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Kiralik Ask: Profile, Plot, Streaming, Actors and Episodes of Turkish TV Series

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Kiralik Ask: Profile, Plot, Streaming, Actors and Episodes of Turkish TV Series

Kiralik ask is a Turkish romantic drama television series that aired from 2015 to 2017. The series was broadcast for the first time in Turkey on Star TV and immediately found considerable success. In his native country Kiralik ask was one of the most popular television series but at the same time it was broadcast in various countries such as: Lithuania, Spain, Bulgaria, Iran, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Lebanon, Macedonia, Arab League, Albania, Afghanistan where has found equally successful.


  • First name: KIRALIK ASK in Turkish, Love For Rent in English and Love for Rent in Italian
  • Production year: 2015 – 2017
  • Aired in Turkey: June 19, 2015
  • On air in Italy: Kiralik ask has never been broadcast in Italy to date
  • Episodes: 69 episodes
  • Main actors: Baris Arduc, Elçin Sangu, Salih Bademci, Levent Ulgen and Negris Kumbasar
  • Gender: Romantic
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Omer Iplikci is a well-known designer in the footwear sector, heir to the immense heritage of the Iplikci family. In addition to being blatantly rich, Omer is a handsome and irresistibly charming guy who is busy seven days a week in the working world. He is a man with a closed and introverted character who gives little weight to love stories, in fact Omer is a real businessman. Before dying, Omer’s grandfather confesses his dream, which is to see his grandson on the altar.

To pursue this goal, the elder forces his son and daughter-in-law to find a girlfriend for the young Omer. The stakes for the two are very high, if they fail in fact, they would lose the huge inheritance. Defne accidentally runs into Omer’s aunt, Nergis Kumbasar, on the street, who takes advantage of the beautiful young girl’s need for money to offer her money in exchange for help. The plan of the two takes shape slowly, in fact the two want to make the grandson of the young Daphne fall in love and marry them and then make Daphne disappear for good.

Almost by chance the two really fall in love but Daphne has to deal with the agreement stipulated with the aunt of her beloved. In order not to make Omer suffer, Daphne decides to move away from him over and over again but the two are unable to live apart from each other. Theirs is a tormented love by the two ruthless uncles in search of their inheritance.

Cast and Characters

Barış Arduç: born on October 9, 1987, he is a Turkish actor of Swiss origin. In the tv series Kiralik ask, where the actor received huge success, played the wealthy shoe designer Ömer İplikçi who transforms from a stiff businessman into a sweet lover of young Daphne.

Elçin Sangu: born on August 13, 1985, she is a successful Turkish model and actress of Circassian origin. The beautiful model in the Turkish TV series plays the role of the young Defne, the beautiful girl who falls into the trap of Omer’s aunt because of her financial difficulties.

Nergis Kumbasar: is a Turkish model, actress, TV presenter and set designer born on May 25, 1963. The woman participated in the TV series Kiralik ask in the role of Neriman İplikçi, that is Omer’s bad aunt who tries at all costs to get her nephew married with the beautiful Defne and then make her disappear into thin air and collect the huge inheritance.

  • Melisa Şenolsun in the role of Sude İplikçi
  • Levent Ülgen as Necmi İplikçi
  • Ferdi Merter in the role of Hulusi Iplikçi
  • Ayberk Atilla as Sadri Usta
  • Devrim Yalçın as Deniz Tranba
  • Elifcan Ongurlar as Fikret Gallo
  • Ismail Karagöz in the role of Şükrü
  • Hande Ağaoğlu in my role
  • Hikmet Körmükçü in the role of Türkan Topal
  • Melisa Giz Cengiz in the role of Esra Topal
  • Sanem Yeles as Nihan Topal
  • Osman Akça in the role of Serdar Topal
  • Ragıp Gülen as Zübeyir Taşçalan
  • Selin Uzal in the role of Derya
  • Simge Doğanlar in the role of Ece
  • Özlem Gezgin as Nazlıcan
  • Ender Sakallı in the role of Vedat
  • Bariş Murat Yagci as Eymen


  • Elçin Sangu is one of the most famous actresses in Turkey, the woman is in fact one of the highest paid actresses for the champagne TV commercial. Thanks to his work he has received over thirty awards including three Golden Butterfly Awards.
  • Barış Arduç: in his career he won two Golden Butterfly Awards, the best actor award in Turkey, he also won the GQ Turkey award “Men of the Year 2016”. Not everyone also knows that the actor is an ambassador for life for the Cancer Society.
  • The TV series broke many ratings records, the Turkish Parliament it has even suspended its legislative functions so as not to make the officials lose the last episode.


Kiralik Ask was available in streaming on youtube with subtitles in Italian. The series has been removed from Youtube in recent months.

Other Turkish Series To See

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  • Day Dreamer – The Wings of the Dream: out in mid-June 2020 tells the love story between Can (played by Can Yaman) a photographer with a wild spirit who unexpectedly finds himself having to manage his father’s company and Sanem (Demet Ozdemir ), an aspiring writer who works in her own company. Between misunderstandings and a kiss in the dark begins a compelling story among the best known in Turkey with the title Erkenci Kus.
  • Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of love: aired in Italy in the summer of 2019 (therefore available in streaming on mediaset play) the series stars the same actor Can Yaman and this time we are talking about a thrilling love triangle set in the world of kitchen. The original title of the series is Dolunay (full moon in Italian).
  • Cherry Season: A series full of twists, set in the world of fashion and style. The female lead is the same as Bitter Sweet, Ozge Gurel
  • Chilek Kokusu: “The scent of strawberries” is a series that always sees the beautiful Demet as its protagonist and which aired in 2015. You can see it in streaming on youtube.
  • Brave and Beautiful: one of the most famous of all in Turkey, it is also the one (among these on the list) with the most adrenaline. The genre is Thriller with a good dose of romance as there is a love story between the protagonists that is intertwined with power games and a thirst for revenge for a murder.
  • Fazilet and her daughters – Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari – Drama series focusing on a mother and the problematic relationship with her two daughters
  • La casa del fate Drama series that started from a psychologist’s book and deals with the dramatic life of a girl who tries to win a destiny written for her by the house where she was born. The protagonist is played by a masterful Demet Ozdemir
  • Love is in The Air Translated with Love is in The Air, Sen Cal Kapimi is a brilliant romantic comedy series, with a great alchemy between the protagonists.
  • Mr Wrong – Lessons of Love Another Turkish series with Can Yaman shot in the summer of 2020, is a brilliant and romantic comedy starring an incurable rascal and an unfortunate girl in love.

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