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Who is Maria Teresa Ruta: Age, Mate Roberto, Son, Where he lives and GF VIP

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Who is Maria Teresa Ruta: Age, Mate Roberto, Son, Where he lives and GF VIP

Maria Teresa Ruta is a TV host and former announcer TV. Between the eighties and nineties he reached the apex of his career, and was a constant face of various programs, including sports. After a marriage with Amedeo Goria, today she is married to Roberto Zappulla and is a competitor of the Big Brother Vip 2020.

Who is Maria Teresa Ruta?

  • First name: Maria Teresa Ruta
  • Date of birth: April 23, 1960
  • Age: 60 years
  • Zodiac sign: Bull
  • Profession: Showgirl and TV presenter
  • Birth place: Turin
  • Where does she live: TO Not him in the province of Varese
  • Sons: Guenda and GianAmedeo
  • Height: 172 Cm
  • Weight: 54 Kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram profile: @mariateresaruta
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Maria Teresa Ruta was born on 23 April 1960 in Turin under the zodiac sign of Taurus. About the parents we know that the father has Sicilian origins while the mother is originally from Taurianova (RC). Maria Teresa also boasts in the family a kindred who is part of the entertainment world or the homonymous, television presenter and announcer famous in the fifties. He spends his childhood in the neighborhood Borgo San Paolo to Turin in a splendid building near the Lancia sports center (now Robilant). Regarding her training, Maria Teresa studied up to high school in her hometown. Once he got his baccalaureate he decides not to deepen his knowledge by enrolling at the university but to follow his passion. In fact, Maria Teresa dreams of entering the world of entertainment and becoming famous just like her aunt. In 1976 he began to gain visibility by participating in the beauty contest Miss Muretto di Alassio (in Liguria precisely) where she is crowned as the most beautiful. In 1987 her life turns out to be divided between Rome and Turin, in the eternal city Maria Teresa begins to participate in her very first auditions. Unfortunately, again in Rome, more precisely in Trastevere, on the afternoon of August 14, 1977 he suffers a rape attempt. The following year she began acting in the theater in the company of Carlo Campanini, at the same time she became a model, and appeared in some films as a stunt double or extra.

Work and career

Maria Teresa Ruta is a famous Italian showgirl and TV presenter, after some minor experiences in the seventies, her career actually began in the eighties, a period in which she appears as a showgirl in some Rai TV programs such as “Ladies big names”Together with Carmen Russo. In 1984 she made her debut in the entertainment world as a television presenter, Maria Teresa in fact leads “Caccia al 13” or a sports program broadcast on Rete 4. Thanks to this program the young presenter stands out and brings home a telegatto. A few years later he joined the famous Sandro Ciotti as a sports journalist in the conduct of another football program or “Sports Sunday“. In 1991 he landed on another sports show or “The Monday trial” where he worked as a correspondent. In the same period he also conducted the “Gold sequin“. In the nineties he leaves the world of sport to approach the world of entertainment. In fact, Maria Teresa leads “games without borders”, a few years later “One summer morning”And many other programs. In 2000 he leads and participates in various television programs such as “ok the price is right“,”good very good“Starred in”A Place in the Sun“And in 2003 he also participated in the famous reality show”The island of the famous “. In recent years she has appeared in various programs such as “Afternoon Five“,”Live is not D’Urso “, ” No sooner said than done” and many others. In a few days a new and interesting adventure will begin for her, Maria Teresa will in fact participate in the new edition of Big Brother Vip.


Maria Teresa Ruta has over 100,000 followers on Instagram: the woman uses the profile both for sponsorships and for photos of her family and loved ones. In this photo with their daughter Guenda Goria.

maria teresa ruta instagram

Private life

Maria Teresa Ruta has been married for about ten years to Amedeo Goria, famous sports journalist with whom he shares two children: Gwendolyn And Gian Amedeo. Their relationship ended in 2004 but the two stated that they have remained on excellent terms. In 2015, after years of engagement, she climbs the altar again and marries her partner Roberto Zappulla with whom he currently lives in Luino.

During his experience in the home of the Big Brother in a confrontation with his daughter Guenda it emerged how Maria Teresa at some point in their life, when Guenda was almost of age, he would have followed his heart by actually going to live with Roberto Zappulla and becoming less present for his children. Guenda spoke of a wrong choice that took time to be metabolized, but that now between the two there is a balanced, peaceful and recovered relationship.

Big Brother Vip

Maria Teresa Ruta will be one of the protagonists of the 5th edition of Big Brother Vip, broadcast starting from Monday 14 September. In this adventure she will be accompanied by her daughter Guenda Goria (the two are in fact a single competitor) and she will share the experience with the other housemates of the most spied house in Italy: Elisabetta Gregoraci, Dayane Mello, Stefania Orlando, Adua Del Vesco, Maria Teresa Ruta, Andrea Zelletta, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Francesco Oppini, Tommaso Zorzi, Selvaggia Roma, Giulia Salemi, Giacomo Urtis, Cristiano Malgioglio, The new entries of December 2020 Cecilia Capriotti, Sonia Lorenzini, Carlotta Dell’Isola, Filippo Nardi, Samantha De Grenet, Mario Ermito, Andrea Zenga and Ginevra Lamborghini (sister of Elettra). We also remember the eliminated: Denis Dosio, Francesca Pepe, Patrizia De Blanck, Matilde Brandi, Myriam Catania, Maria Teresa Ruta and Guenda Goria, Massimiliano Morra,, Enock Barwuah, Fulvio Abbate, Fausto Leali and Paolo Brosio. Later he enters the house too Alda D’Eusanio, one month after the end of the program.

