele which leads the special internal column of the program entitled “Italian Stories”.


Lorella Cuccarini is one of the dance teachers of the School of Friends, the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi on Canale 5, which reached its twenty-first edition in 2021. Lorella Cuccarini, in 2020 dance teacher, passes to the singing chair in 2021 having her transversal experience in both singing and dancing. The singers of the Amici 21 school with whom Lorella will have to relate are: LDA Luca D’Alessio, Flaza, Tommaso Cesana, Nicol, Inder, Albe, Alex, Luigi, Rea and Elisabetta

Husband and Children

Lorella Cuccarini is married since 1991 to Silvio Capitta, better known as Silvio Testi, well-known record and television producer. The couple has four children, here’s who they are:

  • Sara Capitta is 26 years old and studied in Swiss Management. Passionate about fashion like her mother but works in the real estate sector in Milan. She is the eldest of Lorella’s four children.
  • Giovanni Capitta, born on 19 September 1996 is the second child. He graduated at the University of Warwick in England.
  • Chiara and Giorgio Capitta they are the twins of the couple: red hair and a proud look, they were born on May 1st 2000 and are now starting university studies. Chiara is also one football player of AS Roma Feminine.

Lorella Cuccarini and Silvio Testi met thanks to their work while they were both busy with other people: initially, therefore, their interaction remained professional, but after two years the spark was struck and now the couple have been together for over 25 years. A true record for couples from the entertainment world. Lorella and Silvio they are also very united in the education of their children and their future prospects.

Video by Lorella Cuccarini


  • One of his biggest rivals, especially early in his career, has always been Alessandra Martines. Another famous rival is and has been Heather Parisi, the two never hid their enmity even in front of the cameras. In 2016 they jointly lead a program with the name: “Enemy” who has made his fill of plays.
  • She follows football and is a huge fan of Roma.
  • In an interview with “Gente” he declared that his ideal man is Hugh Jackman.
  • Lorella Cuccarini currently lives in the capital, more precisely in Castel de Ceveri.
  • On her Instagram profile she usually publishes the beauties of the capital and beyond … not long ago in fact she published a photo that portrayed her black eye due to a fall due to the many holes in the streets of Rome.
  • Lorella is heavily criticized for her political views sovereigns. She is also opposed to same-sex marriage and gay adoptions.
  • Cuccarini was awarded the honor “Commendatore Order of Merit of the Italian Republic” in 2011.
  • His closest friends are Pippo Baudo, Antonio Ricci, Marco Columbro.
  • She has never undressed except in intimacy. He stated he would never get in topless, not even on a desert island with her husband.

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