Why Should I Learn Cantonese?

Cantonese is one of the Chinese languages. As it’s used in many areas of China, it can be a great language to learn for personal and professional purposes. Learn more about why you should study this language by reading this article.

Once you decide you want to learn it, be sure to check out the best apps to learn Cantonese. Thanks to them, you can easily and effectively improve your language skills and master the language. 

Work Possibilities 

China’s influence in the global economy is steadily growing. This is why learning Chinese languages, including Mandarin and Cantonese, can be a great investment in your professional future. Hong Kong, where Cantonese is widely spoken, is a major international financial hub. Speaking Cantonese can give you chances to get employed in sectors such as international business, tourism, trade, and finance. 

You don’t even have to move to China to use it. There are many companies worldwide that want to hire people that know Cantonese and could help with expansion to Cantonese-speaking markets. 

Communication in Cantonese-Speaking Regions of China

Of course, one of the great reasons to learn a language is the chance to communicate with locals. Hong Kong and Macau are the only two regions where Cantonese is in everyday use. If you plan on taking a trip to these areas, you can try to learn some basics. Thanks to knowing the language, you can easily navigate daily life, connect with locals, and discover the local culture on a more profound level. 

Deeper Understanding of the Culture 

By learning Cantonese, you acquire a skill that can help you to understand local communities, their culture, and traditions better. When you have a more advanced level of the language, you can build meaningful relationships with locals and better comprehend the people of Cantonese-speaking regions. 

A Great Base for Other Tonal Languages 

Cantonese, like Mandarin, is a tonal language. The meaning of words can change depending on the tone you use. By learning Cantonese, you give yourself a great base for learning other tonal languages. It can also enhance your overall language-learning skills, making the next language you choose to learn much easier. 

Cognitive and Personal Development 

When you learn a new language, you can boost your brain functions. Languages develop cognitive abilities, improve memories, and can enhance some skills, such as problem-solving or critical thinking. Because of that, you not only decrease the risk of brain degenerating illnesses but also make a positive impact on your personal life. 

Learning Cantonese can also expand your worldview, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity. While those skills are great in everyday life, they are more often appreciated by employers in international companies. 


By learning Cantonese, you can gain cultural experiences, increase the possibilities of communicating with locals in Cantonese-speaking regions, and boost your career opportunities. Additionally, it can improve your personal skills and make your brain sharper. Even though it’s a pretty hard language to learn for native English speakers, it brings a lot of benefits and is a great base to learn more tonal languages in the future.


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