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Who is Maria De Filippi: Biography, Age, Career, Curiosity

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Who is Maria De Filippi: Biography, Age, Career, Curiosity

Maria De Filippi is a famous Italian presenter, as well as being a television producer and author. His first TV program was in ’92, Boys and Girls, today he is on air with Men and women, You’ve Got Mail, Friends of Maria de Filippi, Tù Sì Que Vales And Temptation Island. Maria De Filippi is the owner of PGT charm, who produces her own programs and those of her husband Maurizio Costanzo. It has a web TV Witty TV which airs reruns of its flagship programs.

Who is Maria De Filippi?

  • First name: Maria De Filippi
  • Date of birth: December 6, 1961
  • Age: 59 years old
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Birth place: Milan
  • Profession: TV presenter, producer and author
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram: @defilippimaria_real
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Maria De Filippi was born in Milan on December 5, 1961. Her father is a representative of medicines and after spending part of her childhood in Milan, Maria moved to Mornico Losana, in the Oltrepò Pavese, as the family had a vineyard there. Maria attends the Ugo Foscolo classical high school in Pavia and attends the Faculty of Law graduating with honors and the dream of a career as a magistrate. To support herself, she began her career as a text editor and works in a legal office that also sells videotapes. At a convention in 1989 however, she meets Maurizio Costanzo who hires her in an agency that deals with image and advertising, making her become his personal assistant.

Maria De Filippi Instagram

Career and work

Maria De Filippi is one TV presenter, author and producer. It was released on September 26, 1992 with the transmission with the emblematic name, or Friends, but the format of that time is totally different from the format we all know. In fact, during the program, issues concerning young people, illnesses, the relationship between parents and children were dealt with, with a very strong interaction between guests and the public. The program also gets two telegatti: in ’95 and ’96. In 1996 Maria De Filippi ventured into a new format: that of Men and women which instead investigates the dynamics of marriage, thus obtaining the third Telegatto as TV Personality of the Year. At the end of the 90s, De Filippi engages in other less successful formats, until the launch of one of the programs that have made the history of Italian TV: You’ve Got Mail.

Maria De Filippi There is Mail for you, Men and Women and Friends

Maria De Filippi launches in January 2000 You’ve Got Mail, a program that has never stopped gaining great acclaim. Meanwhile, the presenter decides to make a change to her historical broadcasts. Men and women, from a classic talk show to a dating show in which a young man (tronista) looks for his soul mate among a group of suitors (suitors). In this program, a series of characters that are now part of the Italian jet set are launched, such as the vamp Tina Cipollari, the dancer Gianni Sperti and several tronists who are still famous today as Costantino Vitagliano, Francesco Arca etc. Initially the descent of the suitors was also accompanied by a musician, Agostino Penna, who was also involved in Such and Which Show.

At the same time the change also arrives for Amici, in fact after having launched the talent They will be Famous (where Dennis Fantina triumphs), Maria decides to change his name, calling him Friends. Thus was born Friends of Maria De Filippi, conducted by her and today at the 2019-2020 edition. The program is a huge success and has launched talents such as: Emma Marrone, Gaia Gozzi, Alessandra Amoroso, Stefano De Martino and Marco Carta.

Maria De Filippi has always been very close to the students of the School of Friends that have passed over the course of the 20-year program. Maria also addressed a particular thought to the young singer Michele Merlo, semifinalist of the 2017 edition of Amici, who died prematurely from fulminant leukemia: “You were a special guy and we all understood that. You had a unique intensity, an excessively strong ability to look inside yourself that at times made you struggle around moods and sensations. Baudelaire used to say that “everyone’s sensitivity is their genius”, yours was great, Mike. And it is that sensitivity, that depth of soul and thought, that ability to dig into the abysses of the human soul that we will carry inside us forever. Have a good trip“.

In 2021 he further innovates the program format by proposing the first transgender tronista (who has completed the transition path: Andrea Nicole. Joele Milan, Matteo Fioravanti and Roberta Ilaria Giusti together with her) on the throne of men and women.

