Why Does Software-As-A-Service Business Need A Mobile App for Growth?

We are living in a digital era where there is a constant emerging demand for smart devices. That is because smart devices and advanced technology have entirely transformed the scenario of the SaaS industry. To follow the recent trend in the market, multiple companies are solely concentrating on developing SaaS apps for business. Advanced and unique mobile apps have taken off every kind of business regardless of size. 

The primary reasons behind mobile app adoption are flexibility, convenience, and ease of deployment. Therefore, businesses continuously opt for SaaS mobile apps to showcase their brand properly and offer improved user experience. However, there is a long list of advantages of building a quality mobile app for business growth which we will discuss here. 

How SaaS Mobile Apps Changed the Game?

As per the mobile app development experts, the ever-changing technological trends are moving faster. Because of this reason, there is no doubt that the mobile app will change aspects of the technological world in a few years. Mobile apps are a part of our everyday life because it eases our daily activity without much hassle.

The ever-growing industry, Software-as-a-service, has significantly simplified many complications that a company encounters in their everyday activity. It is mainly a website application in cloud computing that has come up with some special and unique characteristics. 

By and large, SaaS technology is taking over the entire technological world by eradicating the necessity to handle locally installed software. Therefore, the ever-growing industry of SaaS will try to penetrate the mobile platform-as-a-service business model that allows the business to have the required computing platform as a service. 

The market of SaaS is constantly booming because of improved user engagement, customer base, employee productivity, and overall business growth. Businesses are leveraging new SaaS mobile apps to expand their business strategy according to business performance and requirements. 

It happened because there were continued sales of smartphones worldwide. Also, companies then realized the importance of SaaS applications and understood how fast it scales up the business without replacing the infrastructure and employing IT staff. It immensely helped the companies deal with on-premise installation and tackle performance issues while satisfying end-users.

Looking at the increased growth of mobile SaaS applications, statistics have shown that SaaS spending across organizations, regardless of size, will grow. The recent development of the SaaS mobile app market is unstoppable. As per the statistics, SaaS technology’s annual market growth rate has reached 18%. 

Why Make An App For SaaS Business?

Some business owners often think they must get their hands on an app when they have already provided their SaaS model via their websites. The thing is, even if your company has its customized, robust website, it cannot be the replacement for the SaaS mobile apps. It is crucial to have a mobile app to get in touch with your customers 24×7, which can significantly generate more revenues.

When you invest in SaaS apps, you can save your customers’ time to a great extent, which can be a great way to have more loyal customers. The customized app will save a lot of time for your customers by giving them the power to access your services at their convenience. 

There won’t be any necessity to open the browser to navigate any tasks. Your custom mobile app with robust UI/UX design will offer faster performance and let you provide your customer with an improved user experience. 

SaaS Pros and Cons

Despite the increased demand for SaaS-based technology, business owners or entrepreneurs are in the dilemma of whether they need an app or not to boost their growth. There are many misconceptions and questions in the market regarding Software as a service mobile apps. 

Pros Of SaaS Technology

Here we have highlighted some of the pros of saas technology to help you understand its importance in the modern world. 

  1. Improved Efficiency

If you have one SaaS mobile app, it will effectively balance the need for many applications. As a result, you can save a lump sum of money. On the other hand, it will improve your business process by keeping your workers productive. It will take your business to a higher level, and you will get an increased ROI. 

  1. High Scalability

A conventional mobile app won’t be able to manage many processes and resources simultaneously. Since technology constantly evolves, staying updated with the current scenario is crucial to sustaining business growth. 

Your business should be ready with all new and advanced features to offer your customers new services. In this case, the SaaS apps are the ideal option to handle everything, including the increased number of active users. These apps can quickly scale up your business whenever it is needed.

  1. Automatic Update

It would be best if you got new software every time with conventional apps to make the app more scalable. But, the significant advantage of the SaaS mobile app is that it automatically does everything according to the demands of the services. So that one doesn’t have to invest extra in employing in-house IT staff.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Every business owner wishes to have an app with almost zero maintenance to save money. In this case, the SaaS applications are easy to maintain and keep you away from all the marketing tensions. 

  1. Easy Accessibility

Users can access the SaaS mobile apps through different browsers, devices, and locations. All it needs is a dedicated internet connection and proper browser support.

  1. Strong Customer Relationship

SaaS mobile apps will allow you to send personalized notifications and messages to loyal customers about your business products or services. Any business needs to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers to boost business growth. You can also quickly get customer feedback to provide an improved user experience.

Cons of SaaS Technology

It is evident that, like every other technology, it certainly has some downsides, which you must know before taking your final call. Therefore, here we have mentioned the disadvantages of SaaS services. 

  1. Less Control

Since you have to leave the implementation and management to a third party, you can not get complete control over the software solution. A company becomes dependent on the vendor’s software version. As a result, they relinquish the option to do the customization for specific business operational requirements.

