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Who is Laura Giuliani: Biography, Age, Boyfriend of the National Goalkeeper

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Who is Laura Giuliani: Biography, Age, Boyfriend of the national team goalkeeper

Laura Giuliani is a female soccer player goalkeeper of Milan and of the National women’s football team. She was elected as one of the five best female goalkeepers worldwide by the German portal Kevinwomensoccer.

Who is Laura Giuliani?

  • First name: Laura Giuliani
  • Age: 27 years old
  • Date of birth: June 5, 1993
  • Role: Doorman
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Birth place: Milan
  • Profession: Soccer player
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Tattoos: Laura has no visible tattoos on her body
  • Official Instagram: @lauragiulianiofficial
  • Youtube channel: /
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Laura Giuliani she is originally from Milan and her own passion for football it has always been a part of her. In particular, at the age of five she was already playing with boys in school and then returning home involved her sister to play with her in the yard to continue to cultivate her passion.

Fortunately Laura has always been supported by family to pursue her dream: in particular, her parents and grandfather accompanied her to training and supported her in all her choices. Laura has also played abroad and has been engaged to Christian for over six years. The boy belongs to the world of football and continuously supports her in all her choices and in all the games she plays.


Laura Giuliani is very active on Instagram where she is followed by almost 140 thousand followers. Most of the shots concern his career as a goalkeeper for Juventus and the national team but there are photos from his private life and with his boyfriend.


Laura Giuliani begins to take her first steps in the world of women’s football with the Benvenuta di Bollate team. He then moved to Como 2000 and already in 2010 he distinguished himself for having conceded only 15 goals throughout the season, always playing as a starter. Later he made his debut in Serie A and also entered the Under 19 national team where he made 13 appearances over the years before moving on to the senior national team.

His career therefore continues in Germany: before Gütersloh and then to Herford where he will also play the German cup. In 2013 he is a starter for the whole season and closes the championship in second place.

Laura continues to play in the German league and in 2015 she moves to Cologne and in 2016 to Freiburg. At the same time he plays his first game as a starter in the Italian national team against Spain valid for the qualification for the 2015 world championships. Only in 2017 the long-awaited return to Italy with Juventus Woman where she becomes national champion by winning the 2017-2018 championship. Season 2020 – 2021 Laura Giuliani continues to play with Juventus Woman, often proving to be decisive with her saves. On 9 May 2021 Juventus Woman won the 7th Scudetto with three days in advance, this is the 4th consecutive title.

In May 2021 at the end of the championship, Laura Giuliani signs for the Milan where a new football adventure begins and after having won a lot with Juventus.

Laura Giuliani Salary

Laura Giuliani has a salary that is what it can be paid at the most by the Italian law for female footballers. It is in fact an activity, that of women’s football, which is not considered as a professional activity. Therefore, the maximum salary that can be received is approximately 30 thousand euros gross per year plus a reimbursement of expenses of up to 61 euros per day for five days a week. In the athletic training phase, the reimbursement drops to 45 euros. The contract of the female players is also renewed every 12 months and if this does not happen they have no contribution paid. As you can see, the disparity between men’s and women’s football is huge.

Laura Giuliani Engaged

Laura Giuliani is engaged to Cristian Cottarelli for nine years. Cristian also belongs to the world of football and he too plays as a goalkeeper in the championship of Excellence and precisely in the Chieri team. The two stated that they practice abstinence before matches so as not to affect their performance on the pitch! Cristian is a Milan fan and with the girl they often play on Instagram on the different football faith that divides them, hoping for a conversion by one of the two!


Laura Giuliani plays as a goalkeeper (and therefore obviously wearing the number 1 shirt being the owner) in the Juventus Women team. Being a Juventina supporter playing for her favorite team, Laura has crowned a secret dream that makes her very happy.


  • Who is his idol? Obviously the goalkeeper par excellence, the great Gigi Buffon
  • We could see that Laura’s superstitious gesture before the start of the matches is to touch the goalposts and crossbars in a certain order with the palm of her hand.
  • In the future she always sees herself tied to the world of football, perhaps with a managerial role
  • She is very good at drawing
  • The left glove is always put on first than the right

Video by Laura Giuliani

Women’s national football team

The National Women’s football team has been very successful with participation in the World Cup of France 2019 passing the group stage. The next international engagement is the 2021 European Championships in England while from September 2021 it has been involved in qualifying for the 2023 World Cup in Group G where they meet against Moldova and the Croatia, respectively on Friday 17 September at the ‘Nereo Rocco’ stadium in Trieste and Tuesday 21 September in Karlovac (5.30 pm). Besides Laura Giuliani the other holders in the blue jersey are:

  • Chiara Marchitelli: Florentia, goalkeeper
  • Rosalia Pipitone: As Roma, goalkeeper
  • Elisa Bartoli: As Roma, defender
  • Lisa Boattin: Juventus, defender
  • Laura Fusetti: Milan, defender
  • Sara Gama: Juventus, defender
  • Alia Guagni: Fiorentina Women’s, defender
  • Elena Linari: Atletico Madrid, defender
  • Linda Cimini Tucceri: Milan, defender
  • Valentina Bergamaschi: Milan, midfielder
  • Barbara Bonansea: Juventus, midfielder
  • Valentina Cernoia: Juventus, midfielder
  • Aurora Galli: Juventus, midfielder
  • Manuela Giugliano: Milan, midfielder
  • Alice Parisi: Fiorentina Women’s, midfielder
  • Martina Rosucci: Juventus, midfielder
  • Annamaria Serturini: As Roma, midfielder
  • Cristiana Girelli: Juventus, striker
  • Valentina Giacinti: Milan, striker
  • Ilaria Mauro: Fiorentina Women’s, forward
  • Daniela Sabatino: Milan, striker
  • Stefania Tarenzi: ChievoVerona, forward
  • Arianna Caruso: Juventus, midfielder

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