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Who is Serena Enardu: Biography, Age, What she does today, Instagram and I pay

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Who is Serena Enardu: Biography, Age, What she does today, Instagram and I pay

Serena Enardu is an influencer and former tronist of men and women. He lands on television as the protagonist of Men and Women, a program in which a story is born with Giovanni Conversano. After the story with conversano she becomes engaged to Pago (stage name of Pacifico Settembre), with whom she has currently been in a relationship for about six and a half years. The two participated together in Temptation Island Vip 2019, they came out separated from the reality document but they reunited after the experience at Big Brother VIP 2020. During the spring of 2020 their relationship has definitely faded.

Who is Serena Enardu?

  • First name: Serena Enardu
  • Birth place: Quartu Sant’Elena
  • Age: 43 years old
  • Date of birth: 19 July 1976
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Profession: businesswoman
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Tattoos: the word “free” on the nape of the neck
  • Official Instagram profile:@serenaenardu
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Serena was born was born in Cagliari on July 19, 1976, has a twin sister, Elga Enardu, an older brother named Gianfranco. The twins’ mother had a children’s clothing store in Cagliari. After high school, Serena decides to become an entrepreneur herself and opens a telephone center in Quartu Sant’Elena, in the province of Cagliari.

But she is known to the general public only after a series of advertisements – made together with her twin sister – but above all thanks to her participation as a tronista to Men and women, TV program by Maria De Filippi.

Instagraminstagram serena enardu

Serena Enardu Son Thomas

Prior to her participation in Men and Women Serena gave birth to her only son, named Tommaso. Currently she continues to be very attached to the child’s father: the two have an excellent relationship.

Work and career

Serena Enardu, before being a television face, is an entrepreneur. After his high school studies he starts working as an employee in a telephone center, and then decides to invest and open one of his own. in 2011 he landed in the world of TV alongside Cristian Cocco as sent by Striscia la Notizia. In 2015 they work together with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the movie Zoolander 2.

Serena Enardu and Pago

Serena Enardu was a tronista of Men and Women, the program in which she met Giovanni Conversano (currently engaged to Giada Pezzaioli). However, Enardu did not choose the boy because he was afraid of the rumors about him. The throne therefore ends with a stalemate but, after Conversano himself begins his path as a tronista, the roles have reversed. The relationship lasted two years but ends when Conversano cheats on Serena with Pamela Compagnucci, choice and girlfriend of the tronista Federico Mastrostefano. After this relationship Serena Enardu gets engaged to the singer Pago.

The two decide, in the summer of 2019, to test their love at Temptation Island VIP: however, they leave the program separated. After months of ups and downs, the two meet again at Big Brother Vip and, after a first clarification, love seems to return and the two pass together the lockdown at her house with her son Tommy to whom Pago is very attached.

However on 18 May 2020 something happens: Serena announces that she had a bad fight with Pago and that he has left home. For its part, I pay in the statements to the newspaper “who” is harder than the woman and declares: “Something too serious has happened. I can never trust her again. I found myself again a homeless love wanderer, without a car, without Serena. But that’s okay. I will know how to start over from my family. He disappointed me, he still hurt me “

Their relationship ended definitively, and after months on the pages of the weekly “Chi” Pago declared that relationships are civil and that they feel friendly having found a form of communication suitable for them. Both are single and looking for love.

Letter from I pay and reply from Serena

The letter that Pago sent Serena to the weekly magazine Chi directed by Alfonso Signorini to explain the closure of the relationship between the two reads: “… Dear Serena, I stopped calling you love inside me. It’s April 22nd. My heart no longer beats like it used to ”. Then he adds “You know that I was ready to get married … “, but what happens is almost unbelievable for the boy: “Something happens from which there is no turning back. You lock yourself in the bathroom but your cell phone stays out. I never would, I never did. I can not resist. I take my smartphone in hand and unlock it. What I read and what I hear doesn’t even hurt me, it’s just a m ** reality. that I have to accept “. Basically, Pago discovered that the relationship between Serena and Alessandro Graziani went on even when she tried to get back with him, and that it was not “once” but “several times”. This awareness destroyed him.
Serena replied on Instagram to Pago saying: “Guys, I expected everything this morning, but not to wake up with the interview of I pay on Who where he tells a bunch of nonsense. I’m sorry because I understand that in order to sell a book and read the article from start to finish, you have to do petty propaganda. All for the sale of a book “. According to Serena therefore the words of Pago are not true and are only suitable for advertising his upcoming book on June 16, 2020 by title Vagabond For Love “.

Serena and Alessandro Graziani

In the June 4 episode of Men and Women Alessandro Graziani, former suitor of Giovanna Abate, was called by Maria De Filippi to clarify the rumors raised by the journalist Gabriele Parpiglia on the matter concerning the separation of I pay from Serena. In fact it is Gabriele during the episode who asks Alessandro if the relationship with Serena was there or not! From Alessandro’s statements, we know that the relationship with Serena was not just a gossip but it materialized in four months of relationship between the two, but Alessandro declares that it was prior to his participation in the broadcast.

Big Brother VIP 2020

It is in the house of the Big Brother Vip who meet again Pago and Serena. Finally, she opens up and addresses words of love to Pago, the words of love that the singer has always wanted to hear from his beloved. At the moment the two would be thinking about marriage, which would seem hindered by his brother, who asks Pago to think about it before taking such a step, especially in light of the recent events that have seen the couple protagonist.

Giovanni Conversano

There love story between Serena and Giovanni Conversano was born in front of the cameras of Men and women 12 years ago. The two immediately fascinated the public, so much so that for many it is one of the best couples who have ever participated in the program. Serena Enardu she was tronista, Giovanni was courting her but, suddenly, Serena abandons the throne because she doesn’t trust her suitor. In September he takes the throne and after some time, Serena comes down the stairs for him. The two left the program together.

Temptation Island Vip 2019

Serena and Pago participated Temptation Island Vip 2019, tv program hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi.

Serena in the first episode of Temptation Island Vip 2019 declared that the couple is now like brother and sister. It is, she says, as if Pago no longer sees her and does not notice if she is happy or not. She would like a more bubbly and cheerful relationship.

In the second episode of Temptation Island Vip, Serena goes out with the single Alessandro, continues to complain of being invisible for pay. The singer begins to approach singles and vents, saying he is worried about their relationship which is now full of painful silences.

In the third episode we see a Serena much tried by the videos he sees of Pago, videos that portray him very much in confidence with the single Valentina Galli. Serena, therefore, lets herself go and begins to think that she no longer recognizes her partner.

In the fourth episode of Temptation Island Vip, Pago and Serena still do not seem to find serenity. Serena is ever closer to the single Alessandro, to whom she tells some economic situations of her couple, thus unleashing the criticism of the web. For his part, Pago is ever closer to the single Giulia, who defines him as a good and humble man.

Bonfire with Pago at Temptation Island Vip

In the fifth episode of Temptation Island Vip, Serena and Pago arrive decided at comparison bonfire. Pago wants clarification on the flirtation with Alessandro, Serena instead wants to talk about their relationship problems. The two are very far from agreeing and their love seems to have not stood the test of Temptation Island. Serena and Pago went out separated, due to Serena’s decision that she argued that she needs to try again that crazy love, and not just a simple affection. Their love seems to have been renewed after the two took part in Big Brother Vip.

Video by Serena Enardu


  • Serena suffers from gigantomastia: reason for which she underwent surgical treatments to reduce her breasts
  • He has a dog named Giulio.
  • Love to travel and the sea
  • She is very attached to her brother-in-law Diego Daddi
  • Twin sister Elga said Pago and Serena have very different lifestyles

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