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Who is Vladimir Luxuria: Biography, Age, Operation and Boyfriend

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Who is Vladimir Luxuria: Biography, Age, Operation and Boyfriend

Vladimir Luxuria is a television personality, presenter, former Italian politician and columnist. He participated in the “Maurizio Costanzo Show“, She was a temporary guest of the”Big Brother 16“And competitor of”Such and Which Show”Conducted by Carlo Conti. Luxuria is a regular guest as a columnist in the living room of Barbara D’Urso a Afternoon 5 And Sunday Live – It’s not D’Urso.

Who is Vladimir Luxuria?

  • First name: Vladimir Luxuria
  • Date of birth: June 24, 1965
  • Age: 54 years
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 74 kg
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Birth place: Foggia
  • Profession: Activist, presenter, columnist, actress and former politician
  • Tattoos: info not available
  • Official Instagram profile: @vladimir_luxuria
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Vladimir Luxuria was born on June 24, 1965 in Foggia. He was born with the name of Wladimiro Guadagno and his was not a happy childhood due to his nature which was poorly accepted in Italy at the end of the 60s. At 16 he has her first love story which however ends because of the shame felt by his half towards Vladimir. Luxuria, however, will never lower himself in the face of the judgment of the company, despite having passed dark moments, first of all drug abuse.

Vladimir confesses in an interview with “The mosquito“Of having abused drugs while working as a prostitute. Confessed by Barbara D’Urso that around 20 years old moreover, when she was still called Wladimiro, she suffered numerous attacks, including the one told by her in a photo on Instagram in which she tells of having been attacked by some young people in the Milan subway. Still around the age of 20 he moved to live in the city of Rome, where he graduated from the University “La Sapienza” in foreign languages ​​and literature with 110 cum laude.

Vladimir Luxuria Instagram

Work and career

Vladimir Luxuria is actress, activist and columnist in several tv shows. She was also an Italian politician, despite having started her career in the arts when she was still in Foggia. In fact, he begins to organize evenings in the disco Dirty Dixy Club, also performing in shows before deciding to move to Rome to follow the University by attending the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature to “La Sapienza”. In the 80s he became an activist starting to join the LGBT movement (acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisex, Transgender), starting to collaborate with the historian Mario Meli homosexual culture club, of which she will be director in the 90s. In 1994 he was part of the group of organizers for the first Gay Pride of Italy, in Rome, together with Imma Battaglia. She is still very busy today, promoting many projects and campaigns, for the rights of the LGBT community.

Vladimir Luxuria Operation

Vladimir Luxuria has embarked on his own personal journey to seek balance and psycho-physical well-being. It has undergone many interventions including an electrocoagulation operation, a rhinoplasty and a mammoplasty, but never made a complete transition, so she did not undergo to the surgical operation of vaginoplasty.

Vladimir Luxuria Fiancé

Vladimir Luxuria would have had a clandestine relationship with an important center-right politician. He told the magazine “Oggi” about this love story and the difficulty of him in coming out into the open. In 2017 he tells “Novella 2000”Tells of a new relationship, but not much is known about the identity of the loved one.

In summer 2020 Vladimir tells of having a flirt with a former Amici dancer, Gennaro Siciliano. Here are the words of Vladimir in the interview with the weekly New:The first meeting with Gennaro was very sweet: they gave me a box of figs and I offered them one. Then what comes from what. It is useless to deny that I was struck by his physique: he is a dancer, his muscles seem drawn! ”. She adds that she cannot define herself as a girlfriend because the attendance is only at the beginning but nevertheless confirms that the days spent together on the coast were unforgettable. “.

Vladimir Luxuria Television career

Vladimir Luxuria is also a face of cinema and television. He began performing in 1989 in the historic Roman club, the “Piper”And in the early 90’s he starred in the film“ Cena alle nine ”by Paolo Breccia. In 1997 he obtained a part in “How do you want me”By Carmine Amoroso and since the 2000s she has been engaged in theatrical roles. From 1999 to 2005 Luxuria was a regular guest of the “Maurizio Costanzo Show” cult program conducted by Maurizio Costanzo. It also leads “One Shot Evolution“, She will be shipwrecked at”The island of the famous “ 2008, winning and becoming sent to the next edition.

In 2014 Vladimir becomes a columnist of the most spied house in Italy and in 2015 he hosted “The Island of Adam and Eve”. Vladimir is currently a frequent guest in Mediaset’s afternoon lounges, including: Afternoon Five and Sunday Live, often in the company of Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Biagio d’Anelli, Raffaello Tonon. Vladimir was often protagonist of numerous debates, including that against the journalist and creator of Dieta Life 120, Adriano Panzironi. In 2019 she was a temporary guest of Big Brother conducted by Barbara D’Urso and competitor of the “Tale and Which Show”, alongside the protagonists of past editions Roberta Bonanno, Giovanni Vernia, Alessandra Dursian, Massimo Di Cataldo and Antonio Mezzancella, against the “new” represented by: Francesco Monte, Lidia Schillaci, Tiziana Rivale, Davide De Marinis, Agostino Penna and Jessica Morlacchi.

Vladimir Luxuria recently became the protagonist of a strong debate with Daniela Martani, a veteran of the Island of the Famous 2021, and convinced no vax. After some mutual accusations in Barbara D’Urso’s living room on Sunday Live, an Instagram post by Daniela portraying Laura Pausini at the Oscars award ceremony rekindles the controversy: “But how? photo without mask? According to the insane vision of Vladimir Luxuria, Laura Pausini would be a denier, instead I simply see 2 people with the pleasure of sharing an important moment in complete safety having swabbed, like us Vladi

Vladimir Luxuria Political and Literary Career

Vladimir Luxuria also has a political background, she was in fact elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the Communist Refoundation lists. During his presence in the Chamber, very fruitful in terms of attendance and votes in the classroom, he signed two very important proposals for laws: the one on “Provisions relating to cinema“And the one on”Rules on the rights and freedoms of transgender people“.

Vladimir also published a number of titles, including “Who is afraid of Muccassassina“, in 2007, “The unspoken fairy tales”In 2009, for which he also wins the Margutta Prize; while in 2017 “The courage to be a butterfly “ and in 2018 “Peru help me “.

Video by Vladimir Luxuria

Video of Vladimir Luxuria in one of the episodes of Big Brother 16

Article by Livia Bianchi

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