During the early evening Tommaso Zorzi was commissioned by Alfonso Signorini to make a selection of the clothes worn by Ruta in the House! Subsequently Maria Teresa Ruta with Matilde Brandi yes it is also distinguished for making bread in the house of Big Brother and for his contagious and everlasting joy! In the last few days she was eliminated from the dance competition inside the house but, in response, she woke up one morning and started dancing all over the house. In the episode of October 5 she received a video message from Brother Stefano to whom she is very attached, who sent her a gift on the occasion of the anniversary of her father’s death. Stefano just a few days before the start of the GF had had a bad accident that kept Maria Teresa very apprehensive.

In the House Maria Teresa Ruta he spends a lot of time with his daughter Guenda Goria: the two confessed to being grateful to Big Brother for giving them the opportunity to spend some time together. Maria Teresa Ruta expressed her opinion on the man who frequents Guenda Goria: let’s talk about Telemachus of the Eagle an older businessman from Guenda separated from his wife and father of two children. Maria Teresa candidly admitted that she would have preferred a person closer to her age for her daughter to have fun with and fool around with and not such a demanding person. After Guenda’s exit from the house, eliminated in the episode of 30 October, Maria Teresa approaches Stefania Orlando and Adua. The woman continues to collect Nominations (there are 10 at the moment) and had a small argument with Tommaso Zorzi over a phrase considered by the boy to be on the verge of homophobia (“Can I say that there are 6 men, 6 women and a gay at home? ).

Maria Teresa Ruta is the protagonist of a gossip revealed by the surgeon Giacomo Urtis, entered the house as a guest on November 16th. Giacomo would have revealed that the ex-husband of the Ruta Amedeo Goria would have been spotted having dinner with Francesca Pepe, a former competitor of the current edition of the Big Brother Vip: will it be true? In the episodes of November 23, after Alfonso Signorini’s announcement of the extension of the program, Maria Teresa consoled Tommaso Zorzi who, on the other hand, was very tired from the news: their embrace went around the web.

Maria Teresa Ruta continues her path in the GF VIP and in January 2021 clashes with Cecilia Capriotti for a nomination that the woman has not digested: Maria Teresa, maintaining her proverbial self-control, then clarified with Cecilia. At the moment Maria Teresa has passed 19 nominations.

Maria Teresa Ruta was at the center of a confrontation with Alba Parietti for alleged inaccurate statements that Maria Teresa had made about a dinner where both were present women and Alain Delon. In the episode of February 1 it is one candidates for removal from the program.

In the live broadcast on February 8, Maria Teresa Ruta met Francesco Baccini in the house of the GF VIP after some revelations made by Ruta herself about a alleged flirtation with the singer. In the meeting Francesco Baccini denied Maria Teresa Ruta who then had to deal with the other members of the house who felt offended by her lies about this story.

Maria Teresa Ruta she was eliminated by GF VIP on the evening of February 12th after yet another nomination and a fight with Cristiano Malgioglio live. During the episode, her daughter Guenda Goria took her mother’s defense and when Maria Teresa returned to the studio they burst into a big hug.


During the experience in the Casa del GF VIP, Maria Teresa Ruta in tears made a shocking revelation about her past. In fact he stated: “After they tried to rape meI was 20 years old, do you know when I first made love? Four years later, with Guenda’s father ”. Maria Teresa was in the bedroom with Tommaso Zorzi when she let herself go to a very painful confession about her past. Tommaso was stunned, unable to say a word. Maria Teresa Ruta has declared that for her it is like a burden inside and that Maurizio Costanzo himself would have told her that he must solve this problem, however Maria Teresa affirms that she does not want to face her past and would prefer to forget everything. After this revelation, the direction of the GF VIP cut the dialogue and no other details are known of this painful page in the life of Maria Teresa Ruta.

During the course of the episodes Maria Teresa revealed how she gave up on having the third child with her new partner: despite the successful procedure for accessing artificial insemination, Maria Teresa at the time of leaving for Spain and carrying out the implant did not feel up to not doing a disservice to Guenda and Gian Amedeo . In fact, the two boys, who at the time were just teenagers, would not have understood according to Maria Teresa and would have increased their sense of discomfort already typical of age.

Maria Teresa Ruta emotionally suffered the elimination of her daughter from the program on October 30th. In fact, the woman misses Guenda Goria.


  • In an interview, Maria Teresa Ruta said she had forgotten the children in the motorway restaurant, distracted by the excessive attention given by the fans
  • In 2012 he publicly announced that he was suffering from dyslexia.
  • Maria Teresa defines herself as very optimistic in life
  • Its biggest flaw is that it is messy!

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