Maria De Filippi and Italia’s Got Talent

In 2005, Maria De Filippi produces only one edition of Vero Amore which launches columnist Karina Cascella and after a series of real television flops (Unan1mous, One Two Three Stable, to name a few) in 2009 leads an episode of the Sanremo Festival with Paolo Bonolis. Also in 2009 she is alongside Gerry Scotti and Rudy Zerbi as a juror of Italia’s got talent. The program is enormously successful and is extended until 2013, when it is sold to Sky. A great feeling is established between the three conductors, so much so that Mediaset offers the three a very similar format: You yes que vales, hosted by Belén Rodriguez (who had already hosted an edition of Italia’s Got Talent).

Maria De Filippi at Temptation Island and the management of Sanremo

In the summer of 2014, Maria De Filippi decides to propose again True love, with a changed formula and a new name: Temptation Island. A reality show in which 6 unmarried and childless engaged couples live 20 days apart, in the company of 20 tempting singles. The aim is to understand if true love exists between them. The reality show gets so much success that it is also re-proposed in a Vip version hosted by Simona Ventura. In 2017 he leads alongside Carlo Conti the Sanremo Festival, obtaining great acclaim despite the initial perplexities.

Maria De Filippi Programs 2020 2021

Maria De Filippi is back with a big news: Uominie Donne Nuova Sigla: change the music to enter the studio.

Maria De Filippi Programs 2019 – 2020

Currently, Maria is on the air with: Friends And Men and women, Besides You’ve Got Mail And Tù Sì Que Valés. He also led the last throne of Men and Women with Giulia Quattrociocche and Sara Tozzi.

Maria De Filippi and Friends Celebrities

Maria De Filippi in September 2019 launched a new program: Amici Celebrities, the vip version of the Mediaset talent. In this program, TV VIPs challenged each other, trying their hand at their talents. The program conducted by Michelle Hunziker saw numerous VIPs, such as: Joe Bastianich, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Ciro Ferrara and Laura Torrisi.

Maria De Filippi private life

Maria De Filippi married on August 28, 1995 Maurizio Costanzo, after 5 years of engagement. In 2004 the two adopted a son: Gabriele Costanzo. The couple on May 14, 1993 suffered an attack, failed, in via Ruggero Fauro in Rome, organized by Cosa Nostra, with the aim of hitting Costanzo, who at the time was involved in his programs, in the fight against the mafias. The attack by means of a car bomb containing 100 kg of TNT, had been organized not far from Parioli Theater where Costanzo led the Maurizio Costanzo Show. The couple was saved only thanks to lucky coincidences, but Maria has repeatedly declared that she lived with terror the following years. Since then, after a promise to her father, she no longer gets into the car with her husband.

Maria De Filippi Son

Gabriele Costanzo is the son of Maria de Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo. The boy is adopted by the couple after the abandonment of the young man at the age of 12. Maria and Maurizio have always been very reserved about the boy’s adoption, but since he became the author of television programs (including those of his mother) and has shown a diligent character, Maria De Filippi has started to talk a little. more than his son.

Video by Maria De Filippi


  • Maria is one smoker: he often jokes “It is not heard from the voice“?
  • Maria De Filippi also launched in her program Beppe Vessicchio, the famous conductor
  • In high school he studied little but at university he recovered everything with honors!
  • She loves skiing since she was a child
  • The father had a winery in Oltrepò Pavese
  • Her older brother, her little myth, now works with her
  • He had a moped called “Giulietta”, he had been using it since he was 9, then he had a Vespa 50 (which he made 90!);
  • When Friends it was still called They will be famousCiro Priello of The Jackal participated, not being admitted;
  • to Friends, also had the well-known comedian and imitator Virginia Raffaele as a regular guest
  • Maria De Filippi was a great friend of Raffaella Carrà and her former partner Sergio Japino.

Article by Livia Bianchi

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