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Who is Gabriel Garko: Biography, Age, Coming Out, Boyfriend and Marriage

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Who is Gabriel Garko: Biography, Age, Coming Out, Boyfriend and Marriage

Gabriel Garko is one of the most beloved Italian sex symbols, actor in many Mediaset fiction. Gabriel is often the protagonist of the living room of Barbara d’Urso and Silvia Toffanin where he talks about his private life and where he revealed his homosexuality. Gabriel was recently hospitalized in hospital probably due to the aftermath of Covid which he too was a victim of.

Who is Gabriel Garko?

  • First name: Dario Gabriel Oliviero
  • Date of birth: 12th July 1972
  • Age: 49 years
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Profession: Actor
  • Birth place: Turin
  • Height: 192 Cm
  • Weight: 85 Kg
  • Tattoos: None visible
  • Official Instagram profile: @gabrielgarko_official
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Gabriel Garko, born Dario Gabriel Oliviero, was born in Turin on 12 July 1972. Father of Venetian origins and mother from Catania, he has three older sisters, Nadia, Sonia and Laura. The stage name Garko seems to be inspired by the surname of his mother, Garchio. Raised in Settimo Torinese, he then moved to Zagarolo, in the province of Rome. In Zagarolo, Garko opens a horse riding school, Othello, as the name of his favorite horse.

After a few photo novels and several television appearances, the deserved success arrives in 2006 with the TV series, an audience champion, Honor and respect. In addition to numerous fiction, he has starred in numerous arthouse films, including The Enraging Fairies from Ferzan Ozpetek, Callas Forever’s Franco Zeffirelli, Meaning of ’45 from Tinto Brass. Many haters have criticized him for his suspicions aesthetic touches, accusations that Garko has always categorically denied.

In 2021 Gabriel Garko loses his father after battling a long illness. A few months later she also faces another loss that of her beloved Aragon dog to which Gabriel was deeply attached.

Gabriel Garko Instagram

With almost 440 thousand followers on Instagram, he is one of the most followed characters, protagonist of numerous hot selfies.

gabriel garko instagram

Work and career

Gabriel Garko is one of the most famous and beloved actors in Italy, a sex symbol in all respects. After a start as a model and winning the contest of most beautiful in Italy, in 1986, Garko enters the world of entertainment. Among the main programs in which we can admire his face, The lord of the city, Too hot, The honor and the respect with Giuseppe Zeno, The blood of the rose, The sin and the shame, Rudolph Valentino – The legend with Massimiliano Morra. He has also acted in the cinema in numerous successful films: The ignorant fairies, Paparazzi, Poor but rich, Meaning of ’45, A beautiful wife with Chiara Francini. In 2016, Garko also conducted the Sanremo Festival together with Carlo Conti and Virginia Raffaele.

Gabriel Garko recently gave an interview to the weekly Chi in which he stated:

I have been working incessantly for days, my dad is not feeling very well and my name fills the pages of the newspapers. Nonetheless, I am calm, but I do not hide the fact that it is not easy to endure this media pillory. I am considering several proposals and will soon start shooting a film where I will star with Nicolas Cage, Eric Roberts and John Malkovich. The clichés that a homosexual actor stops working no longer have a reason to exist

Gabriel Garko has been a guest on several television broadcasts, and in December 2021 he was a dancer for one evening on Milly Carlucci’s program Dancing with the Stars 2021, together with Iva Zanicchi.

Ares Gate

Gabriel Garko he was engaged to for three years Adua Del Vesco, competitor of the Big Brother VIP. Both belonged to the same agency that was accused of putting psychological pressure on its affiliates, isolating them by effectively resembling a real sect. The relationships between the actors of the Ares agency (producer of the ficton “Honor and Respect” among others) seem to have all been built around the table to fuel the advertising return around their products. Gabriel enters the Big Brother house for a confrontation with Adua on this subject as well.

Gabriel entered the house and talked about the fact that the truth always comes out, that he is tired of pretending and how the affection between him and Adua is present beyond a story that was actually built around the table. Gabriel did his coming out, effectively confirming his sexual orientation!

Gabriel Garko and Gabriele Rossi

Garko is at the center of Gossip for an alleged affair with actor and dancer Gabriele Rossi. Garko’s ex-partner, Eva Grimaldi, published a story on her Instagram profile on the occasion of the baptism of the son of friends, in which Garko and Gabriele Rossi. The weekly Diva and Donna has also implied that the two are secretly married, even wearing the same rings.

Coming out by Gabriel Garko

Gabriel Garko in the house of big brother VIP has finally unveiled his homosexuality. In the following days, guest from Silvia Toffanin to very true, Gabriel Garko confessed that “I had my first real romance with a guy named Riccardo. I’ve been with him eleven years. We lived together, but it was a false situation. When friends came to dinner, then he at the end of the evening he pretended to leave to then return. When we went out or went on vacation we were always in a group “. Gabriel also explains why he decided to come out now, saying that in his profession as an actor he had sewn on a character and that to do this job he was forced to pretend. Gabriel declares that the secret was shared only with his family: “My parents and my sisters never judged me for my choices, rather they always protected and covered me. Before starting to do this job I’ve always lived my sexuality well, at home they have always known it ”. Today Garko confesses to dating a person, with whom I get along very well.

Boyfriend of Gabriel Garko

Gabriel Garko until spring he was engaged to a young Neapolitan boy named Gaetano Salvi. Despite the 25-year age difference the couple have been together for several months, currently Gabriel Garko should be engaged to a boy named Matia Emme. Matia has her Instagram profile closed but we know she lives in Milan and works as a manager. Among his friends Instagram boasts Veronica Peparini, Mario Serpa (former men and women).

Video Gabriel Garko


  • He witnessed Eva Grimaldi, his former partner, on the occasion of his civil ceremony with Imma Battaglia;
  • The worst moment of his life was when he feared losing his life following the explosion in a villa near Sanremo, in which the owner died: on that occasion, Garko found himself buried under the rubble, thinking that he was its end has come;
  • He is a longtime friend of the singer Donatella Rettore;
  • Recently Gabriel gave a long interview to the weekly “Chi” directed by Alfonso Signorini in which he told anecdotes of his private and working life, such as his father’s illness and many film projects;
  • in 1998 he participated in television production, black Angel, together with Naike Rivelli and Giuliana De Sio;
  • he is very close to the actress Serena Autieri, with whom he had a relationship born on the set of The honor and the respect.
  • He was interviewed by Silvia Toffanin in the same episode where Francesca Neri was interviewed, on 3 October ’21.

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