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Who is Nada: Biography, Age, Career, Husband, Daughter, Rai Film and Instagram

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Who is Nada: Biography, Age, Career, Husband, Daughter, Rai Film and Instagram

Nada, born Nada Malanima, is a famous 67-year-old singer of Tuscan origin. Known for historic hits such as But how cold it is, The heart is a gypsy, Desperate love, but also for the most recent ones like Without a reason, Nada is also an actress and writer. His is from 2008 autobiographical novel My human heart, from which the film for Rai: The little girl who didn’t want to sing, with Tecla Insolia, in the role of the singer, and Carolina Crescentini.

Who is it Nada?

  • Nada Malanima
  • Stage name: Nada
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Age: 67 years old
  • Date of birth: November 17, 1953
  • Birth place: Gabbro of Rosignano Marittimo (Livorno)
  • Profession: singer, writer and actress
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 60 Kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @nadamalanima
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Nada Malanima, for everyone Nada, was born in Gabbro di Rosignano Marittimo, in the province of Livorno, on November 17, 1953. Daughter of clarinetist Gino Malanima and Viviana Fenzi, she made her debut very young, at only 15 years old at the Sanremo Festival, with what will later be one of her greatest hits: But how cold it is.

According to the singer, who has always had a strong love for music, it was her parents who pushed her, perhaps too early, into the music industry. Already when she was attending school, the young Nada performed at village parties, arriving to have to move to Rome to sign her first recording contract.

Passionate and against the trend, Nada decides to also marry the songwriter, which leads her to collaborate with names such as: Antonello Venditti, Claudio Baglioni, Riccardo Cocciante, Paolo Conte, Renzo Zenobi and above all with his fellow countryman Piero Ciampi.

A long and successful career that of Nada. The singer, after a break from the musical world, from 1987 to 1992, returns to the limelight by consecrating herself as songwriter more and more interesting. We see her in the years after 2000, engaged in various collaborations, such as those with: Cristina Donà, Zen Circus, Paola Turci, Marina Rei, Carmen Consoli, Ornella Vanoni (seen in Sanremo 2021) e Francesco Motta, with whom he performs in Sanremo 2019.

Having also studied acting, we see Nada engaged in theater, cinema and television, most recently (2013) took part in e An imperfect mom with Luciano Mascino and Anna Ferzetti.

The Tuscan singer she is married to the bassist of the Chameleons Gerry Manzoli; the couple lives in the countryside near Grosseto and has one daughter named Carlotta.

Author of 5 books, his autobiographical novel dates from 2008 My human heart, from which the film for Rai was based: The little girl who didn’t want to sing, with Tecla Insolia, in the role of the singer, and Carolina Crescentini.

Origins of the name

The name Nada is chosen by the singer’s mother. When it was still waiting, Viviana Fenzi, he met a wanderer gypsy. The traveler predicted, reading her hand, that she would have a daughter, and that this daughter would travel a lot and be very successful. Pleased with the prediction, Fenzi insisted on somehow paying the traveler, who, refusing the offer, kept saying “Nada, nada”, and so Viviana decided to call her daughter Nada, thinking that that term had some important meaning for the wanderer.

The little girl who did not want to sing: Rai Film

On 10 March 2021 the film will be broadcast on Rai 1 The little girl who didn’t want to sing, based on Nada’s autobiographical novel: My human heart.

The director Costanza Quatriglio had already been inspired by the singer’s book to shoot the documentary (homonymous to the book) in 2009, presented at the Locarno Film Festival. Together with Rai, it was decided in the last year to shoot a film for television.

Lhe young Nada will be played by the equally young Tecla Insolia, winner of the Lucio Dalla Prize and the Enzo Jannacci Prize in Sanremo 2020. Nada’s mother, Viviana Fenzi, is instead played by the actress Carolina Crescentini.

