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About Me Claudia and Ste Temptation Island 2021: Age, Marriage and Today 1 Month Later

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About Me Claudia and Ste Temptation Island 2021: Age, Marriage and Today 1 Month Later

Claudia and Ste of Temptation Island, born Stefano Socionovo and Claudia Venturini, I’m one of six couples from Temptation Island 2021, which tested feelings in the program conducted by Filippo Bisciglia. Claudia and Ste are engaged by four and a half years, they left the program more in love than before and get married in early August.

Who are Claudia and Ste?

  • First name: Claudia Venturini and Stefano Socionovo
  • Name of the couple: Claudia and Ste
  • Date of birth: Claudia October 1993, Stefano April 29 1991 (exclusive info)
  • Age: Claudia 26 years old, Stephen 30 (exclusive info)
  • Zodiac sign: Claudia Libra, Ste Toro
  • Work: Stefano works as a technical employee in the Ancona port system
  • Birth place: Ancona for both
  • Height: About 175 cm (Stefano)
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: Information not available
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Claudia and Ste: History of the Couple

Claudia and Ste are engaged by 4 and a half years. The relationship was booming, so much so that Ste and Claudia had planned the wedding for summer 2020 (precisely in August).

Ste asked Claudia to marry him on September 30th of two thousand and eighteen in a daring way: during the match between Anconitana and the Cantiano of Promotion A, Ste in the interval between the first and the second half took the field and asked Claudia to marry him in front of everyone. While the boy was speaking into the microphone declaring his love and making the proposal to Claudia, the music that accompanied Stefano’s romantic request was There is no music by Coez.

Subsequently due to Covid the two have postponed the marriage and from here the first doubts arise from Claudia. In the past year, in fact, the girl has not felt her feelings go the right way, and for Claudia there has been no desire to confirm and reschedule the marriage. So it is the girl who has the greatest doubts, In fact, Claudia thinks that things between her and Ste will not return never to function as before.

Ste on the other hand declares himself fully in love of his girlfriend. Ste wants to reassure Claudia, showing her that he is ready to marry her as soon as the Temptation Island program is over: in fact, if all goes well, their wedding is scheduled for the first on August 7, 2021 and Temptation Island therefore could be the definitive test bed to decide whether to cancel the wedding or get married.

Temptation Island 2021: The path of Claudia and Ste

  • FIRST EPISODE: Ste is called in Pinnettu immediately after the start of the program. Ste in fact listens to the statements of his girlfriend Claudia totally unexpected: Claudia in fact says that “I feel as if I have so many conflicting emotions since we are getting married in about a month. I’m here on purpose because I need to understand a few things. There is no more complicity and lightness ”. Even when Ste seeks physical contact, Claudia doesn’t feel like it and often finds excuses not to go through with it. Ste reacts badly to these statements, feels hurt and expresses anger and pain. Talking to the single Claudia, she says she feels alone because he works all day and in the evening he is tired and does not notice her. At the bonfire, Ste sees Claudia having fun in the company of singles and she starts. In particular it is close to the single Luke. Ste back in the village he vents his anger and disappointment by punching a pillow. Claudi at the bonfire sees Ste complaining that Claudia is not working and is not actively looking for work.
  • SECOND EPISODE: after the bonfire, Filippo Bisciglia returns and calls Stefano to see a new video. Luke asks Claudia how things are going on a sexual level between her and her boyfriend. She says it has become, over time, a mechanical thing. She admits that sex could be better too. She also says that she does not see herself having children with Stefano. Back in the village, Stefano seeks some solitude on the beach to clear his mind.
  • The advances of the third episode tell us that the couple formed by Claudia and Ste would be at risk due to a secret meeting, in fact it could be deleted for breaking the rules by meeting outside their respective villages. In fact, a video with some statements from Claudia would have triggered Ste’s reaction. The boy would have burst into tears and vented with the other competitors. Shocked by the images Ste would have evaded surveillance, trying to reach the village of his girlfriends to talk to Claudia.
  • THIRD EPISODE: Ste he lets himself go to a romantic gesture writing a message in the sand: one word only to them “peh” that he writes every night in the sand. The following day in the Pinnettu to hear Claudia his girlfriend talking about the problems of the couple. Ste sees videos at the bonfire: Claudia says he doesn’t miss Ste, and interacts with singles playing twerking with single Luke. At Claudia’s bonfire, on the other hand, she does not see any video of Ste. Subsequently Ste returns to the beach to write the usual sentence on the sand but a wave arrives and deletes it immediately. This for Ste is a sign. She then hears Claudia in a new Pinnettu where she says that she felt good when she entered Temptation and thought she felt a lack that she did not feel. The also continues Cla closeness with Luke while they play Twister and take a dip in the pool. Ste for the anger of the phrase “I lived in a corner” punches the bag. Claudia at the bonfire sees a video of Ste, where she talks about her and complains about their relationship where she says she is wrong to close her eyes. She wakes up at ten and likes to relax while he’s always on the run. Ste also bursts into tears and Claudia sees him. He says that he misses the desire to embrace her moments between them, always in tears talking about the shortcomings of both. Claudia is self-critical at these words and realizes that she is not always conciliatory and does not apologize. After these words he is moved and asks for an immediate confrontation bonfire. In the confrontation bonfire Claudia is visibly excited to see her boyfriend again. The two, as soon as they saw each other, embraced moved. Ste confides in Claudia, admitting to being sick. He tells her that the videos he saw hurt him, but Claudia confesses that she said those things to provoke a reaction in him. Claudia would like them to find some complicity, and more attention from her boyfriend. Both he and she promise to work hard to make their story work, because they still love each other, and they are leaving Temptation Island 2021 together.

