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X Factor 2020: Competitors Still in the Race, Judges, Bets and Unpublished

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X Factor 2020: Competitors Still in the Race, Judges, Bets and Unpublished

X Factor 2020 is the most famous of the Italian singing talent arrived this year at the fourteenth edition broadcast on Sky. During the past editions various judges have taken turns, such as Samuel dei Subsonica, Arisa and Levante. This year the four judges are Hell Raton, Emma Marrone, Manuel Agnelli and Mika. The management, now well-established, is entrusted to Alessandro Cattelan. One of the novelties of the new edition of X Factor concerns the first live episode: the singers will immediately perform their first unreleased and the songs will be available from midnight for streaming.

An important news a X Factor 2020 concerns the management: Alessandro Cattelan, positive for Covid-19 and to whom we wish for a speedy recovery, will pass the baton to Daniela Collu. At the fourth live Alessandro Cattelan managed to return to the X Factor 2020 stage, while Daniela Colluttate took over the reins of Hot Factor.

Competitors Still In The Race

  • Melancholia
  • Little Pieces of Marmelade
  • Mydrama
  • Casadilego
  • Blind
  • CMQMartina1


X Factor 2020 officially began on Thursday 17 September with the first episode of auditions. He then continued with two episodes dedicated to Boot Camps, in which the judges established which competitors to bring to the last phase of the called selections. Last Call. The new judge and young producer Hell Raton was entrusted with the Under Women category, Mika the Over, Manuel Agnelli the groups and Emma Marrone was entrusted with the Under Men category from which, at the last step to access Live, she eliminated Roccuzzo, singer who from the auditions had already been given certain to live by the social people. The X Factor live shows will start on Thursday 29 October.

  • First live episode X Factor 2020: The singers in the competition presented their unreleased songs already during the first episode. A novelty that we wanted to introduce this year because all the guys in the race arrived at the talent with an already strong novelty. The least voted competitor of the first episode was Edda Maria Sessa, aka Eda Marì, who will then go to the ballot at the beginning of the second live episode, with the artist who received fewer ratings during this first week.
  • Second live episode X factor 2020: this time the competitors competed with singles. The episode begins with Alessandro Cattelan connecting from home, due to Covid-19, and ideally passes the baton to the new presenter Daniela Collu. In the first minutes of the episode we see the first eliminated: Eda Marì, who clashes with Filippo Santi, is the first eliminated. At the end of the episode she is also followed by Manitoba. We can meet on Thursday 12 November.
  • Third episode X Factor 2020: during the third live the competing artists of X Factor were able to choose which song to perform with, whether with a cover – chosen for example by the Melancholia group – or with an unreleased song, a choice that many preferred. At the end of the episode, however, there is another eliminated and it is the singer Filippo Santi.
  • Fourth Episode X Factor 2020: in the fourth live show the competitors challenged each other in two different heats. In the first they performed with their unreleased and the least voted, Blue Phelix, was eliminated from the competition. The second heat saw the release of another leading singer of this edition, Vergo. The following remain in the race: i Melancholia, i Little Pieces of Marmelade, NAIP, Blind, Casadilego and Mydrama.

X Factor Instagram

X Factor instagram



Casadilego, at the registry office Elisa Coclite, is a very young singer from Abruzzo who amazed the judges right from the auditions. Very attached to her family, which has transmitted her passion for music, Casadilego is part of the Under Women category and will perform at the live shows scheduled for Thursday 29 October. Elisa Coclite at the auditions made even Hell Raton move, she can play the piano and music and one of her favorite singers is Ed Sheeran.


Mydrama, stage name of Alessandra Martinelli, is a young twenty-two year old who comes from the province of Cremona. He enchanted the judges right from the auditions with his original tone and style. She had a difficult past and an emotional dependence that put her in difficulty but, after adversity, Alessandra was able to recover and threw herself into music. Mydrama is one of the competitors in the Under Women category led by Hell Raton.


