Why I canceled YouTube Premium

I signed up for YouTube Premium quite spontaneously. It happened a couple of months ago when I needed to see something on the plane. No, of course, I had a trial subscription, which I signed up for immediately after launch, but then I quickly turned it off because I didn’t want to pay money. But this time I was pursuing a very specific goal to pump videos from subscriptions that I did not have time to watch and brighten up a long flight abroad. YouTube Premium fulfilled its task 100%, but I still didn’t last long with it.
I realized pretty quickly that being able to download videos for offline viewing was a one-time feature. In any case, upon returning from vacation, I never used it. As well as access to YouTube Music. So I didn’t even launch YouTube Music, let alone customize it by picking songs I like and listening to music there. I just didn’t need it.

Why You Need a YouTube Premium Subscription

But there was also passive functionality, which many values above everything else. Of course, I’m talking about ad blocking, which with YouTube Premium no longer precedes the launch of videos or interrupts their playback. It was convenient, but not enough to pay $11.99 a month for it. Yes, I know that you can go to the YouTube website, not to the application (I have iOS), and there you can get a subscription for $1 cheaper. But the majority do not know about this, which means that they will subscribe where it is more convenient. And it is more convenient, whatever one may say, in the application.

This is the best subscription I’ve ever had. Moreover, the longer I use it, the more I get pleasure from watching videos without ads. Often I watch not a specific video, but everything on the topic, or just follow the recommendations of YouTube. In this format, watching the commercial at the beginning is pure torment. And also you can’t always skip them, otherwise, there are several of them. Pop-up banners and inserts in the middle of the video are also a “joy”. And finally, with a subscription, I started listening to YouTube. A lot of interesting talk shows or interviews don’t require my visual attention. Therefore, the smartphone screen is locked, I put it in my pocket and I can walk down the street or ride the subway, continuing to listen to interesting content.

Reasons to Subscribe to YouTube Premium

Perhaps I am using YouTube incorrectly, but for me, the scenarios that Renat described are practically inapplicable.

  • I rarely jump from video to video;
  • Basically, I only look at what is in the subscriptions;
  • I don’t listen to videos in the background;
  • I don’t use YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode.

It turns out that I, having bought premium access, did not take advantage of most of the benefits due to the fact that, most likely, I am simply not an active YouTube user. Despite the fact that most of all the video content that I consume, I watch it on YouTube, in fact, I do not feel the need for most of the paid features. No, I hate ads either, but it just so happens that it’s really easy for me to click on the “Skip” button if the video is suddenly interrupted to show an ad insert. This is by no means a problem with the service, just like me, for sure the majority.

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