The film tells about Nada’s youth, the efforts of her parents to insert her into the world of music and the difficult relationship with her mother Viviana, until the young singer’s first participation in the 1969 Sanremo Festival.

Nada Film


It is 1969 when he participates for the first time at the Sanremo Festival, with How cold is it? by collecting a great success with critics and audiences, which leads it to be known also abroad, especially in Spain and Japan, with the nickname of “Gabbro chick“. Discovered and initially followed by Franco Migliacci, Nada participates in 7 Sanremo Festivals, the last in 2007, winning the 1971 edition with another of his greatest hits: The heart and a gypsy. We see it 9 times a Festivalbar and 5 times a A disc for the summer, from which it comes out more and more loved and known than before.

Here is Nada’s performance at the 1969 Sanremo Festival, with But how cold it is.

The seventies see her engaged in one songwriting breakthrough accompanied by many collaborations, such as: Gerry Manzoli (the husband), Piero Ciampi, Antonello Venditti, Claudio Baglioni, Riccardo Cocciante, Paolo Conte and many others.

It was 1983 when he gave the single to the public Desperate love, one of the symbolic songs of the Eighties.

After a hiatus from 1987 to 1992, Nada returns to the limelight as a singer-songwriter, and even in these years she is very busy with various collaborations, including Adriano Celentano and Mauro Pagani.

The 2000s

Now established singer-songwriter, Nada, in the 2000s “rock” is rediscovered, and published in 2001 Love is very strong, the body is not And All the love that I miss in 2004.

Take part in the 2007 Sanremo Festival with Full moon, coming back into vogue also among young people, then duet with Cristina Donà. Takes part in Friends for Abruzzo together with many other artists, such as: Loredana Bertè, Orietta Berti, Carmen Consoli, Noemi, Stefania Orlando, Laura Pausini, Patty Pravo and many others.

He collaborates in 2009 with Zen Circus, recording the song with them Empty to lose.

We see her on tour in 2011 with Francesco Motta and Francesco Pellegrini.

At the beginning of March 2017 Nada wins the Amnesty Italy Award with the song Sad ballad, beating well-known colleagues including Arisa, Noemi and Mannarino.

We see it at Sanremo Festival 2019, when he wins the prize for the best duet together with Francesco Motta; the two sing the song by the Tuscan singer-songwriter: Where is Italy.

Here is the video of Nada and Motta’s performance in Sanremo 2019: Where is Italy.

Nada writer

The Tuscan singer also stands out for her skill in fiction. He writes 5 books:

  • My mothers, collection of poems of 2003;
  • My human heart, autobiographical novel of 2008;
  • The big house, novel of 2012;
  • Leonidas, 2016 novel;
  • Household material. An autobiography 2019-1969, autobiography of 2019.

She was inspired by the autobiographical novel of 2008, My human heart Costanza Quatriglio, who shot the film for Rai: The little girl who didn’t want to sing.


With a shy and unconventional character, Nada’s instagram profile reflects well the character of the Tuscan singer. Only posts about work and collaborations.

Nada Insta

Private life

There is not much information about Nada’s private life. It is known, by the singer’s own admission, who had a complicated relationship with his mother Viviana.

She is married to Gerry Manzoli, bassist of the Chameleons. They live in the Grosseto countryside and have one daughter named Carlotta.

I had a complicated relationship with my mother, she did not want me to grow up and I thought that with Carlotta I would not have done the same. Perhaps I have succeeded even with the problems that may exist between mother and daughter


  • In 2016 his song Without a reason (2004) is included in the fourth episode of the first season of The Young Pope, by Paolo Sorrentino;
  • In 2007 the successes But how cold it is And Desperate love are included in the soundtrack of the film representing Italy in Cannes, My brother is an only child, Riccardo Scamarcio and Elio Germano;
  • During his youth, when he became very famous, she worked so hard that, due to fatigue, she was often forced to feed on drips.

Nada Video

Here is an interview dating back to singer Nada.

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