CMQMartina, stage name of the talented Martina Sironi, is a twenty-one year old from Monza who has bewitched the judges from the first audition, in which she brought a song dedicated to the conflictual relationship with her mother. As a child it was her mother who enrolled her in a singing school but when she realized that this was her daughter’s true passion, she changed her attitude and pushed her to look for a safer job. That of CMQMartina it is a very original style that is fundamentally based on electronic experimentation.


THE Melancholia they are one of the most interesting groups of the whole edition of X Factor 2020. Umbrian trio who have been working together for five years, they have a well-defined style that has its roots in electronics, indie and rap. The singer. Is the talented Benedetta Alessi, voice and charismatic stage presence. The group will participate in the live of X Factor 2020 led by judge Manuel Agnelli.

Little Pieces of Marmelade

The Little Pieces of Marmalade are two guys from the Marche with a well-defined sound who will participate in the live of X Factor 2020 in the Groups category of Manuel Agnelli. Transgressive style and hardcore sounds, the duo have been collaborating together since 2016, the year in which they produced their first EP.


The Manitoba are a Florentine group made up of Giorgia Rossi Monti, singer, and Filippo Santini on the guitar. Theirs is an indie rock sound, but from the beginning they have not completely convinced their judge Manuel Agnelli due to Giorgia’s tone of voice, defined by the musician as too biting. In reality, Giorgia has shown that she has worked hard at the last calls, which is why Manuel will bring to the live shows of X Factor also Manitoba.

Blue Phelix

Blue Phelix, born Francesco Franco, is a young pop singer who will participate in the live shows of X Factor 2020 in Emma Marrone’s team. Blue Phelix lives in England and has recently been hugely successful as a Tiktoker and Instagrammer. His style is unmistakable and he has a passion for the pop genre, which he interprets perfectly.

Filippo Santi

Filippo Santi is a young Bolognese singer-songwriter of only eighteen. His dream has always been supported by his parents too, who motivated him to do better and better. At the last call, decisive for Emma Marrone’s decision to take him to the live by X Factor with his team, he brought the unprecedented 92B, a title inspired by the bus that the young man takes every day to go to school.


Blind is the stage name of the third member of the category of Emma Marrone who will perform at the X Factor live. Stage name of Franco Rujan, Blind is a very young rapper from Perugia. He chose this stage name because he is aware that to get where you want, you don’t have to look anyone in the face. He is shy and introverted and in the last episode he showed all his sensitivity, being moved after Emma’s announcement. In the final he realizes a featuring with the singer Madame.

Eda Marì

Eda Marì, stage name of Edda Maria Sessa, is a young singer and dance teacher who will participate in the live of X Factor 2020 as a competitor of the over team captained by judge Mika. His talent and his ability to write songs immediately convinced the judges of the talent. Eda Marì brought her frailty to the stage, not being ashamed of it. Calabrian of origin, it is the first time that he gets involved on the small screen and would like to show everyone what he is capable of.


Vergo, at the registry office Giuseppe Piscitello, is one of the contestants who have joined the live shows of X Factor 2020. The 29-year-old boy, originally from Villabate (PA) is a trapper who has had several important experiences, including the possibility of hitting a single in Abbey Road Studios from London. He currently finances his passion thanks to his main job, that of goalkeeper in Milan.


NAIP stands for No particular artist, stage name of the multifaceted musician Michelangelo Mercuri, the most interesting proposal of the latest edition of X Factor 2020. With its unconventional and extremely original style and its ingenious unpublished, NAIP has conquered the hearts of the public and that of its judge Mika, who decided to bring it live.


The judges of this edition of X Factor:

  • Emma Marrone, Under Men judge;
  • Hell Raton, Under Women judge;
  • Manuel Agnelli, Group judge
  • Mika, judge Over.


Article by Regina Fiamma Pisano

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