  1. Insufficient Data Security

Data security is one of the daunting tasks when it comes to deploying SaaS applications. Since it is a cloud-based application, you might need to store all your company’s valuable data outside your organization’s server. Also, a third party will access your confidential business data, making your organization vulnerable to data breaches and cyber robbery. 

  1. Issued With Governmental Regulations Compliance

As your organization’s critical data is stored in your service provider’s data centre, it becomes troublesome work when it comes to complying with government data protection regulations. So, you have to ask your provider to pinpoint any inconsistencies in the entire process because your company has to identify which rules you need to apply to your business.

  1. Challenges To Connectivity

Overall, it may be said that you won’t be able to reap the benefits of SaaS applications if you do not have a faster internet connection. So, poor connectivity or internet failure can hamper employees’ productivity and business performance, which can hinder your business’s growth.

SaaS Apps Vs Stand-Alone Apps

The first difference between stand-alone and SaaS applications is that SaaS apps do not require any desktop downloads. It is not designed for only desktops or laptops; users can easily access this app through their mobile devices. 

However, the main aspects that differentiate SaaS applications from stand-alone applications are the convenience of access, upfront cost, true collaboration, manual update, etc. 

  • You need to download and install the stand-alone apps from the app store to use them. On the other hand, users can access the SaaS apps from anywhere if they have a proper internet connection using a secured login. 
  • The monetization model of SaaS applications is different from the stand-alone apps. You have to pay a monthly fee depending on the package, storage capacity, and the number of users. But you have to pay a nominal cost once for stand-alone apps.
  • Another noticeable difference is that when a business team uses SaaS mobile apps, they can easily communicate in real-time. But, in terms of stand-alone apps, team members won’t be able to communicate with each other back and forth.
  • As the development of the SaaS mobile apps mainly depends on cloud-based technology, all the data and updates will be stored in the cloud. On the other hand, in stand-alone apps, all valuable and informative data will be stored locally on your mobile phones. 

Obstacles To Overcome To SaaS Success

A few key challenges are there that have to be addressed while developing SaaS mobile applications for business. Otherwise, these challenges will become a barrier to your business’s success. Therefore, you must work with a reliable mobile app development company to simplify the development process with professional skills. 

A significant challenge for the developers of SaaS applications is the user experience. The users mainly advocate for SaaS applications and let the organization adopt them to implement their marketing strategy. 

Employees will prefer another SaaS mobile application without advocating if you fail to provide them with the best user experience. Therefore, it would be best to let your employees update their applications as per the requirements with new and advanced functionalities and features. 

The next obstacle to SaaS mobile app development is their in-app performance. Mobile app developers can quickly identify the issues and solve development efficiency challenges. The in-app version has the power to make or break the whole development process. 

So, in the end, professional hands are much needed to get the right solution to resolve this issue. In this way, you can develop SaaS-based robust applications for your business to boost your customer base and generate more revenues. 

In the end 

In today’s technology-driven world, the number of mobile devices is increasing faster because businesses are developing mobile apps. All in all, mobile apps are essential in providing customers with an improved user experience considering the increased number of mobile users. Therefore, the demand for SaaS apps is constantly growing, offering excellent flexibility and convenience. 

Taking everything into account, before making the app, you need to consider a few things, like the legal agreements. Also, identify if the SaaS mobile application will be the best option for your business. Then, you can invest in this application to boost your business growth, keeping in mind the performance and security factors. 


  1. Why is it necessary to have a business app?

Mobile apps play a significant role in developing a proper marketing strategy for your business. It is possible because you can reach a broader range of customers and get to know about their demands. This way, you can make an app that will fulfil all their requirements, further boosting business growth.

  1. Can I customize the SaaS mobile app?

Yes, certainly. It is one of the significant benefits of developing a SaaS mobile app for your business. Since the requirements of every organization are different, it is essential to get customized mobile apps to offer your customers a better user experience. In this case, you can invest in SaaS applications to meet the expectations of your clients.

  1. Is it safe to have business data on the cloud?

There is an ongoing debate regarding this matter. Your business data can be vulnerable as it depends on cloud-based technology. Often companies encounter data breaches since your data can be accessed through several devices. However, everything considered, selecting a trustworthy provider will reduce the risk of losing your data. 

  1. Is the SaaS application accessible from any device?

Users can access the app through multiple devices depending on cloud-based technology. All you need is robust internet connectivity. Without it, the application won’t run smoothly. Also, one can opt for the offline functionality of the Saas system to avoid internet dependability. 

  1. Is it challenging to maintain SaaS mobile apps?

No, it requires almost zero maintenance which is great for saving money. The significant benefit of using SaaS applications is that they automatically scale up your business by making all necessary changes to sustain your growth whenever it is needed. 

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