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Morgan | Who is it | Biography and Career

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Morgan |  Who is it |  Biography and Career

Morgan, born Marco Castoldi is an Italian singer-songwriter and musician 49 years old from Milan. Founder of the successful group Bluevertigo, Morgan he also embarked on a solo career and participated in several talent shows as a judge. He participated with Bugo in Sanremo 2020 becoming the protagonist of a live fight and during the exhibition. It is currently a competitor of Dancing with the Stars, where he dances paired with Alessandra Tripoli.

Who is Morgan?

  • True Name: Marco Castoldi
  • Stage name: Morgan
  • Age: 49 years
  • Date of birth: December 23, 1972
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Birth place: Milan
  • Profession: songwriter and musician
  • Height: 1.74 cm
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Tattoos: Morgan has two tattoos
  • Official Instagram: @morganofficial
  • Youtube channel: morgan
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Morgan, stage name of Marco Castoldi, was born in Milan on December 23, 1972, and grows up in a small town in Monza Brianza. Since he was a child he has had a passionate love for music: at the age of six he starts playing the guitar but then falls back on the piano. He studied at the conservatory, without finishing his studies, and in those same years he chose his stage name, inspired by Henry Morgan.
He is a rock music lover, of new romantic, and is inspired above all by great characters such as Depeche Mode, David Bowie and Jim Morrison. The suicide of his father in 1988 marks a very painful moment for the artist. From there he began his professional artistic career.


Morgan is very active on social media and his Instagram page is followed by over 273 thousand followers! On the page Morgan often publishes videos and photographs of professional and private life, including personal moments in the company of daughter Anna Lou and of ex-partner Asia Argento.

morgan instagram

Work and career

Morgan is an Italian musician and songwriter who began working in the music world in 1991, when founds the Bluvertigo group together with Andrea Fumagalli and Marco Pancaldi. Four years after founding the group, the first album is released “Acids and bases“But Bluevertigo get success with the second album”Metal not metal“Enough to win a MTV Music Awards as the best Italian group. In 2001 they publish a best of “Pop Tools“With unreleased and unreleased songs. always in the same year, with “Absinthe”, They participate in Sanremo, but they finish in last place. Here they all start one solo career.

Morgan’s solo career

After BlueVertigo in 2003, Morgan releases her debut solo album “Apartment songs”With which he wins the Tenco Award; in those years he developed collaborations with Edoardo Bennato and Andrea Pezzi. In 2007 he released his second solo album “From A to A“And in 2009 he published”Italian Songbook vol. 1”Where he reinterprets songs by Gino Paoli, Domenico Modugno and other singers who have marked the history of Italian song. He should have participated in Sanremo 2010 but was then excluded from the competition due to some of his phrases about drugs.

Since 2008 he has been a judge for the X Factor for six years, and brings home three victories. Participate also forward judge at the evening of Amici in 2016 and as artistic director in 2017. After Amici’s adventure, which ended due to some disagreements with the authors, Morgan recycled himself as a judge of another talent show: The Voice Of Italy, on Raidue together with Gue Pequeno, Gigi d’Alessio and Elettra Lamborghini. One of the successful singers out of the competition is Miriam Ayaba. In recent years, however, who has managed to maintain success and popularity after The Voice has certainly been Francesca Monte. Morgan also dueted with Achille Lauro. In 2018 he performed in Bologna, in Piazza Maggiore, together with other artists such as Zen Circus, Jovanotti and Motta. Some of his concerts have been opened by Elettrodust, the group that launched the well-known composer and producer Dardust on the Italian music scene.

Dancing with the Stars 2021

Morgan is an official competitor of Dancing with the Stars where she engages in dance competitions paired with the dance teacher Alessandra Tripoli. The final victory of the program is contested with:

First episode: after the first episode Morgan and Alessandra Tripoli they are classified in second place in the provisional ranking. Morgan and Alessandra have been a lot appreciated by both the jury than from home, receiving the bonus of 10 points.

During the last episode Morgan and Alessandra narrowly save themselves from the ballot. Morgan he then lashed out, with a long dispute, against the jury, in particular against Wild Lucarelli.

In the episode of November 27, Morgan and Alessandra Tripoli perform on the notes of the song The Wild Boys. Morgan improvises trying to involve the audience as much as possible who, in fact, gets involved by invoking the name of the singer. The jury remains a bit perplexed and the presenter, Milly Carlucci, tries to keep the couple on stage as little as possible, fearing another quarrel between Morgan and Lucarelli.

Morgan and Alessandra are among the seven couples left in the race that in the episode of December 4th compete for enter the semifinal of the 2021 edition of Dancing with the Stars.

On the evening of December 4, Morgan and Alessandra Tripoli performed in a cha cha, and the singer proposed the union of clothes of The little principee the song of Fly (Modugno). The couple wins a vote of 40, accessing the second semifinal on 11 December.

Morgan and Alessandra Tripoli won the final of Dancing with the Stars 2021. During the episode of 11 December, having to choose to dance with an important person in her life, Morgan chose to dance with her daughter Lara (she had with Jessica Mazzoli), whom she had not seen for almost 2 years. Between the commotion

Is Morgan engaged?

We know that the singer had a six-year relationship – from 2000 to 2006 – with Asia Argento who gave him a daughter, Anna Lou. It was then with a competitor of XFctor, Jessica Mazzoli, who then also participated in the Big Brother Vip (See who are all the competitors of this edition). A daughter was born from the relationship with Jessica. Both of his exes complain about the disinterest in the daughters and failure to pay alimony.

Sanremo 2020 and quarrel with Bugo

During the 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival Morgan and Bugo were at the center of the show’s chronicles. Bugo has in fact left the Ariston stage after the Bluevertigo frontman has voluntarily changed the text of the song written by the colleague, inserting some offenses to the same.

The piece of “Sincero” edited by Morgan aired in Sanremo 2020, is:

The bad intentions, the rudeness, your bad figure last night, your ingratitude, your arrogance, do what you want by putting your feet on your head “, but you only know how to cultivate envy, thank heaven if you are on this stage, respect who brought you in and this is me“.


  • he is a very good friend of Alba Parietti
  • on 29 August 2021 Morgan documented the dramatic on his social channels fire who saw a building in the south Milan area, Via Antonini, burned, because the artist lives in a loft adjacent to the place of the fire. Many homes were hit, including that of the singer Mahmood;
  • there were rumors of possible participation in the Big Brother Vip 2021, of his daughter Anna Lou Castoldi, who never entered the house.

Morgan video

Article by Regina Fiamma Pisano

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