A month later

Claudia and Ste a month later are still happily engaged. They tell of a positive change on the part of both, an excellent viaticum for the upcoming wedding. Stefano confesses that he also wants two children and their relationship is positive and happy.

Claudia and Ste: the marriage from the proposal to the date

The proposal of Marriage from Claudia and Ste of Temptation Island took place at the stadium, here are the words that Stefano recited in the middle of the field:

I thought there was no better setting than the stadium in our city. As our song says, Ila, I would like to tell you many things but I don’t know where to start. “

At this point they get up some signs held in hand by several people entered the stadium with Ste that read the words: “will you marry me”.

Claudia at this point went down in the middle of the field and said yes to her Ste. Claudia and Ste were supposed to get married in the summer of 2020, the marriage was postponed due to Covid until August 7, 2021. The couple, however, decided to participate in Temptation Island just close to the wedding date to remove, especially to Claudia, all the latest doubts about her relationship with Ste. Doubts who were blown away by the love confirmed during the program.

Claudia and Ste in the presentation video of Temptation Island 2021

Why Claudia and Ste Attend Temptation Island?

Claudia and Ste participate in Temptation Island because Claudia is no longer sure of the will to marry Ste. The wedding was supposed to take place in August 2020 but was not celebrated due to the pandemic. However, after this date, there were occasions to get married Claudia did not feel able to confirm this choice and wrote to the editorial staff of Temptation Island to be able to clarify his feelings. In fact, things in the couple have not been going well lately and Claudia is questioning their relationship

Ste, on the other hand, is sure of what he wants and in the presentation video he said instead:

I want to make her understand for the umpteenth time the security I have of my feeling and the will I have to marry her

Claudia also talked about the fact that Stefano now raises his voice and has some different attitudes than in the past.

All the Official Pairs of Temptation Island 2021

The Single of the program among which well-known faces of social networks and past programs stand out including: Davide Basolo, Luciano Punzo, Giulia Mastrantoni, Luca Vetrone, Marco Ricci, Giuseppe Ambrosio, Vincenza Botti, Manuel di Bernardo, Salvatore Pisano


Stefano Socionovo and Claudia Venturini reactivated their Social profiles once the program ended.

Claudia and Ste Today

Claudia and Ste are about to get married: the wedding takes place on 7 August in Ancona. The love between the boys is booming after participating in Temptation Island. Claudia has found a job and the situation between the two is happy and with many projects.


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