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No party without Willi Herren – the Cologne native was a guarantee for a good mood and known as a singer, actor and reality star. In 170 episodes of the popular ARD series Lindenstrasse Willi Herren was seen from 1992 to 2007. However, he also makes headlines time and again with crashes, alcohol confessions and his turbulent love life. The year 2020 is likely to be a major personal low, because at the beginning of May he had to initiate a statutory debt settlement procedure. Ten years ago his mountain of debt was around half a million euros, around 50,000 euros of which would still have to be paid off. The cherished Willi Herren’s fortune unfortunately amounted to -500,000 euros during his lifetime. In 2021 he can be seen on the Sat1 show “Celebrities under Palms” alongside Prince Marcus.
On April 20, 2021, at the age of only 45, he passed away forever from this world. The exact cause of death is currently unknown.

Praise the Lord and his fortune

Merit from Willi Herren
Willi Inkamp was born on June 17, 1975 in Cologne and was 10 years old for the first time in front of the camera. From now on he had regular appearances in children’s films and series. As an adult made him the role of Olli Klatt in the series Lindenstrasse known, but also in television films such as St. Angela, The Guard or SK Kölsch Willi showed up regularly. In the meantime he had exchanged his real name Inkamp for his stage name Herren.

In 2004 he took part in RTL Promiboxes also attracts young audiences. Willi Herren, who is himself the son of a boxer, mixed up his opponent, singer Darkman Nana, but it wasn’t enough for victory. When he was given the opportunity to Participation in RTL jungle camp got third place. This television format also laid the foundation for his career as an entertainer and party hit singer.

I think it’s starting again

Income from Willi Herren
In 2005 he started doing cover versions of songs like Who are you, 1000 and one night, or A friend, a good friend through and his fans love him for his authenticity and the party mood he always spreads. In his private life, however, there were difficult moments due to his addiction to tablets and again and again Trouble with the law by drunk driving or driving without a license.

Willi Herren remained down-to-earth and committed to his fellow men despite his own problems in 2007 For example, he played in a showbiz team at a soccer match for seriously ill children.

His hit career continued to develop, with Fuck it, Mallorca is only once a year or I have never been to New York he can keep up with his Ballermann colleagues Jürgen Drews, Mickie Krause and Co. and once earned a small fortune through the performances.

Willi Herren, the family man

He had a daughter and a son with his ex-wife Mirella, the latter having already made Willi a grandpa. From 2010 to 2016 manager Jana Windolph was the woman at his side, but he cheated on her with the nude singer Jasmin. 2017 he received treatment for depression and burnout and then married Jasmin. His fee for participating in the fifth season Celebrity Big Brother was supposed to pay off some of the debts that Willi Herren had been with for a long time. However, he only finished third there. Herren tried hard to pay off the debt with his TV fees, but that was not enough.

His relationship with Jasmin turned out to be turbulent, and in 2018 there was headlines because of a drunken brawl outside a nightclub. Willi Herren then went to a rehab clinic, around with Jasmin on RTL format Summer house of the stars to participate. The show was not conducive to the relationship, because Willi and Jasmin separated at the end of 2019. Two months later, however, they gave their love another chance.

Due to the corona pandemic, the singer no longer paid for around 250 appearances at Ballermann in 2020, which, due to his tense financial situation, led him to ultimately aiming for a debt settlement process. The fee for “Celebrities under palm trees 2021” should also help and also wash a small fortune into one’s pockets. But then everything turned out differently and Willi was found dead in his apartment on April 20th, 2021.

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